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Looking for the perfect small travel gifts to give to your favorite traveler? It’s hard to find small, useful travel gift ideas that your travel lover recipient doesn’t already have.

I have this challenge every year when I am on the hunt for my husband. Searching for fun and useful travel gifts or the best gifts for business travelers for holiday gift-giving or birthdays can be tricky.

It is hard to shop for frequent travelers as often they seem to have everything. Looking for travel gift ideas can be time-consuming, for sure.

Though, I find that my favorite travelers, like my husband and parents, buy big things for themselves. Yet, they overlook the small things, which often make the best gifts.

This gift guide includes 40 super useful travel gift ideas that your favorite traveler will love! Many of these are perfect gifts for business travelers.

I created it to help you find small and cheap travel gifts that your favorite traveler doesn’t yet have or even know they need! I also want to save you hours and hours looking for travel gift ideas!

And the best part? They make GREAT stocking stuffers for travelers, or you could even package several of them together and make them a bigger gift.

Here’s my ultimate gift guide of the 40 most useful small gifts and packing essentials for travelers that your favorite traveler will thank you for!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you should you make a purchase using this link. It also includes one product, Go-Be Sleeves, for which I received a sample product in exchange for an honest review, but all of my thoughts and opinions are my own. Please see my disclosures.

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Best Small Travel Gifts For Health And Safety

These small gifts for frequent travelers make great travel stocking stuffers. And they tell your favorite traveler that you are thinking of them on their travels. These are some great travel gift ideas for frequent fliers.

Go-Be Sleeves

Photo credit: Go-Be Sleeves

This brand-new product is one of my favorite ways to keep safe and healthy when traveling on an airplane. It is a reusable sleeve to put on the airplane tray to protect you from germs for whatever you set on it, be it your snacks, laptop, drinks, etc.

With us all being more germ-conscious these days, having peace of mind with a reusable, washable, stylish, antimicrobial product like Go-Be Sleeves is a perfect small travel gift. And it is eco-friendly, made with recyclables like plastic water bottles! This new product is one of my new favorite travel tips for families!

We recently used ours for our kids after receiving a product sample on our long-haul trip to Montana. My daughter loved the cute styles and was happy to finally be able to use the tray without me frantically scrubbing it first for germs. I was happy that the space where she was setting her snacks, books, tablet, and lovie was clean and germ-free!

The best part is it is portable and comes in a two-compartment case, as well as a hook to connect it to your backpack, making it easy and accessible. The Go-Be Sleeves make perfect stocking stuffers for travelers!

Go-Be Sleeves Price!

Aloha Tote Bag

aloha tote bag
Aloha Road Trip Collection Tote Bag, Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

As a travel blogger, I like to make sure I am using any of the products I am recommending. I have always been an admirer of the Aloha Tote Bags, but recently, I became the owner of one. And I have to say this is a must-have for any travel lover; whether we go to the beach on a road trip or somewhere else, we take them everywhere.

It makes a great small travel gift for moms (especially moms who love beach bags). It is roomy, packable, lightweight, made of waterproof material, fashionable, and durable. I love this pattern, but they have so many patterns from which to choose.

I definitely put this as one of my favorite small travel gifts for travel lovers for your next trip or weekend getaway!

Aloha Tote Bag Price!

Level 8 Road Runner Carry-On With Laptop Pocket

level 8 luggage carry on
Level 8 Road Runner Carry-On With Laptop Pocket Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

The Level 8 Road Runner Carry-On with Laptop Pocket is a great small travel gift for your favorite traveler. This sleek and beautiful bag with a special place for a laptop is a wonderful small travel gift. What makes it stand out is its sleek design, lightweight feel, and hard shell, which is durable for any bumps along the way.

Plus, the unique pocket for your laptop is ideal for any business traveler. I love this suitcase for its 360-degree spinner wheels, which make it easy to drive through airports, on sidewalks, or anywhere around the world.

At 8.9 lbs and spacious insides with thoughtful compartments for the smartest of travelers, this is one of the best small travel gifts for any traveler.


