My Little Passports Review has been updated for 2024. 

We all want to give the world to our kids. Well, how about bringing the world to your kids with the Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box?  If you are trying to decide if this program is right for your adventurer, my Little Passports review can help you.

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Little Passports Review 2024: All You Need To Know About The World Edition Subscription Box

If you have been debating whether the Little Passports subscription box is right for you or if you have never heard of them, this Little Passports product review will give you an overview of this super fun and educational travel subscription box. 

It has been updated for 2024 to reflect the most up-to-date and current product and pricing information to ensure you have the information you need. 

What Is Little Passports Box?

Not long ago, I was thinking of a cool birthday gift idea for my twins. Given their love of getting surprises in the mail and their keen interest in learning about the world, the Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box seemed like a great idea.

Little Passports is a subscription-based geography box designed for kids to teach them about the world.

It starts with the first month which includes the box and the first set of activities, followed by monthly packets with different thematic activities and items to help children learn more about the world.

Little Passports Subscription Boxes currently offers a few different thematic options:

Little Passports Early Explorers:

  • For kids ages 3-5 years old, each month has a different world theme with topics such as oceans, dinosaurs, and music.

Little Passports World Edition:

  • For ages 6-10 years old, each month focuses on a different country.

Little Passports USA Edition:

  • For kids ages 7-12, each month focuses on two new states.

Little Passports Science Expeditions:

  • For kids ages 9+, each month teaches about mysteries of the world through science activities.

Little Passports Single Products

little-passports-review kid with map
Kids can use the wall-size map to discover new countries.


What Is The Little Passports World Edition?

Little Passports

For my kids, I purchased the Little Passports World Edition.  I wanted it to support what they have learned from traveling and they have a general interest in learning more about the world.

My review? Little Passports World Edition is fantastic. It is the most popular subscription because each month the kids learn about a different country around the world.

Our Experience

We opted for the six-month subscription so that my kids could experience a variety of countries and world cultures. Each month, my kids couldn’t wait for their package to come.

The first month, my kids learned about Egypt, which was quite timely, as my son’s 4th-grade class was studying Egypt at the time. In fact, he brought the items from his box to share with his class.

In the months thereafter, they learned about several different countries, including Brazil, Japan, France, and Australia.

Little Passports 2024 Upgrades

Little Passports World Edition now offers a few additional items in each box, which were not available when we bought our subscription. With the current option, children will receive a specially curated book tied to whichever country they are learning about this month.

I wish this option had been available sooner, as I love using books as a way for my kids to learn about other cultures. In fact, we often read a book before traveling to a new place to learn about it.

What’s Included In The Monthly Little Passports World Edition Package

In the Little Passports World Edition, the first month is about Brazil.  Little explorers receive a box, which looks a bit like a little suitcase with items for their first country. They will also get:

  • A wall-sized world map
  • Their own passport
  • An exclusive collectible country coin and coin board
  • An original, chapter-themed book
  • Three soft animal squishies
  • A welcome letter from Sam and Sofia (who also write to them in subsequent months)
  • A country-themed souvenir
  • Access to online country-themed content
  • A baggage tag
Little Passports Review 2024 Update
You can also add on the Where To? Travel Adventure Game by Little Passports and a Weather Lab Science Kit for an additional fee. This is new since my kids received their first box.   The addition of Sam and Sofia Scooter Story Chapter Books are a new and great feature of the box. This definitely adds additional value for upper elementary-aged children and to capture their interest.

Little Passports After Your First Box

Every month thereafter, kids receive either a toy, souvenir, or activity and a special coin from each country.  They also get a new letter from Sam and Sofia about the new country. 

My kids’ favorite part is the activity sheets related to the country they are learning about.

Each package also includes a sticker they can put on their suitcase, one to put in their passport, and a thumbtack sticker to put on the wall map for countries they have visited or learned about. They also will get a tag for their suitcase, online extras, and various additional items that vary each month.

Each monthly mailing contains a variety of activities to interest little explorers.

Little Passports World Edition Subscription Options

The bigger the subscription, the more you save on a monthly basis. In other words, the best value on a per-month basis is the 12-month subscription.

See detailed pricing in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

You can upgrade your subscription to add the game or science experiments to accompany your first box.

My Review: Why Little Passports Monthly Subscription Box is Great For Kids

Kids love getting mail, so it was very exciting for my kids to get something interesting and educational each month.  The Little Passports World Edition packages are pretty comprehensive, and they learn some interesting facts about another country.

They can find it on the map, read about it, get an interesting item from that country, and do educational activities with the activity page.

There is enough to do in each package to keep them busy for a bit. My kids often go back to it and complete the activities later.

It is a fantastic way to expose kids to other countries and different cultures, even if you can’t take them to see that place.  Furthermore, it is mess free program (other than them leaving the parts around the house) and can be electronic-free if you choose to avoid the online options.


The World Edition is for kids ages 6-10 years old.


My Little Passports Review: What Is Not So Great For Kids

For younger kids, it is not an independent activity, particularly if they are unable to read yet. They may enjoy the toy or activity that comes with the package or the stickers. But they may not be able to be left alone without an adult’s help – you will need to work with them on it.

If your child isn’t that interested in learning about other cultures, then perhaps this would be a waste of your money. In this case, you may opt for the month-to-month option. But, beyond that, other than the kids leaving the parts all over the house, I can’t see why it is not great for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Little Passports World Edition cost? What are the Subscription Packages?

Little Passports

As of 2024, Little passports cost $29.95 per month + FREE shipping, for the monthly plan. This is a change from their previous pricing.

