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Are you looking for the best beach bags for moms or any one who likes a stylish beach tote that carries a lot of stuff? As a mom who tends to be our unofficial beach butler to hold onto all of our beach essentials, I have a thought or two on what makes a great beach bag for a mom, woman, or anyone who likes to pair fashion with function.

Whether it’s a gift for Mother’s day or you are just looking for the best beach bags for women in your life or the best beach bags for families, this post will help you out.

As a family who takes a lot of beach trips, often a few a year as one of our favorite spring break destinations, I have my opinions on what makes something one of the best beach bags for moms as I’m often the one packing them. Whether it’s to bring all of the beach toys and beach essentials to the shore or pool, or double as a grocery bag, the best beach bag needs to have a few qualities.

Read on below to find out what to look for in the best beach bags for moms and my top recommendations for your consideration. I have tried a few, so these recommendations on bags for moms come from my own personal experience. Whether you want the best beach bag, a pool bag, or a family beach bag to haul the family supply of beach toys, there’s something here you’ll love.

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About The Best Beach Bag

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to use an old backpack as a beach bag. Yes, it was functional, but now adays, not only is it boring. But there is no backpack I know of that can fit enough beach gear for a family (unless you plan to go backpacking for a month.)

When I made the switch to a dedicated beach bag, everything changed. Not only did it fit everything that my kids and I needed, but it also added a little oomph to my beach day ensemble.  And, hey, if you look good you feel good, right?

If you’re no stranger to my blog, you know how much I love going to the beach! Whether it’s visiting Anna Maria Island, Florida, Turks and Caicos, Martha’s Vineyard, or Maui, Hawaii, we spend several vacations a year at the beach. I’ve even come up with a beach packing list for families. What better place to pack all of the things on my list than in a cute beach bag?

If you’re unsure where to begin, and don’t know what to look for in a quality beach bag, I’ve got you covered. Here are my criteria for the best beach bags for moms.

Beach bags for moms towel, hat, lei, book and beach essentials on a chair.
Be sure your beach bag for moms can fit all of your essentials. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

What to Look for in the Best Beach Bags for Moms

While the perfect bag might look different for everyone, these are a few things to consider when hunting for the best beach bag:

  • Cost: Define your budget. 
  • Function: How much (or how little) do you need your beach bag to hold?  Is it sturdy and won’t break? Does it have room for everything you need?
  • Style: Do you want your beach bag to be a certain color or pattern? 
  • Practical: Is it practical or just a slightly larger purse? There’s nothing wrong with that, as you can use it for your own personal items. But you may need to bring another bag in this case for all of the other beach essentials. Also consider whether it is comfortable for you to carry.
  • Packable: If you are someone who likes to use your beach bag as a carry-on, that’s great as it will definitely save packing space. But some of us like to pack our beach bags in our suitcase and for this reason, I have added packable (meaning lightweight, compact, to not bulk up your suitcase.) One of my recs tops the chart on this feature!

The best beach bags for moms are roomy, stylish, practical, and affordable. After all, we like to have enough room to carry all of the things our families need, but we also like to have a little style too! A chic bag that is also practical is always a great pool bag too.

aloha tote bag
Aloha Road Trip Collection Tote Bag, Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids


The best beach bags for moms are the ones within your budget. Because you will use your favorite beach bag a lot, you want it to be sturdy and last, but you also don’t want to break the bank. You want to be sure it is also made out of good quality materials, so be sure the bag you choose is value for price. You will be carrying a lot of things and you don’t want it to break regardless of the cost.


A perfect family beach bag has space to stash away your beach gear and all your essentials — for me, it’s sunscreen, a snack, a water bottle, towels, change of clothes, a snorkel and mask, a good book and zippered pockets for my phone, keys and wallet. But let’s be real. I’m a parent, so that means the bag has to be big enough to fit all of my kids’ stuff too.