  • Capacity: .38 liters
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.5″L x 9.1″W x 21.9″
Level 8 Road Runner Carry On Price!

Luggage Lock

Do you know a frequent traveler who has a checked bag but doesn’t lock it? Or maybe they don’t lock in on the plane but need to lock their suitcase in their room.

A simple luggage lock is a great present that can save you from losing your bag and keep valuables hidden away in a hotel resort room. These little locks are easy to use and give an extra layer of security for your travelers. Some can be programmed with a specific number combination to avoid conflicts.

These small gifts for travelers make perfect stocking stuffers as well! And those are some of my favorite cheap travel gift ideas of all.

Luggage Lock Price!

Portable Hotel Room Lock

You never know what you will find in an unknown hotel room or if you can trust a lock in a home rental.

If the door has no deadbolt (or it’s broken), staying behind a locked door can help keep your traveler safe. This portable lock is compact and small enough to fit into your favorite traveler’s carry-on or even into their wallet, so they can feel secure without lugging around.

Portable Lock Price!

RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

RFID theft is on the rise and can happen without even knowing it. This is when someone uses a special reader and can steal your credit card numbers or passport information without ever taking your wallet.

An RFID Blocking Travel Wallet can help prevent this! This small travel gift for travelers is perfect to prevent identity theft.

While traveling, this wallet will ensure the best security by blocking RFIDs, preventing thieves from accessing personal information such as credit card numbers, serial numbers, and passport identification details while they sit in your back pocket or in your backpack or bag you’re carrying on the plane.

Travel Wallet Price!

Travel Wellness Kit by Away Travel

Photo credit: Away Travel

The Travel Wellness Kit is small enough to fit in your carry-on but packs everything you need for a germ-free, relaxing vacation. This pack for your favorite traveler includes hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, soap leaves, and an Away x GIR reusable silicone mask with five filters.

And, the best part is it comes in its own travel case, the Away Travel Mini, which can be reused. It is the perfect size for your carry-on or can even fit in packing cubes. It is an ideal small travel gift for your favorite traveler.

Get The Travel Wellness Kit Price!

Away Travel Compression Socks

Photo credit: Away Travel

This small travel gift is perfect for business or pleasure travelers with long flights, as they make all the difference when it comes to comfort.

These soft compression socks are made by Away Travel, so they fit their high standards of quality and style. And, just like their Away suitcases, they are thoughtfully designed with all of the needs of the traveler in mind!

These Away Travel Compression socks are comfortable, have anti-odor (so they can be worn more than once), are quick-drying, and come in a range of sizes and colors. They are perfect stocking stuffers for travelers.

The Compression Socks Price!

Small Travel Gifts For Packing

Packing cubes aren’t the ONLY perfect gift you can give to help travelers’ packing needs. Though, I do love packing cubes! As often as we travel and need to stay organized, packing cubes are a life-saver when it comes to packing.

But these fantastic small gifts are perfect stocking stuffers for travelers to help them organize their bags and travel in style!

Smart ID Luggage Tags

This small travel gift is a great stocking stuffer for the business traveler or anyone who travels regularly.

These luggage tags are designed for durability and can even survive harsh weather conditions, as they are made with pure stainless steel. They come with their own unique serial number and QR code to help the traveler identify their luggage if it goes missing. You only need to use a web browser to find out where your missing luggage is located! If you’re looking for a useful yet cheap travel gift, you’ll not go wrong with this luggage tag.

Smart ID Tag Price!

Away Travel Small Toiletry Bag

Photo credit: Away Travel

This small toiletry bag has a unique design and is perfect for travel. Besides toiletries, you can also throw in any other smaller items on hand.

Like most of Away’s beautiful products, this one is smart and useful, made with a traveler in mind. Their small toiletry bag is made with water-resistant material to help keep a traveler’s items dry during transportation and also features mesh pockets on the interior for organization. Its signature clamshell opening makes accessing products easy on the road.

It is one of the best gift ideas for travelers that is useful and practical and a game-changer for carrying toiletries on trips.