You can opt for a six-month subscription, which is currently $27.95 per month + FREE shipping, or $167.70 billed every six months.  I chose this option, as it was a great way to really experience the Little Passport product for several months.

The 12-month subscription is the best value, at a price of $24.95 per month It is charged $299.40 every 12 months and includes FREE shipping.  This plan saves you the most on the monthly cost.

It is important to note:

  • Subscriptions renew automatically.
  • Shipping is FREE within the continental USA.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Is Little Passports World Edition Worth the Cost?

Some people have asked if the Little Passports is worth it.  My product review of Little Passports is that, yes, it really is worth the cost and yes, the Little Passports box is very good.

You get a lot in each monthly mailing.  In fact, my kids often don’t finish it in one or two settings. They go back to it time and time again.  So if you think about the cost of Little Passports for the amount of time your kids will be engaged, Little Passports is definitely worth the cost.

Little Passports often has discounts, so you can sometimes get it for an even better price.

This assumes your kids will enjoy the box and do the monthly hands on activities. If they put it away and never play with it, then I would say it is not worth the cost.


What Are Tips For Maximizing Little Passports World Edition?

  1.  Set aside time to do the activities.  The best way for your kids to learn from Little Passports is to spend the time doing the activities.

  2. Kids may need some adult help to do the activities,  so to get the most out of it, it is ideal to do it with your kids.

  3. Using the map can help your kids visually see where the country is and begin to build their geography knowledge.

  4. Don’t skip the chapter books! If your kids are too young to read the chapter books on their own, read them together.  Bringing Sam and Sofia’s adventures to life can help kids engage with the country.

  5. Add the Where To? Travel Adventure Game to your subscription to help maximize the experience. It will also help your kids learn more about countries and world cultures.

  6. Keep the suitcase organized so you and your child can continue to return to it over time. 

  7. Double-check the age recommendations.  If your child is too young or too old, they may get frustrated or bored with the Little Passports World Edition.

  8. If your child is younger, consider the Early Explorers box. If you are traveling within the USA or if your child is learning about the USA in school, consider the USA Edition

Which is better, Little Passports or KiwiCo Atlas Subscription?

Both the KiwiCo and Little Passports subscriptions are great geography boxes.  And, both will introduce your children to world cultures.  

Little Passports is using activity books, chapter books, souvenirs, and activities like games to go about teaching world cultures.  KiwiCo’s Atlas box utilizes their exceptional STEAM program and hands-on projects to teach kids about world cultures and geography.  

Both products are great ways to introduce your kids to the world.


What age group is Little Passports World Edition for?

The company says an age range of 6-10.

My Little Passports review: My 6-year-olds enjoyed it, but could not do everything on their own.

Personally, I think closer to 8-10 is a good age group.  Then the 6-year-olds would likely really enjoy having the book read to them.

Little Passports Early Edition is great for kids under age 6.

How do I order a Little Passports World Edition subscription?

You can get it  Here!

Little Passports Review 2024: Why You Should Order The Little Passports World Edition Subscription For Your Kids

The Little Passports World Edition subscription box is better than any toy or video game you could give your kids. Opening their eyes to the world and inspiring their interest in travel and language is an amazing gift that they can carry with them for a lifetime.

It will also help them in school, as they make connections to places they have been or learned about through their Little Passports subscription and what they are learning in school.  It is like giving your kids the world.

Have you tried a Little Passports World Edition subscription? Comment below!

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  1. I have been looking for a great subscription box for my boys – I may have to give this one a try! My 4-year-old is very interested in other parts of the world right now. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kristine! My son started learning about other countries at age 4. His interest sparked watching the World Cup. Now, at age 10, he knows the flags of most countries. Little Passports is such a great product for fostering that curiosity, and it is so educational. I hope your son enjoys it!

  2. I have always wondered about this subscription because my kids love learning about different countries, etc. Knowing what is in it, etc definitely helps me make a decision.

    1. Thank you, Katy. It is a great product, and in fact, my son has brought in some of the items to share with his classmates when they were learning about a country. It is such a great program!

  3. This is darling! We homeschool our four boys and I’m always on the lookout for fun curriculum supplements. What a fun subscription program!

    1. Thank you, Maureen. I am glad you enjoyed the post. It is a great product and would be great with a homeschool curriculum. Also, the company has a lot of FREE resources on their website right now if it helps!

  4. Yeah Im in that boat looking to order stuff like this to entertain and educate my kids over the next few months!

    1. Thank you so much for reading the post. It is definitely a great program. And the company is offering a lot of FREE resources on their website as well!

  5. We love our Little Passports subscription! My son got the early learners one for Christmas and it’s one of the best non toy gifts!

    1. Thank you, Amanda. Yes, I totally agree. It makes a fantastic gift, not just because it is a fabulous product but also because the kids love to get the package each month. It is like Christmas keeps coming!

  6. I have been eying Little Passports for awhile but haven’t tried it out for awhile. Now is definitely the time to do though, since we can’t travel.

    1. Thank you, Allison. Yes, now is a great time. And the company is offering lots of great resources on their site for FREE!

  7. I’ve been on the fence about Little Passports for my grandkids, and this just helped me turn the corner. Thanks

    1. Thank you, Diana. I am glad it helped you. It is such a great product. It is coming in handy during this homeschooling time!

  8. We have been doing this for three years now, evidently, because I just found out there are NO MORE COUNTRIES! There are so many countries of the world left to learn about!!! Why are there only three years worth of countries? We would’ve done this program until they graduated high school!

    1. Hopefully, they will add more countries soon. Have you seen my post about the Best Travel Subscription Boxes for Kids and Families? There are several other options on there, and they may be good options to explore countries not included in the Little Passports Subscriptions.

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