I often need to have room for beach towels for our family beach vacation. And, truth be told, I have my mom beach bag which is mine and the family beach bag. So the ultimate beach bag for me is a bit larger or I bring two.

red boggs beach bag
Boggs are definitely one of the best beach bags for moms. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids


We often like to bring our beach bag or pool bag with us on both road trips and when we fly to our beach destination. Either we fold it down into our luggage or sometimes, I even use it as my carry-on. So a bag for moms that has versatility and a bit of style is also something to keep in mind.

wild ride travel gear splash and stash
The Wild Ride Splash and Stash bag is super practical, lightweight, and stylish too! Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Practical & Packable

One final feature I like to think about in the best family beach bags is their practicality and packability. One that is waterproof and sand proof is my preference, as well as one that is lightweight and easy to pack.

This helps keep it protected and clean, or if I need to clean it, it is easy to do. And, if it’s not your main carry-on, you need it to be lightweight and not too bulky.

I also consider if it is comfortable. Any beach bag that hard to carry, has straps that are uncomfortable for my shoulders or back, or can’t fit what I need is simply not practical.

Luckily, there are so many beach bags for moms and great beach totes out there to choose from!  Whether you need a bag that will fit all of your kiddo’s belongings, a mesh beach bag for sand toys, or you’re simply looking for a beach tote bag that are both stylish and practical, I’ve done my research to find the best of the best.

Families bring a lot of things to the beach so a big beach bag is essential. Family on beach
Families bring a lot of things to the beach so a big beach bag is essential. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

The 15 Top Beach Bags For Moms For 2024

This list of the best beach bags for moms features stylish and functional beach tote bags, a backpack, a waterproof option, and more. These are some of my favorite picks, and I hope one or two of these may become your favorite beach bags too!

Wild Ride Beach Bag Tote – MY NEW FAVORITE!

Ok, I have a new favorite beach bag for moms everywhere – it’s the Wild Ride Beach Bag Tote. Why do I love it so? Let me count the ways.

First, this cute and fun bag is large – big enough to carry at least four beach towels, all of your beach day essentials, and has an inside pocket for those important things like your cell phone or wallet. If you need an extra pocket, you can snap the carrying case inside the bag for an extra storage pouch! It even has an outside pocket too for extra storage.

Second, it is waterproof and sandproof on the outside. But best of all, it is lightweight and practical.

As I am often the one schleping not just a beach bag but an armful of beach gear on our beach days, I need a bag that can keep my hands free, not be too heavy and doesn’t keep falling off my shoulder.

Enter the Wild Ride Beach Tote. It has both hand straps and a cross body strap so you can keep your hands free to carry beach chairs, noodles, coolers, and all of the other beach gear you need.

wild rid beach tote compact carrying case
The large Wild Ride beach bag tote folds into this compact and lightweight carrying case that you can throw in your suitcase! Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

And, if you like to pack your beach bag, this lightweight bag folds into a compact carrying bag that is no bigger than the size of a folded shirt! It is slim, sompact, light, and easy to throw in your suitcase. Plus, the carrying case can double as wet bag or a dry bag! Perfection!

This company is also mom-owned, and that is a major plus for me. Only a parent or caregiver who has been there can understand the beach bag needs of other parents and caregivers, so this gets an extra thumbs up from me. Finally, it is AFFORDABLE. At under $50, the Wild Ride Beach Bag Tote gets my TOP PICK vote for the best beach bags for moms.

Wild Ride Beach Bag on the beach
The Wild Ride Beach Bag is a lightweight practical beach bag that’s packable! Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

ALOHA collection Day Tripper Zipper Tote – One of Our Top Picks!

This is the perfect choice for a day at the beach and it also tops my list for the best pool bag. These bags are so eye-catching, I turn my head every time I see one! It’s like the ultimate mom beach bag.

I personally use this bag and what I love about it is that it is roomy, lightweight, stylish, and under $100. They are also very durable and water resistant.

And, as a huge fan of the Hawaiian islands for families, the fact that these bags were started in Hawaii makes them that much more special to me. Plus, these cute and stylish bags are made out of a special water-resistant material to protect your belongings from splashes, spills, and puddles.

The Aloha Collection Day Tripper Zipper Tote features a small outer zipper pocket for quick access to keys, phones, and sunglasses and a hidden pocket on the inside for valuables. It has a zippered closure so nothing will fall out if it tips over and it comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns so you can express yourself stylishly at the beach.

