When someone asks me where to take their family for their next vacation, without hesitation I say Beaches Sesame Street in Turks and Caicos.  Okay, technically, it is called Beaches Resort (not Beaches Sesame Street).  But, there are few places outside of Disney that can really indulge families of all ages from infants to adults.

Our family has visited this spot many times, and in fact, it has become our annual New Year’s family vacation spot. We have visited since our kids were toddlers and now they are teens.  So I can say with personal experience this is a great all-inclusive family resort in the Caribbean with something for each age and stage. 

In fact, we are already booked for next year! Here’s why we keep coming back to Beaches Turks and Caicos. 

Beaches Resort’s partnership with Sesame Street makes it so that this is one vacation that can accommodate every age, from infants on up. But it is not just for the little ones.  With something for every age in mind, set on one of the most glorious settings on Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos, this is one of the best family resorts in the Caribbean.

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Why Visit Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos Resort 

Having done a fair amount of research for family-friendly all inclusive Caribbean Resorts, I keep coming back to Beaches Turks and Caicos year after year.  Not only is it a full vacation for all ages, from infants to adults, it’s even great for large family gatherings. In fact every year, we see large families visiting, including grandparents, which makes it one of the top Caribbean Resorts for multigenerational families.

When we were pregnant with our first son, a travel agent suggested we look at Grace Bay on Turks and Caicos for our babymoon.  Upon arrival, we discovered one of the most beautiful scenes we could imagine, that looked like a photo. Calm, teal water, as clear and gentle as a swimming pool, meeting soft beige sand, where you could swim comfortably even in January.  

In fact, our family visits nearly every year in December or early January, and last year, we were there over Christmas. With warm temperatures even at this time of year, festive activities, and family-friendliness, Beaches Turks and Caicos is hands down one of the most incredible Christmas beach vacations for families!


About Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos

Beaches Resorts is owned by the parent company of Sandals Resort. Like its parent company, Beaches is all-inclusive, meaning you pay a flat rate. and once you arrive almost all of the property amenities, food and drink, and stay is included, such as:

  •  airport shuttle to and from the airport
  • all food
  • most drinks (except for some premium alcohol upgrades)
  • most activities (with the exception of specific boat excursions, some activities that require an additional fee, photo purchases, shop items, etc.)
  • childcare
  • entertainment
  • property amenities

Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos is the largest of the three Beaches Sesame Street properties, the other two being in Jamaica. Though there are a lot of similarities in the Beaches properties, you will get the largest selections of restaurants and activities at the Turks and Caicos location, which is why we prefer it.

The great thing about Beaches is that you can be casual during the day and evening, though many people dress up for dinner and evening events. There are a couple of restaurants that require dress shorts and collars to enter, even though they are included in the all-inclusive price.  So when planning your resort attire, be sure and note any of the dress codes and pack accordingly.

Book Early and Save More at Beaches Family Resorts

Why An All-Inclusive


Some people believe that because Beaches Resorts is an “all-inclusive” resort, it must be of lesser quality.  That is not the case at all!

In fact, some of the best all-inclusive resorts are very luxurious! And, when you book an all-inclusive vacation, it means most costs (accommodations, meals, and activities) are included in one set price that you typically pay for upfront.

The only costs you pay at the end are for incidentals outside of what is included, like souvenirs, and these costs are typically made clear. We love the convenience and ease an all-inclusive resort provides, because everything is taken care of for you.  When it comes to Beaches, this is especially true!

Our family is fickle, and we love to see as much of the world as possible. It is unusual for us to keep returning to the same spot year after year. But, because of the quality of Beaches Turks and Caicos, we have completed eight visits and are already booked for our ninth and tenth.

It’s Worth It

Why? Because it is worth every penny.

  1. Not only are the accommodations, food, and activities of excellent quality, it is a great value for the money.
  2. Our kids love participating in the kids club. There is something for every age!
  3. My kids love the Sesame Street characters, who are way more accessible than Disney.
  4. The food is excellent (and we are a family of picky eaters!). With 21 restaurants, there are plenty of choices for all tastes and plenty of room for all guests.
  5. The setting of this location is glorious, pristine, and one of the most beautiful beaches on earth.
  6. The staff is excellent, and many of them have been there year after year. In fact, they often recognize our family each year!
  7. There is so much for each of our family members to do that we all feel like we get a real vacation – a sit on the beach with a book kind of vacation. And that is hard to do when vacationing with kids!
  8. The kids are entertained and we are relaxed.
  9. And, it is just easy. As an all-inclusive, Beaches takes care of everything for us, so we can just enjoy our time together rather than planning logistics.
  10. It’s a great place for a multi-generational vacation. There are many accommodation options that support larger parties.


Where Is Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos Resorts

The Turks and Caicos Islands are in the Caribbean, not far from the Bahamas.  There are many direct flights from cities on the East Coast of the United States.