The Small Toiletry Bag Price

Small Jewelry Case by Away Travel

Photo credit: Away Travel

Away Travel’s small jewelry case is a perfect stocking stuffer for women travelers. And it is ideal for bringing your favorite travel jewelry!

It’s as compact as it is stylish and travel friendly. This jewelry case is also made by Away Travel, so it fits their style and high-quality standards. This small travel gift for women features dividers and compartments to keep items organized and in place while traveling. It’s lightweight yet durable, making it an excellent choice for protecting your favorite travelers’ accessories.

Away Travel Jewelry Case Price!

Away Travel The Mini

This miniature version of Away’s suitcases is the perfect small travel gift for business travelers.

Away’s The Mini not only looks similar to its cousins, the suitcases. But, your frequent traveler can use this small travel gift for storing small things like travel cords, jewelry, toiletries, etc. The hard shell also helps protect anything inside.

Cute and functional, the Away Trave’s The Mini is a great small travel gift the traveler in your life will love!

The Mini’s Price!

Away Travel Organization Pouch

Photo credit: Away Travel

This is one of the cheap travel gifts that will help your family members or friends stay organized while they’re on the road. You can even pair them with packing cubes to give a complete packing gift.

I love Away’s Travel Organization Pouch for all of those little things that need a home but can get shuffled around in a large suitcase. Whether it’s kept in your carry-on to hold important documents like tickets or cash or can be used to hold anything small like sunglasses, cords, AirPods, or keys, it makes for useful stocking stuffers for travelers.

It’s also waterproof, so it will protect your electronics in your travel ba from any liquids that might spill, including water or coffee (yes, I have spilled coffee in my purse!) And since this is the travel version, it won’t take much space in their suitcase or backpack.

The Organization Pouch Price!

Portable Laundry Bag by Eagle Creek

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who tends to wear a lot of clothes during their trips since they’ll need a travel laundry bag to put their dirty laundry in.

Eagle Creek’s line of little travel gifts is another one that will help your favorite travelers stay organized while they’re away from home and is especially useful for road trips! The light, portable laundry bag can serve as a great way for them to separate clean and dirty clothes in their bag, making it easy for their next destination or when they return home.

Eagle Creek offers a variety of light, packable compression bags for dirty laundry, which come in handy when packing for a long trip. Their line makes great cheap travel gift ideas for your friends or family members who love traveling.

Portable Laundry Bag Price!

BAGSMART Electronic Organizer Small Travel Cable Organizer Bag

This practical small travel gift is perfect for the busy traveler who’s always on the go! I love using my electronic organizer to organize all of our (many, many) cords, chargers, and wires. I think of it as my carrying case for electronics that is especially useful when go to international destinations.

BagSMART has created a unique cable organizer bag that will make your frequent flier very happy. This awesome gift is perfect for organizing all of their cords and earbuds in one place. It’s one of the great ideas for travel presents on this list because it’s one frequent travelers don’t usually buy for themselves.

The zippered pockets and net pockets make it easy for travelers to stay organized, and the mesh pocket is great for storing larger items like chargers or USB cables. This small travel gift also comes with a carabiner that can attach to backpacks, duffels, etc., giving your fave traveler easy access to their organizer while on the road!

Cable Organizer Price!

Travelon RFID Blocking Family Passport Zip Wallet

This small travel gift is ideal for a family that travels frequently.

Travelon’s Family Passport Zip Wallet has an easy-access front pocket that makes it helpful when traveling with kids. There are nine credit card slots inside, which means that she can bring her most often used credit cards whenever she goes out in public, and it fits multiple passports inside. It’s the perfect passport holder any traveler can ask for.

This small travel gift of a passport holder is perfect for the traveler who wants to keep their passport, travel documents, boarding pass, and other ID and money in one place. As the keeper of all of the family passports when on our international trips, I certainly appreciate a small gift like a passport holder!

Passport Wallet Price!

Packable Back Pack by Venturepal

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who enjoys going out on the town, day trips, or walks in nature. It’s perfect for a trip to a National Park or any travel adventure.

VenturePal’s Back Pack comes in a storage bag that’s about the size of a pair of socks. Now that’s tiny!