This waterproof beach bag is also very packable. They launched a road trip collection this year that is simply stunning. So while it makes a great beach tote, it is also a great bag for all of the road trip activities for kids too! It’s my favorite mom beach bag in my collection.

Shylero Beach Bag and Pool Bag

The Shylero Beach Bag and Pool Bag is the perfect bag for moms. I love that this large beach bag with sturdy rope handles holds all of my beach gear and towels, has zippered pockets inside, and two exterior pockets. It’s also quite large, with a roomy main compartment.

It comes with a detachable pouch that’s perfect for holding smaller items or my phone, wallet and keys. The sturdy rope handles, waterproof canvas fabric, and variety of designs make it a great beach bag for moms. I would also put it up there as one of the best pool bags as well.

Scout Large Utility Tote

This popular bag and beach tote is one of my favorites. It’s a waterproof beach bag, perfect for keeping everything dry, and it features a top zipper closure and plenty of pockets so you can find what you need quickly.

We regularly use our Scout large Beach Bag as a secondary bag to bring extra beach towels, sand toys, beach blankets, and any additional items for our day. It’s boxy shape makes it easy for stacking towels and essentials and keeping the bag organized. It’s also made with a sturdy canvas which makes it a great go-to for beach and pool bags.

The Scout Deano Large Utility Tote is a great size – an oversized beach bag, but it’s great for bringing the family beach essentials. But if you need a bit of extra space, the external pockets on the Scout BJ Large Tote size are the perfect spot for sandy flip-flops, water bottles, or goggles. But if you need more space, the extra large Scout bag is the way to go. It’s another great beach bag for moms, and one to bring to the beach, pool, or on a boat.

Sea Bags Maine Beach Bag

As a New Englander who has spent several vacations on the coast of Maine, this is one of my favorite beach bags and definitely one of the best pool bags. In fact, we purchased a bag like this in Maine, and it has been our go-to for years.

This classic beach bag is made out of recycled sailcloth that has actually sailed on the sea! Each hand-crafted bag is unique, and there are many unique designs. It also features an extra-long strap so you can carry it with ease. Each Sea Bags Maine Beach Bag is handcrafted on the coast of Portland, Maine, USA. It’s a stylish beach tote that also makes a great mom beach bag gift for your favorite mom.

The bags are so beautiful and stylish that they can serve as a carry-on for your beach vacation. Each bag is durable, washable, and water-resistant. The large and roomy center compartment is complimented with three inside pockets, one zippered pocket, and it’s easy to keep essentials organized. This versatile bag is washable, and the bag folds easily for packing. It can also be used for grocery shopping. It’s one of my top picks for your beach trip.

YETI Camino Carryall

While this beach tote is much more expensive than the others on my list (over $200), it’s an investment worth making if you can. I love my YETI insulated cooler and water bottle — again, yes they are expensive but the quality is there. It should come as no surprise that this carryall is high-quality and durable too.

Now unlike other YETI products, the YETI Camino Caryall bag is not a cooler. But, it’s made of vinyl that’s waterproof, puncture-proof, and can be wiped off very easily in case it gets dirty. It also is a great bag to keep everything clean and dry in your bag, and it also features a sturdy molded base so that it always sits your bag upright.

One of the best parts of this waterproof beach bag is that it has a hitch point grid on both sides. You can clip a water bottle, sneakers, sandals, and more for easy access and storage. 

Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

One of my top pics when considering a new beach bag for moms is this mesh beach bag by Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag. Not only is it a large tote bag, roomy enough for towels, sand toys, flip flops, and all of your essential beach gear, it has eight exterior pockets. It might just be the perfect beach bag and the best mom beach bag at an affordable price.

This entirely mesh bag also has mesh pockets, making it perfect for getting all the sand out of your bag. That alone might make it the best overall beach bag. But, it also has a zippered pocket to store your valuables. Best of all, this mesh bag is water-resistant and comes in a variety of fun and bright colors.

It is definitely one of the best pool bags for moms as its mesh material is perfect for wet clothes after a pool day. Overall, this large bag is a great selection for one of the best beach bags and pool bags for moms.

