The holidays are right around the corner. Now that people are traveling again, moms who love to travel or who travel a lot for work or fun would love some of these great gift ideas.

For those of us with wanderlust, being grounded during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was hard. Now is the best time to gift the mom in your life something special to remind her how much she likes to travel.

And whether it’s Mother’s Day travel gifts or Christmas gifts for mom, she will be ready with these best travel gifts for moms who love to travel.

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What Make Good Travel Gifts for Mom

Moms who love to travel appreciate gifts that remind them of the places they’ve traveled. They also like presents that make travel easy like totes, suitcases, and other handy items.

You can even find a practical gift for moms while on a family vacation. Pay attention to anything she shows interest in on your trip as it will mean so much to her.

The perfect travel gift is one that comes from the heart. Or perhaps one you know can help her whether she’s on a family road trip or future travel to an exotic location.

Travel-loving moms also love the perfect solution to a common travel issue. You’ll love this list of awesome gift ideas for the traveling mom in your life.

Best Gifts For Mom Who Travels

Trust me, your favorite traveling mom will love these ideas below. These are some of my absolute favorite travel products, accessories, and ideas.

One note is that in the current climate, shipping times may be delayed, but that is no problem. You can always print out a picture of the travel gift you purchased, include it with a card and let your traveling mom know it is coming.  She will still appreciate the thought and have something to look forward to!

These are my recommendations for the best travel gifts for moms for any occasion.

Away Travel Suitcase


I have written about this gem before. It is one of my favorite travel accessories. It’s one of the best travel gifts for parents. Not only is it sturdy, and stylish, but its unique design can fit so much more than a traditional suitcase.

Many of these suitcases come with zippered pockets and even a hidden pocket you can store your sensitive documents, money, and credit cards while traveling. The zippered pockets make it easy to get to the things you need quickly while protecting them.

The Away Travel company designed a suitcase based on feedback from travelers, and they really nailed it with this suitcase. In addition to its style, efficiency, and durability, it drives like a luxury SUV. Have you ever pulled your suitcase through the airport and struggled with it toppling over repeatedly? It won’t happen with this beauty.

Away Travel is now offering their traditional aluminum suitcase and a new soft side expandible suitcase for more packing capability.

The best part about Away Travel products is they are extremely reasonably priced, especially for the value you get. They are less than what you would pay at any luggage store because they don’t have the overhead.

So you get a fantastic product, at an amazing price. It is definitely why an Away Travel Suitcase is one of the best travel gifts for mom in anticipation for when we can travel again.

Peach Travel Clothing


I have a crush on this clothing. Peach is a fantastic clothing company that offers a simple, yet stylish and versatile line of clothing suitable for fitness, yoga, travel, and work.  It is also affordable, especially compared to similar companies like Lululemon.

What I love about this clothing is it is comfortable and stylish. It is perfect for moms at home doing homeschooling right now or moms on the go. Check out their Boho pants (one of my favorite pieces of clothing), their Faroe Sherpa Jacket, and their Polar Pom Hoodie. Want comfortable, stylish, non-mom jeans for mom? They have those too.

A gift from Peach is one of the best travel gifts for mom out there. Don’t know what to buy? How about a Peach gift card. Your traveling mom will thank you!

All Birds Shoes

Moms walk. They run. Moms push strollers around Disney theme parks or track miles through European capitals. They need comfortable shoes.

All Birds offers stylish, breathable, and comfortable shoes for moms who love to travel. From plane rides and airports to tourist sites, they are a versatile option for traveling moms. And they are my favorite shoes for Disney World!

All Birds has a variety of styles but my favorites are their Allbirds Women’s Wool Loungers and their Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners.  The loungers offer comfort and style that can go from day to evening casual, where the runners offer a more sporty option. These shoes are definitely one the best travel gifts for mom when she is at home or on the run.


Packing Cubes

Another useful travel gift for moms is a packing cube. They make packing easier and protect your clothing and items in case your luggage is damaged.

Plus, when you use packing cubes, you can open your suitcase and find anything you need quickly because you know exactly where your things are. And unpacking is just as simple because your clothes are compressed so there are less wrinkles.