It’s light, compact, and has separate compartments, so it will free up space more than a larger backpack. Fold it up and store it when not being used, and when you do want to use it, just pull the straps out from the bag. It’s ideal for any traveler, but especially for hikers, as packing all of the essential hiking gear can take up space in the suitcase!

The Venturepal Packable Backpack is a small travel gift I would highly recommend to any traveler.

VenturePal’s Back Pack Price!

Leak Locks 4 Pack Toiletry Skins

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who’s tired of finding a mess in their toiletry bag. Due to the pressure on the planes, travel toiletry bottles can leak, costing you products (which means money) and, worse, creating a sticky mess in your toiletry bag.

Leak Locks’ Toiletry Skins are great stocking stuffers for travelers because they’re a travel gift that any traveler will appreciate. They are small and portable and can fit over different shapes of toiletry bottles! The best part is they keep your favorite travelers’ toiletry bag mess-free.

Leak Locks Price!

Travel Purse by Travelon

If you’re looking for a small gift for a traveler, there are many options available when it comes to buying them a purse or wallet that’s going to help them stay organized while they’re out and about. Travelon makes this great crossbody bag and convertible waist pack that has everything they need to stay safe and organized while traveling.

Travelon’s Travel Purse has a zipper closure, as well as a slip pocket on the front. It also comes with an extra pocket for passports and cards with RFID blocking that will protect their cards from being scanned without their permission!

And it includes anti-slash fabric and straps, making it one of the best travel gift ideas on this list. It is a secure bag for any kind of travel!

Travelon’s Travel Purse Price!

Practical Small Travel Gifts Travelers May Not Know They Need!

Some of these stocking stuffers for travelers will delight and surprise the traveler in your life. These fun and useful small gifts for travelers are things expert travelers often know you need but sometimes forget. Give the gift of function and usefulness to your favorite traveler with one of these helpful small travel gifts.

Water Bottle by Hydroflask

This stainless steel mini water bottle is a small travel gift perfect for traveling and keeping hydrated.

Not only will the traveler feel good about staying hydrated, but this 18 oz bottle will keep any drinks hot or cold for hours! Many color choices are available to fit the traveler’s taste, preferences, and personality.

Hydroflask Price!


Coffee lovers, who needs their morning brew on their early or long flights? Check out Hydroflask’s coffee mug, which will keep it hot and extend the life of that caffeine pick-me-up! Perfect for your favorite traveler’s next camping trip! They’ll thank you for this, making it one of the best travel gift ideas for travelers.

Hydroflask Coffee Mug Price!

Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger

This small gift is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those always on the go. I bought this for my husband last year, and it is one of the best mini-travel gifts.

Portable Solar Powered Phone Charger is a must-have item for travelers who enjoy camping, hiking, or sitting at the beach, where you can’t charge your phone. This solar charger is waterproof, shockproof, and weather-resistant, too, so it can stand up to anything your favorite traveler might encounter.

It’s a great way to extend the battery life of your phone when you can’t get to an outlet to charge it, and very handy when traveling abroad.

Solar Powered Phone Charger Price!

Gear Tie Pro Adjustable Cable Ties

These cable ties are made by gear tie, a company that is known for making high-quality small travel gifts.

For the organizer who always has lots of wires or small items or bags that need help getting closed, this small travel gift will help keep cords and cables organized, not to mention any small group of things that can get loose in a bag. They’re reusable, waterproof, and durable too.

My father loves having items like these for those “you never know” moments when traveling. These are great small gifts for travelers who love to be prepared for anything!

Gear Tie Cable Tie Price!

Portable Clothesline by Hawatour

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who wants to pack light or for that next camping trip. Doing laundry on the road is not cheap. So having the option to hand wash and dry is ideal!

If the traveler in your life is always worried about bringing too much stuff into their bags, this small travel gift will help them pack lighter. The portable clothesline is not only easy to use, but it’s collapsible, so it takes up little space in their suitcase!

This small travel gift is perfect for those who love to camp or don’t have laundry in the room at their hotel or any traveler who may need to hand wash items on their journey.

Portable Clothesline Price!