OdyseaCo Beach Tote

This stylish and practical beach tote has many of the features I like about some of the others, but with a few notable additions. First, it comes with an insulated cooler bag, which is great for bringing drinks, lunch, snacks, and your own food to the beach. It also has adjustable shoulder straps

The OdyseaCo Beach Tote’s large main compartment has plenty of room for all of your essentials, including four large beach towels. It has two external pockets and one zippered internal pocket for valuables. And, it has both mesh and lightweight canvas, a stylish look, and an affordable price tag. This bag is definitely top of our list of best beach bags for moms.

Lands’ End Open Top Canvas Tote Bag

Looking for a beach bag that’s a little more personal? Don’t miss this oldy but goody Lands’ End Open Top Canvas Tote Bag. It’s made of sturdy material and you can personalize it with a monogram. This one goes out to all of my preppy readers. A canvas beach tote is a must!

This bag comes in a range of sizes (from small to extra large) as well as a range of fun colors and patterns. The base and trim of the bag are also water-repellent, so you can place it down on wet sand without worrying about damaging it. In other words, it’s perfect for a day at the beach!

HOXIS Mesh Beach Tote

Now, this mesh beach tote from HOXIS is a great one when you are doing some family travel on a budget. It’s very affordable (under $20!) and it boasts over 4,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It comes in 12 different colors, and there is something for every style.

The HOXIS Mesh Beach Tote bag is made of mesh, which means you’ll be able to easily find whatever you throw in it. It also features a large inside pocket, perfect for your phone, headphones, and wallet. Don’t let the mesh fool you, either! It’s sturdy and durable and will last for several years to come. This beach bag is also very lightweight and easy to store. It certainly checks all of my boxes!

OdyseaCo Lightweight Beach Backpack

I just had to include a beach backpack on this list! It’s another great option for those of you who like the sporty look. You also won’t end up with an ache in your shoulder when you use both straps. You can even adjust them to carry as a tote bag instead.

The OdyseaCo Lightweight Beach Backpack has a see-through section so that you can see what you have inside. It’s large enough to fit anything you may need for a day at the beach: a towel, book, sunscreen, snacks, and toys…it’s truly one of the best beach bags for moms. It also comes in both baby blue and light pink.

Boggs Beach Bag – A GREAT GIFT!

Now, this bag may not be for everyone as it’s rather unique. But I have to say, it sure makes for the ultimate beach bag and pool bag for moms. What intrigues me so much about this beach bag is that it was created by a woman who was in search for the perfect beach bag for her family.

boggs beach bag on top of cooler at beach
Boggs are practical, durable, and cute! Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

So, with that in mind, she designed this roomy, durable, water resistant, expandable beach tote that can fit all of your towels, sand toys, beach gear, and more and it’s a mom beach bag that’s easy to clean too. Its waterproof exterior (with holes) makes it ideal for a day in the sand, a boat day, a pool day, or any outdoor adventure.

We have this in XL and it is a large beach bag to fit enough towels for the entire family (and then some.) It’s also my top pick for a fully waterproof beach bag. Given it’s price point, it would make a great gift for your favorite mom.

Each Boggs Beach Bag comes with two plastic insert bags, as it doesn’t come with interior pockets. But these inserts can protect your valuables and store all of your experts. You can even purchase accessories to go with your bag for all of your additions. It’s a great, sturdy beach bag roomy enough for all you need for your day.

Mar Y Sol Straw Tote – GREAT GIFT!

If you are someone who loves a straw tote for your beach bag, this beautiful straw tote from Mar Y Sol is a great option for a mom beach bag and makes a great Mother’s Day gift. For those who like a beautiful, handcrafted bag and like to support smaller handicrafters in communities around the world, this is a gorgeous bag you might love.

Made from woven raffia, with leather handles, the Mar Y Sol Straw Tote has been handcrafted with sustainable accessories from the island of Madagascar. Because it is handcrafted, each one will be one of kind and unique. It is durable and large enough to fit all of your beach essentials with an inside pocket, with a magnetic snap closure, and it’s a beautiful accessory and a great beach bag for moms and women.

This is the best mom beach bag for the stylish mom who loves to have a multi-purpose beach tote and purse. It’s stunning and beautifully crafted and makes a wonderful gift for your favorite mom.