Packing cubes come in a variety of styles and budgets. One great budget-friendly option is the Amazon Basics Packing Cube set and a great waterproof option is the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter System.

Travel Jewelry

Travel jewelry always makes good small travel gifts for mom. For moms who love to travel, having wanderlust close to her heart in the form of a beautiful travel necklace or special piece of jewelry is a great way to remind her of her passion.

Unique pieces like these, are perfect gifts for moms who travel for work or pleasure. My favorites include:

World Map Ring

Photo credit: Bubblebox


Globe Earrings
Photo credit: Bubblebox

Airplane Necklace
Photo credit: WanderandLustJewelry


Globe Necklace
Photo credit: Bubblebox


Unique Travel Jewelry Case
Photo credit: HappiBoxShop

If you get travel jewelry for your traveling mom, she is going to need a travel jewelry case for her next trip.  This multifunctional and convenient, unique travel jewelry organizer is as useful and practical as it is stylish. It is not just lovely to look at, it is practical as well.

With removable jewelry holders that will protect and separate your jewelry, so it doesn’t turn into a jumbled mess, it also stands up for easy access. It is compact as well, so it can easily fit in your carry-on bag to keep your jewelry with you. Your traveling mom will also love that it comes in a variety of gorgeous colors.

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote

When you’re not sure what to get someone who loves to travel this MZ Wallace Tote is perfect. Oh, how I love this bag. It was gifted to me by my husband for Christmas and I have been forever grateful.

Not only is this MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote lightweight and stylish, but it fits so much inside its gorgeous little self. It can fit under an airplane seat or in the overhead. It can also be a weekend bag for a getaway. This is hands-down one of the best travel gifts for mom.

Wooden Wall Pushpin Map Of The World
Photo Credit: Enjoy The Wood

For traveling moms of love to bring their wanderlust into their home, this Wooden Wall Pushpin Map is absolutely gorgeous and so special. I recently bought it for my husband, and not only is it simply stunning, but it also comes with complete instructions for how to assemble it. And, the attention to detail is incredible.

I purchased the flag pushpins to go with it, and it has been such a wonderful family activity to put the flags in each country. One of my favorite features is that they included a little boat with my name on it.  It is a very high-quality, beautiful gift, that can be a centerpiece of any room in your home.

This is a special treasure your traveling mom would love and definitely one of the best travel gifts for mom.

Try The World Subscription Box

For moms who love to cook either alone or bake with their kids and those who love to explore the world through food, Try The World subscription box is a perfect gift. This monthly subscription provides culinary delights from around the world.

From special ingredients to foods to drinks, this subscription brings tastes of the world right to your home. In addition to the products, each box also includes recipes and stories from around the world. It is a great way to travel the world from your kitchen, learn about cultures, and one of the best travel gifts for moms who love to travel.

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Water Bottle

One of the best travel gifts for mom is a water bottle she can take on the go. It may not seem like the most exciting of all the travel gift ideas, but it’s the ideal gift for those long hikes or excursions in nature.

It’s a gift your mom will love because it’s a reusable water bottle is something every traveler needs.

Fitbit Lux Fitness Tracker

Staying healthy and fit is a primary goal for most moms and a fitness tracker helps mom keep up with exercise and other health notifications while she’s on the go. Plus, when traveling through Walt Disney World or Europe or taking a hike can rack up a lot of steps worth celebrating!

You can get her a smart watcher or simple tracker that provides wellness guidance and inspiration. The Fitbit Lux is a fashion-forward wellness and fitness tracker that measure your heart rate and is even swim-proof.

It provides real-time distance and pace metrics so you can see a map of your activity. One of my favorite features is the all-day activity tracker that records all the steps you take and calories burned each day.

Take a food journey around the world

Last Thing You Need To Know About The Best Travel Gifts For Mom

As travel has resumed worldwide, moms can resume travel once again. This list includes the best travel gifts for mom whether you’re looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or any other gift idea.  just

One of these best travel gifts for moms is a great way to honor them and help them keep their wanderlust alive.

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