TSA-Approved Multi-Tool by Leatherman

For the traveler who is always in need of a small tool to help them with something, this small travel gift will come in handy.

There are many TSA-approved multi-tools available, but this one by Leatherman is an especially great travel gift for men. It features spring-action pliers, so they’ll be able to fix jewelry, zip, etc., on the go.

It also has wire cutters and scissors, screwdrivers, a combination carabiner, and more. It’s one of my favorite stocking stuffers for travelers they may not even know they need!

Leatherman Multitool Price!

Rainleaf Microfiber Travel Towel 

This small travel gift is the perfect stocking stuffer for travelers who enjoy being outdoors or who may need a towel on the go. Think of a backpacker or a digital nomad.

The Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is compact, soft, lightweight, and made of microfiber. It is easy to wash and dry on the go.

The best part about this towel is that it folds into its own pocket, so it takes up little space in a backpack or suitcase. This small travel gift is great for camping, the beach, or any outdoor activity!

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel Price

Packable Rain Jacket

This small travel gift is perfect for those long, unexpected showers. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had this when we went horseback riding on our recent vacation to a Dude Ranch.

If you know your favorite traveler is going somewhere with unpredictable weather, like Walt Disney World, in the summer, this packable rain jacket is a great small travel gift idea. Made from a water-resistant fabric, the rain jacket features a lightweight design, so it’s not bulky or awkward to pack.

This nice gift is great for travelers who like the outdoors and may run into sudden downpours on their journey.

Packable Jacket Price

Solid Shampoo (TSA Approved) by J. R. Liggett’s

This small travel gift is perfect for those who love traveling with their favorite shampoo but can’t handle the weight or size of a full-sized bottle.

Solid shampoo or shampoo bars may seem weird at first, but many people find it’s easier to use since it doesn’t pour out as liquid shampoo does. It also takes up less room in a travel bag. This present is perfect for those who like to use natural shampoos or just want to reduce their impact on the environment by bringing fewer shampoo bottles on their trip.

The Solid Shampoo is TSA-approved, so they won’t have to worry about taking their shampoo in their carry-on. Completely biodegradable, this small present is perfect for eco-conscious travelers who try to do their part while away from home.

Pair it with J. R. Liggett’s Conditioner for a great small gift for travelers who love to use their carry-on rather than check their luggage.

J.R. Liggett’s Solid Shampoo Price

Water Filter Straw by Lifestraw

For travelers who want a way to filter water while they’re on the go, this small travel gift will be a great addition to their backpacks. In fact, I gave this to my husband last year as a stocking stuffer.

There are many options available for water filters, but Lifestraw’s line of small travel gifts is perfect for the traveler who wants something that they can use when they run out of bottled water to drink. It is ideal for the avid hiker or backpacker.

This small gift is great for anyone, especially travelers who may be hiking or unable to access clean, filtered water on their trip. It makes a great gift for your outdoorsy girlfriend, boyfriend, or any friend!

Lifestraw Price!

Portable Laundry Kit

This little gift is ideal for the globetrotter who prefers to bring their own laundry soap. I can’t tell you how many times we have been traveling and needed to hand wash something in a sink (like a weekend trip during a soccer tournament.)

It’s happened to me more times than I care to admit.

This practical small travel gift is perfect for travelers who like to wash their dirty clothes on the road. It’s great because it won’t take much room in a backpack or purse. And it is a very useful small travel present your traveler will love!

Pair it with a portable laundry bag and portable clothesline for great stocking stuffers for travelers!
Sink Suds Price!

Mini First Aid Kit by Adventure Medical Kits

This small, practical gift is perfect for those who like to be prepared for their travels.

Adventure Medical kits‘ practical line of smaller travel gifts are a great idea for travel stocking stuffers! They ensure your traveler has what they need on the road.

This small travel gift is great for anyone because accidents happen even on the best trips. It’s also a very useful present for stockings for travelers who want to make sure they’re prepared in the event of an emergency. This is perfect for a beach packing list, or hiking trip, or any family vacation!