Bang & Carsen Beach Tote

If you are in the market for an extra, extra large beach bag for families, the Bang & Carsen Beach Tote might be just for you. The large, nautical-themed bag with extra-long handles, waterproof lining, two inner pockets with zippers, durable construction with double stitched seams, and did I mention it’s large enough for all of your essentials?

It is an oversized beach bag, great bag for bringing all of your beach toys, beach towels, blankets, extra clothes, and even electronics to the shore. This bag is one you will keep coming back to trip after trip, as it will be one you can rely on to fit everything you need.

It’s also a waterproof beach bag too, which is why it has made my list for best mom beach bag!

Vera Bradley Straw Tote

Another beautiful option for a straw tote beach bag with a bit of extra flair is the Vera Bradley Straw Tote. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, this adorable beach tote can double as a beach purse for evenings out at the beach.

Made of 100% straw, it’s chic and classic, with an interior pocket for your valuables. The perfect size for your personal essentials, this is another great beach bag for mom.

Sand buckets on a beach.
Having a bag that can bring all of your beach essentials is important. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Bag is Best for the Beach?

The best bag to bring to the beach depends on what you are bringing and personal style. Personally, I prefer lightweight and roomy bags to fit a lot of things but they don’t weigh down my shoulder or back.

Tote bags, backpacks, and large bags that are waterproof and durable will all work well at the beach. And remember, the best beach bags for moms will be slightly different than those headed to the shore on their own. Determine your specific needs and go from there.

Which Bag Is Best For Moms?

As you can tell from this list, I am a huge fan of the Aloha bags for moms as they are eye-catching, lightweight, roomy enough for beach bag essentials, waterproof, and can be a beach bag or day purse. But for moms who carry a lot of towels, Scout and Bogg Bags are my go to bags for towels, sandy beach toys, snacks and all of the extras families need for their beach vacation.

That said, my new favorite is the Wild Ride Beach Tote because it is lightweight, practical, can be hands free with it’s cross-body strap, and has many pockets. It’s the beach bag moms don’t even KNOW they need, and trust me, they’ll love it! Plus, practically speaking, it’s a waterproof beach bag, and those are best for putting in sand toys, wet clothing, wet towels, etc.

Are Tote Bags Good for the Beach?

If your tote bag of choice fits everything you may need, you can definitely use it as your beach bag! Tote bags are an excellent choice if you’re looking for something a little more stylish. They go really well with beachy clothing and outfits!

I do recommend getting a waterproof beach bag as well or one that is a tote, as you will be putting wet and sandy items or setting it on wet surfaces.

Are Canvas Bags Goof for the Beach? Why are beach bags mesh? Are Neoprene bags good for the beach? What is the best material for a beach bag?

A waterproof beach bag is going to be your best bet. The best materials for beach bags are canvas, mesh, neoprene and vinyl, and these are typically waterproof.

You could also use a straw bag, sometimes sand can get wedged into the material, and it’s really hard to remove. But they are stylish which is why many people like them.

Many beach bags use mesh material because it helps filter out sand from your beach towels, toys, and other beach essentials. They also help airflow to prevent smell, especially if you have damp towels or clothes in your bag. Neoprene bags are popular as well because they are durable and easy to wash. They also resist water, oils, and are UV resistant, so things inside the bag shouldn’t fade or be damaged by UV rays.

Are Bogg bags just for the beach?

Bogg bags work both for the beach and the pool, and they are a very popular mom beach bag (I see them often.) Their rubber material makes them perfect for bringing your essentials to the beach or pool, as wet items won’t dampen the bag. It is also to clean out after a beach day as you can just rinse out any sand or dirt with a hose or in a shower or tub. You can also take them anywhere, like sporting events, camping, the lake, on a picnic, etc. They are perfect for any occasion.

Final Thoughts on The Best Beach Bags for Moms, Women and Families

No matter what your style or budget, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best beach bags for moms, women, and families that are perfect for your next beach trip. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or something more practical, you can find the perfect bag for your next trip to the beach. I hope this list helps any beachgoers out there who have been in search of the perfect bag! Happy shopping!

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