The Most Awesome Travel Gifts For Kids!

If you are looking for gifts to keep your kids' wanderlust alive this holiday season, I have a great list of travel gifts for kids! Whether your kid loves to travel or is traveling from home this year, there are so many ways to inspire their love of travel.

Many of these gifts will inspire them to discover more of the world and support learning at home. This list of fun travel gifts can help with social studies, geography, science, math, and language learning as well.  And, some will just bring the magic of a travel destination home to remind kids of a special place.

My favorite part of these unique travel gifts for kids is they are not just a toy they use once and put away. They can and will keep coming back to many of these over time, and sometimes year after year!

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The Most Awesome Travel Gifts For Kids

I love shopping for unique travel gifts for my favorite travelers.  Usually, you end up getting them something they didn't even KNOW they needed!  These wonderful travel gifts will inspire wanderlust and delight even your smallest globetrotters!

Travel Subscription Boxes

travel-subscription box- up and away

One of my favorite travel gifts for kids is a subscription to a travel subscription box. Not only do these monthly or bi-monthly boxes bring delight over time, but they are also very educational and teach kids about world cultures and destinations around the world.

There are many kinds of travel subscription boxes for a variety of ages and interests.  My favorite for the younger kids is Little Passports World Edition. For older kids and families, I recommend Up and Away Adventures.

Check out my list of Best Travel Subscription Boxes For Kids and Families.

Culinary Adventure Around The World

For kids who love to cook and bake, kids can taste their way around the world.  Another of my favorite travel gifts for kids includes an at-home cooking class subscription that focuses on teaching kids about cultures around the world through food.

My favorite option for this gift is eat2explore, which reached kids about foods around the world through cooking.

You could also get your budding chefs a subscription to Culture Cakes or Universal Yums, both subscription boxes that teach kids about cultures and countries through food.

And, you could pair one of these gifts with a book about cooking around the world for kids!

Travel Games

My family loves to play board games, and sometimes it feels like you have teleported into the world of that game.  Board games focused on travel, destinations, or world cultures is a great way for kids to learn and travel the world from home!

While I love games like Fast Flags and the Around the World game, there are so many options depending on your kids' ages and interests.  Travel games make great travel gifts for kids!

Check out my complete list of the best travel games for kids.  

Travel Books


Another great travel gift for kids who love to travel is travel books.  From the earliest ages, you can give kids travel books to inspire their wanderlust and begin to teach them about the world.

When my kids were little, we started with It's A Small World books. But as they have gotten older, books on flags, atlases, capitals, and even storybooks and teen novels that take place in countries around the world have made great travel gifts for my kids. They have definitely inspired my kids' wanderlust even more.

Check out my complete list of the best travel books for kids of all ages.

Globes and Maps

Kids who love to travel and have a curiosity about the world love to look at maps and globes. My kids love to spin a globe around with their eyes closed, point to a country, and learn more about it.

Two of my favorites for this age include the My World Interactive Talking Map and Oregon Scientific Smart Globe.  These are great educational products and make great travel gifts for kids.  But, even the youngest of kids can start their geography and map skills early!

For a complete list of globes and maps for different ages, and other unique travel gift ideas, check out my 30 best travel gifts for kids.

Gifts For Your Next Trip

If you have an upcoming trip, items for that event make great travel gifts! Whether you are headed to the beach and need a snorkel set, or your photography loving kid needs a new camera, there are many great travel gifts for kids! My favorites include:

Disney World Gifts For Kids

For the Disney fans out there, Disney gifts make great travel gifts for kids.  Whether you are preparing them (or surprising them!) for an upcoming trip, or just trying to bring some pixie dust to your home, Disney gifts will certainly be magical.

My favorite ideas are a Disney subscription box, like Mickey Monthly or Walt Life.

Or, if your older kids and teens love to be comfy in a pajama onesie, like mine do, check out these adorable Disney onesies! They would make a great gift for any Disney super fan.

You could also get your kids Disney t-shirts, jewelry, and other Disney gifts custom-made from Etsy.

My favorite Disney gifts on Etsy include:

And something from shop Disney like the Disney-themed Vera Bradley bags or one of their Dooney & Bourke or Kate Spade collection bags for your next park visit is always a huge hit (especially for teens!)

Disney and Christmas go hand in hand, and Disney always makes a great travel gift for kids.

Check out all of my posts on planning a Disney vacation!

Harry Potter World Gift Ideas

If you have a Harry Potter super fan who would love to apparate himself right into Harry Potter World or Harry Potter studios, they can do so right from home!  These  Harry Potter travel subscription boxes make perfect gifts for any wizarding world fanatic and muggle alike.

My favorites include the Wizarding World box from Loot Crate and the Harry Potter subscription box by Accio! through Crate Joy will deliver the very best for every grown-up, muggle-born Potterhead!

Accio! and the Wizarding World box are great gifts for aspiring wizards at home!

Kids' Travel Luggage or Kids' Carryon

A really nice kids' travel luggage or kids carry-on makes a nice travel gift for kids! You could even pair the gift with a surprise trip to Disney World!

Kids' suitcases are often the ideal size to work as a kids' carry-on. But, when it comes to kids' carry-ons, I much prefer a backpack along with my other favorite items for what to pack in a kids carry-on!

I have two favorites for this. I am a huge fan of Pottery Barn Kids Luggage. Not only is it the ideal size, it is also kid-themed with princesses, superheroes, and even Harry Potter! Or you can opt for a simpler design. It also comes with a matching kids' backpack, which is perfect for all of the items I recommend packing in a kids carry-on.

My favorite Pottery Barn Kids Luggage:


I also love the Away Travel brand, and just like their amazing adult products, they also make an Away Kid Suitcase with the same amazing features!  Sleek, stylish, cute, and ideal size that come in cute kid-friendly colors, with their exceptional features, this one makes an amazing travel gift for kids.

Check out my Away Travel Luggage Product Review.

Final Thought On Travel Gifts For Kids

Whether you are preparing your kids for travel or wanting to give your kids the world this holiday season, travel gifts for kids are a wonderful option.  They are not only educational and help foster academic skills. But they also plant the seeds of wanderlust.  Travel gifts for kids are a great option this gift-giving season!

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