Adventure Medical Kits Price

Universal Travel Outlet Wall Adapter + Portable Charger by Lewis N. Clark

This small travel present also works as a stocking stuffer for women and men. For travelers who travel the world, the travel plug adapter is a must-have item, as outlets are different in other countries. You can find them that allow you to plug in multiple devices in two, three, or four USB ports, and some come with even more.

We all have those days when we need that extra bit of juice to make sure our phone is charged up and ready to go, especially when traveling. This small travel gift from Lewis N Clark’s line of small travel gifts is perfect to help your traveler stay charged up. It even has a USB port, and it is compatible with cell phones, laptops, and other electronics.

Lewis N Clark Travel Adapter Price!

Portable Dry Bag by Aqua Quest

This small travel present is perfect for the traveler who likes to visit the water.

There are many options available when it comes to buying a portable dry bag for travelers, but Aqua Quest’s line of small travel gifts contains just about anything they could need. The packable dry bag is great for storing electronics while they’re on the go as it’s also weather-resistant as well as waterproof.

They make great small gifts for travelers to add to their beach packing list, and so do beach bags so moms can carry everyone’s essentials.

Aqua Quest Dry Bag Price!

Waterproof Phone Case by Aquapac

This lightweight, small gift is perfect for those who like to take pictures while they’re out and about.

If your fave traveler loves taking pictures, they’ll love this waterproof phone case by Aquapac. It’s made from 100 percent polypropylene, so it can protect their cell phone while they’re out in the elements. It’s designed to fit into every style of pocket or purse.

Aquapac Phone Case Price!

Excellent Little Travel Gifts To Entertain Your Favorite Traveler On Their Trip

If your special traveler travels alone, is a business traveler, or even just needs entertainment on a family trip while resting at the beach, these small gifts are sure to keep them entertained on their journey. And they make great stocking stuffers for travelers!

Travel Journal

This travel journal is a great stuffer for stockings or small gift for a business traveler, no matter where in the world they are going.

Travelers can log their daily adventures with this stylish and useful travel journal. It’s lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of traveling (which is key for a good travel journal).

What is particularly unique about this travel journal gift is that the pages are water-resistant, so they can be written should they get caught in the rain or spilled on by coffee.

Travel Journal Price!

Drawing Travel Art Set by Colour Block

This small travel present is perfect for creative travelers or keeping kids amused on long flights.

When we travel around the world, my kids love to capture the incredible landscapes on their trip! Whether it is the lavender fields of Provence, the black rock beaches of Maui, or the city buses of London, capturing scenery through art is a special way to experience travel.

The small art set by Colour Block can give your favorite creative traveler everything they need to create their masterpiece. It’s the perfect addition to anyone’s stocking this year.

Colour Block Art Set Price!

Crate Joy Travel Subscription Box: The Travelling Reader Box

Your favorite bookworm will love this small gift.

We all know the feeling of finishing a great book and not having anything else to read or wanting to take that novel on vacation with you but wondering if you'll get through it in time. Well, no more! Crate Joy's travel-themed Travelling Reader Box is the perfect stocking stuffer for bookworms who love to read on their trips to the beach or in their home rental.

Each month, Crate Joy delivers a new great book to your favorite traveler's door so they'll never have an excuse not to have something to read again!

Want to give a matching subscription to your kids? Check out the Crate Joy Junior Travelling Reader box. These make a great gift for kids!

The Travelling Reader Box Price!

JBL Clip Mini Speaker

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who likes to listen to music while they're out and about.

If the traveler in your life loves listening to music, there are many options available when it comes to buying them a little speaker that's easy to use and portable. The JBL clip mini speaker gives them the power to plug in their phone or mp3 player and listen wherever they are.

JBL Clip Mini Speaker Price!


This little gift is perfect for the traveler who uses Apple products.

If your favorite traveler uses an Apple product, they'll be sure to love these AirPods by Apple. They're wireless, so there are no cords to get in the way, which means they can listen to their music or answer phone calls with the touch of a button.

Each earbud is packed with impressive technology and has a five-hour battery life, so they can enjoy music all day long without worrying about their phone dying. My son loves using his, and listening to music is one of the best road trip activities for teens!

