My family loves good homemade road trip snacks from a few snack mix recipes I have found. In fact, we have been known to polish off a large bowl of traditional Chex snack mix a time or twenty. It is one of our family’s favorites!

But, as we are getting ready for our next long road trip, I have been thinking about what homemade road trip snacks we can bring. And, snack mixes are at the top of the list, because you can make them in so many different ways!

They can be salty or sweet, or even salty AND sweet, and you can mix and match ingredients. I also love how portable they are and the kids love them too.

So I went on a quest for the best snack mix recipes for road trips and found some great ones from some fellow food bloggers. You will love these easy, yummy, and portable snack mix recipes, and so will your kids!

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The Best Snack Mix Recipes For Awesome Homemade Road Trip Snacks

While snack mixes require a bit of work – really in the form of assembly and sometimes baking – they are so worth it and one of my favorite road trip foods. I love a bag of Chex Mix as much as the next person. But when I make it at home, it is sooooo yummy.

I like to personalize my snack mix recipe to things I like, and it is easy to do that with snack mixes. Here is also what I love about snack mix recipes:

  • They are great homemade road trip snacks.
  • You can bring them easily to the pool or beach.
  • Snack mix recipes make a large quantity usually so it can last many days on a road trip.
  • They are easy to store in a plastic storage bin.
  • Snack mix recipes are easy to make and super delicious!
  • There are many sweet snack mixes that can serve as dessert.
  • You can also make healthy snack mixes that kids love!
  • They are one of the most versatile snacks for road trips.

So, now you know why this is my favorite homemade road trip snack, let’s get to some recipes!

15+ Snack Mix Recipes To Make For Your Next Road Trip

While I do love a delicious snack mix recipe, I am not a chef. So, I called on fellow bloggers to contribute their best snack mix recipes!

Photo Credit: Stock Image via Canva

The Original Chex Mix | The Chex Company

This one I had to include because it is just so yummy. Now, I mix it up by adding cheerios, cashews, and gluten-free pretzels and crackers. But it is hands down, one of my favorite things to include on my road trip packing list.

Photo credit: Crave The Good blog

Smoked Chex Mix | Crave The Good blog

This unique snack mix recipe includes a smoky twist with a bite to a Chex Mix recipe. A little sweet, spicy, and smoky, it makes a great homemade road trip snack or a staycation movie night snack.

snack mix recipes honey roasted cereal snack mix
Photo credit: Two Kids And A Coupon blog

Honey Roasted Cereal Snack Mix | Two Kids And A Coupon blog

This delightful recipe is a sweet take on Chex Mix, with a bit of salty thrown in with peanuts and pretzels if you like. The combination would make a great road trip snack for kids when they need that afternoon pick-me-up.

Photo credit: Drug Store Divas blog

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheerios Chex Muddy Buddies | Drug Store Divas blog

Talk about a great combo, this delicious twist on Chex Muddy Buddies adds some extra flavor for this sweet treat. It makes a great homemade road trip snack to have when you need a sugar fix or as a road trip dessert.

Photo credit: Snacking In Sneakers blog

Sweet and Salty Popcorn Trail Mix | Snacking In Sneakers blog

This yummy, healthier popcorn trail mix comes with a unique twist- a chocolate good-for-you treat. It makes a great, energizing road trip snack kids and adults will love.

Photo credit: A Bride On A Budget blog

Happy Trails Trail Mix Wedding Flavor | A Bride On A Budget blog

This cute and colorful trail mix recipe adds in some wedding favor candy. It not only adds a chocolate bite but also adds a lot of fun colors to the trail mix. It makes a great road trip snack for kids and adults.

Photo credit: Ottawa Mommy Club blog

Back To School Trail Mix | Ottawa Mommy Club blog

This is an exciting snack mix recipe for a road trip. With salt and sweet, an added surprise with the yogurt-covered treats, and the crunch of popcorn, it would be a great addition to any road trip lunch or for a road trip snack.

Photo credit: Strength and Sunshine blog

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Muddy Buddies | Strength and Sunshine blog

This is a great, healthy twist on the traditional Chex Muddy Buddies recipe. It is gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free. Not only is it a great road trip snack for kids and adults, but it is also a healthy snack mix recipe!

Involve the kids! Kids love to cook and assemble snack mix recipes. And these are great ways to involve them in the process and even teach them some math skills. They will also love the delicious result.

Photo credit: Strength and Sunshine blog

Circus Popcorn | Strength and Sunshine blog

Another adorable healthy homemade road trip snack, this one is especially great for kids! This popcorn snack mix recipe adds color and flavor, with some dried fruit as well. It is a gluten-free and vegan road trip snack kids and adults will love!

Photo credit: Savory Experiments blog

S’Mores Trail Mix | Savory Experiments blog

In addition to Chex Mix, my other favorite thing is s’mores. So, a s’mores trail mix is my dream come true in the homemade road trip snack department! This recipe includes a sweet and salty element, making it extra delicious. It’s a perfect road trip snack for dessert or any time.

Photo credit: Bite Sized Kitchen blog

Pumpkin Spice Fall Chex Mix | Bite-Sized Kitchen blog

Living in New England, we are all about pumpkin flavor. And, this snack mix recipe is ideal for a classic leaf-peeping, New England road trip. A sweet and salty flavor, it makes a great homemade road trip snack kids will love!

Photo credit: Hawaii With Kids blog

Crave Worthy Sweet and Salty Hawaiian Furikake Chex Mix | Hawaii With Kids blog

This unique twist on Chex Mix brings the flavors of Hawaii to a snack mix recipe! It is a sweet and salty recipe using a variety of cereals and furikake to give it its’ delicious flavor. It makes a great road trip snack for something different.

Trying the flavors of Hawaii definitely makes me miss some of my favorite Hawaiian islands for kids, like Maui and Oahu. Having a bit of Aloha at home or on a road trip definitely makes this road trip snack one of my favorites!

Photo credit Erhardts Eat blog

No-Bake S’Mores Snack Mix | Erhardts Eat blog

This delicious take on s’mores snack mix is smothered in chocolate. It would be a great road trip snack, especially by the campfire after a long hike! Whether it is an afternoon pick-me-up or dessert, it is a great snack mix recipe for your next road trip.

Photo credit: Erhardts Eat blog

Christmas Crunch Popcorn Snack Mix | Erhardts Eat blog

You don’t have to wait for Santa Claus to enjoy this snack mix. Colorful, cute, and full of salty and sweet goodness makes it a great snack mix recipe for any time of year! Kids will love this Christmas surprise on their next road trip.

Photo credit: The Short Order Cook

Furikake Snack Mix | The Short Order Cook blog

A great snack mix for the road, this Japanese-flavored recipe includes some of my kids’ favorite snacks like goldfish and oyster crackers. It is a great way to introduce kids to flavors from around the world.

Photo credit: Season and Thyme blog

Homemade Granola | Season and Thyme blog

I do love some granola as a homemade road trip snack. And this simple, healthy recipe makes it easy to do. Not only is it a great snack mix recipe, but it can also serve as a road trip breakfast idea as well!

For more road trip snack and food ideas, check out my 101+ Best Road Trip Food List: Easy and Simple Ideas You’ll Love!

Final Thought About The Best Snack Mix Recipes For Road Trips

Snack mix recipes make great travel and road trip snacks. They make a lot, are easy to travel with, and are delicious. These recipes offer some new and unique twists to traditional snack mixes, which will help you bring more excitement to your next adventure.

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