Do your kids love books? So do ours, and we are always on the lookout for the best books about travel for kids.

Travel, and learning about other cultures, is very important to our family. In fact, raising our kids as global citizens has been at the forefront of our parenting from the very beginning.

Even before our kids could read, as toddlers, we used books as a way to introduce our kids to cultures and countries. Click to Tweet

And, before we take a trip, we love to prepare our kids and get them excited by reading to them a story that relates to the destination.

Books are also a fantastic way to open kids’ minds up to the world, whether it is a destination book, a character who travels, or a familiar story told from the perspective of another culture. Whether you are planning to introduce cultures, incorporate books into your home learning curriculum, or just inspiring wanderlust, here are the best books about travel for kids for toddlers, school-aged kids, and teens.

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Travel Books For Toddlers

Since my kids were little, we have used books as a way to introduce our kids to other cultures. In fact, my twins’ nursery was “It’s A Small World” theme.

Disney’s “It’s A Small World” has long been my favorite ride at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, we love going through and pointing out the countries. Reading “It’s A Small World Hello World”   and the Little Traveler book series to even the youngest globetrotters is a great way to plant the seeds of wanderlust and global citizenship.

These books were my kids’ favorites.  Not only do they show kids from around the world, but they even introduce them to the ways in which people say “Hello” in other languages or the vehicles they ride in around the world. They are a great way to introduce your littlest travelers to other cultures.

Its A Small World Hello World

It A Small World  and Little Traveler Book Set

Travel Books For Preschoolers and Kindergartners

For little ones just starting school, our kids have found these to be the best travel books for kids their age. Whether you read to them, or they are just beginning to discover words, these books begin to introduce kids to other countries and the idea of travel. These are great books to inspire wanderlust in your kids.

Living In Series

Wonders Of America Series 

There’s A Map On My Lap 

Travel Books For School-aged Kids and Older

Whether your kids are studying geography, social studies, learning about flags, or starting to learn a new language, these are amazing books to add to your home learning curriculum or just for fun.

My kids love many of these books. In fact, many of them are great reads prior to your kids traveling somewhere new or to revisit one of their favorite destinations. It helps them make a connection when they travel.


For example, reading Paddington bear prior to visiting London was a great way to make connections for our kids. That curious little bear caused trouble at the Tower of London, got lost in the hedge maze at Hampton Court Palace, and even saw the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  When we arrived to those destinations, our kids remembered all of Paddington’s adventures, making the visit more meaningful to them.

The best travel books for kids are ones they remember, and they will learn a lot from each of these.

Travel Books About Children And Stories Around The World

Books about children around the world is a great way to connect kids to other children just like them whose lives are both similar and different. It is a wonderful way to introduce global citizenship to your kids.

We also love using stories that our kids love and are familiar with that are told from the perspective of another culture. Stories about princesses, knights, and pirates are ones our kids love. But in the setting of another country or told from another perspective really opens our kids’ minds up to the world. Here are the best travel books for kids to tell stories of children and characters around the world.

This Is How We Do It  (A Day In  A Life Of 7 Kids Around The World)

The Barefoot Book Of Children Around The World 

Young Real-Life Princesses Around The World Series 

Barefoot Book of Pirates Around The World  and Barefoot Book of Knights Around The World

The Barefoot Book of Princesses

Travel Books About  Countries And Flags For Kids

A great way to learn about countries around the world, including facts, geographical information, and the flags of countries, is through books like these. My kids love these. Geared toward kids, they are wonderful ways to learn the names of countries around the world and interesting information.


My kids love flags. In fact, I would argue they know more about flags and where countries are located than most adults. For the flag fanatics, a kid atlas or book about flags are the best books about travel for kids like mine.

These books are also wonderful additions to support geography, social studies, world culture, and language learning curriculum at home.  These are the best books about travel for kids to learn about countries around the world.

The Travel Book (Lonely Planet)

Maps (and accompanying Activity Book)


Countries Of The World

The Flag Book

Flags Of The World

Travel Books About Destinations

Prior to visiting any destination, we get our kids excited by reading with books about the destination. In fact, before traveling to Europe or any new country, reading to kids is really important so they can prepare for what they might see, hear, smell, and taste.

Books make GREAT souvenirs for kids to remember a special place where they've traveled. Click to Tweet

Every year, we travel to Hawaii. It is Which Is The Best Hawaiian Island For Families?a very special place for our family. So, each year, our kids have brought home a book about it.  My favorites are below.

This year, we are thinking of a trip to some of the USA’s National Parks. We are introducing our kids to what we might see with books. Here are some great books about travel for kids to get them excited for one of these destinations.

USA Travel Books For Kids

National Parks Of The USA

America’s National Parks

Too Many Mangoes

Hawaiian Legends For Little Ones

Around The World Travel Books For Kids

This Is Book Series

The Kids Who Travel The World Series

Paddington Bear Series (London)

All Aboard The London Bus (London)

Madeleine Series (Paris)

Travel With Me and See Series

Travel Books For Teens

While some of the books listed above may appeal to teenagers, teen travelers who want something more inspiring or a good novel would enjoy these books about travel for kids.  With fun facts, cool stories, wild adventures, and relatable characters, teenagers will get a feel for these destinations and what it is like to visit them. These are some of the best travel books for teens to inspire wanderlust.

Wanderlust: A Traveler’s Guide To The Globe

The (Not For Parents) Travel Book 

Diary Of A Tokyo Teen

Crime Travelers Spy School & Mystery  International Adventure Series

The Last Thing You Need To Know About The Best Books About Travel For Kids

Travel books are magical from the youngest age on up to adulthood. Inspiring travel and introducing kids about cultures at an early age is a great way to inspire kids’ wanderlust and open their eyes to the world. Kids are never too young to travel, even from home. Books also make great souvenirs to remember a special place. The best books about travel for kids are the ones that inspire them.

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