AirPods are perfect to give as little travel gifts for those who love music or listening to it while they are on a plane or a road trip. And if you're looking for a stocking stuffer that just about everyone can use, this is it.

AirPods Price!

GoPro Waterproof Camera

This small gift is perfect for those who like to take digital pictures, especially when surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

There are many options available when it comes to buying a small digital camera for your fave traveler, and this one by GoPro is great because it's waterproof up to 33 feet underwater. They'll love the ability to capture memories they might not be able to get in any other way.

GoPro Waterproof Camera Price!

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

This small travel gift is perfect for the traveler who likes to take pictures.

There are a variety of alternatives accessible when it comes to obtaining a tiny camera lens kit for your favorite traveler. But this Xenvo Pro lens kit is great and my personal fave that I use.

It's lightweight and ideal for macro and wide-angle pictures, especially when taking a landscape city shot or of an incredible mountain range when visiting National Parks. The best part is it is compatible with most phones and tablets on the market today.

It's one of my favorite ideas for a cheap travel gift for your favorite recipient with wanderlust.

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit Price!

Travel-Themed Gift Cards

This small travel gift is perfect for those who are trying to save for a place on their bucket list or who like to spend their gift their own way. It can also be a great way to help your recipient find cheap travel options, depending on the gift card you choose.

There are many options available when it comes to buying a small travel gift card, and travelers can use them everywhere, from local restaurants to hotels and even Airbnb. The best part is that they don't expire, which means you can buy one now that your favorite travelers will be able to use it for years. Here are my favorites:

This list will help you find a small travel gift for all of your favorite wanderlusters!

Other Smaller Travel Gifts to Consider

Money Belts: Just like passport holders, a money belt makes a great travel gift. These will help keep your loved one's money safe since they minimize the chances of being pickpocketed. Both the passport holders and a money belt can be a lifesaver on international travel.

America the Beautiful Pass: If they love visiting National parks in the USA, they'll appreciate this awesome gift as it gives them free access to most national parks in the country, and it's a great idea for their next outdoor adventure. It's a game changer if you ask me, and you can be sure it will inspire wanderlust.

Camping Hammock: This will be one of the favorite gifts for any camper. Pair it with a sleeping bag, and you have yourself a winning gift combination!

Noise-canceling headphones: This is a nice gift to consider if you're not sure what to buy for a travel lover. Opt for ones with great sound quality.

Sleep mask: This is a great idea for frequent flyers, especially on international flights or long-haul flights, as they tend to be longer. On a long-haul flight or international flight, getting some shut-eye is a lifesaver, especially when flying overnight. A sleep mask is a great help to ensure you can sleep on the plane, whether it's for domestic or international travel.

Picnic blanket: This shouldn't be missed on your gift list if your giftee is into the outdoors.

Travel scarf: I love ones with a zippered pocket to safely keep some small items.

Packable Tote bags: We love to bring a packable tote bag that can help bring home extra laundry or extra souvenirs.

Packing Cubes: While it seems like an obvious choice, packing cubes do make a great gift. I personally love the compression packing cubes. But these gems can help you pack more and pack efficiently, and they make a great gift.

Sleeping Bag: For the travel lover who loves the outdoors or hiking, a sleeping bag makes a great travel gift. It may not be the most glamorous gift, but it is practical. Camping and hiking gear are expensive, so helping them outfit for their next trip to the great outdoors is very thoughtful.

Kindle Paperwhite - The Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift for travelers of all ages. It's small, compact, and easily fits into a backpack or bag. The newer editions have improved screens with an adjustable light and faster page flipping. It's also a great way to pass the time in airport lounges when you have a layover.

Final Thoughts On 40 Super Useful Small Travel Gifts Travelers Love!

No matter if your favorite traveler loves cheap travel, is jaunting around the world, is a backpacker or beach enthusiast, or is a regular business traveler, there are so many options for great gift ideas in this post!

I hope this list has helped you find the perfect small travel gift for any traveler lovers on your list. Remember that it's important to stay within your gift budget when shopping for them because you want them to know you care without breaking the bank.

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