The Beaches property is in Providenciales, right on Grace Bay, one of the most glorious beaches on earth.  Only a 15-minute shuttle ride from the airport, Beaches Resorts property is very easy to get to.

Where To Stay at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Beaches Turks and Caicos has four main villages:

  • The Caribbean and Seaside Villages (this is the original village of the resort)
  • The Italian Village
  • The French Village
  • Key West Village

We have stayed in both the Caribbean and Seaside Village as well as the French Village.  Both are very nice and you can find accommodations on the lower price point on up to a concierge level and butler level.

Caribbean and Seaside Village


Our preference is the Caribbean and Seaside Village because of its proximity to the beach. We have been fortunate to get amazing beachfront views, and who wouldn’t want to wake up each morning looking out at that glorious teal ocean?   Beaches Turks and Caicos has GREAT VIEWS in many of their Caribbean and Seaside Village rooms.

There are two pools in the Caribbean Village for your enjoyment, that get pretty hopping in the afternoon.

French Village


The French Village has a wonderful pool with a swim-up bar and is near a lovely coffee shop where I usually head to get my morning brew. Its just another one of the great property amenities at Beaches Turks and Caicos.

If you are looking for opportunities to exercise at Beaches, there is a great instructor who leads daily runs and you can also work out with him in classes. There is also a fitness center at Beaches.

The downside to this area is that it is not beachfront and you have to walk a bit to get to the beach.  It is also where a lot of the evening events take place, so if you have little ones, it is a loud area when they are trying to sleep at night.

Italian Village


We have not stayed in the Italian or Key West Villages. But from visiting those areas, the Italian Village has a large variety of accommodations and has an amazing, large pool that is very popular. It does get crowded, so get there early for a seat.

Key West Village


The Key West Village is home to a variety of townhomes, so it is ideal for a multigenerational family vacation.  And having a large enough space is one of the first steps for planning and surviving multigenerational family travel!

The pools are smaller and quieter in this area, which is great for grandparents and babies. May be a bit boring for kids.

But, you can use any of the pools in any of the villages, so don’t let that be your guide as to where to stay.  Some of it may depend on availability and your price range and accommodation needs. You can’t go wrong no matter where you stay.



Dining At Beaches Turks and Caicos

There are 21 dining options at Beaches that range from buffet to sit down to food trucks. The food is excellent, and this is coming from a family of picky eaters! You won’t go hungry.

You also won’t be gorged! The Beaches staff is very thoughtful about not serving oversized portions, which I appreciate. What you put on your plate at a buffet is on you, but for sit-down meals, the portions are reasonable in size.

Caribbean Village Restaurants


  • Schooners Seafood Grill (open for breakfast except on Wednesdays and dinner)
  • Bella Napoli Pizzeria (open for lunch/early dinner)
  • Sapodillas Caribbean Cuisine (open for dinner for 16 years and older)
  • The Jerk Schack – BVWK FAVORITE! (Open for lunch and dinner)
  • Reflections Restaurant (Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner except for Fridays when they serve the Beach Party)
  • Arizonas Tex Mex Cooking – BVWK FAVORITE (Open for lunch and dinner)
  • Turtles Bar (Open for lunch and dinner)

French Village Restaurants


  • Soy Sushi – BVWK FAVORITE! (Open for dinner – make a reservation!)
  • Mr. Mac Food Truck (Open for lunch and early dinner)
  • Le Petit Chateau (Open for dinner for ages 12 and older)
  • Kimonos Japanese Cuisine – BVWK FAVORITE (Open for dinner – make a reservation!)
  • Bobby Dees (Open for lunch and dinner)
  • Giuseppe’s (Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Curls ‘n Swirls Ice Cream Truck (Open for lunch and early afternoon)

Italian Village Restaurants


  • The Cricketers Pub (Open lunch, dinner and late-night – great for catching sporting matches!)
  • Marios Italian Cuisine (Open breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Dinos Pizzeria Italian (Open lunch and afternoon)
  • Bombay (Open for dinner)
  • Barefoot By The Sea – BVWK FAVORITE (Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Key West Village Restaurants


  • Bayside Restaurant (Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Sky (Open breakfast and dinner)
  • Neptunes (Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

beaches turks and caicos restaurant 1

Dining Dress Requirements

Be sure to check the dining dress code. Resort Casual means shorts, jeans, t-shirts and polo shirts are fine. Swimwear must be covered, and shirts and footwear are required.


Resort Evening means dress pants or jeans for men, long or short sleeve dress shirts with or without collar, dress shoes, or elegant sandals.  Shorts, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts or sneakers are not allowed.

At the moment, only Le Petit Chateau, Sapodillas, and Sky require Resort Evening dress.

What To Do at Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos Resort

I think the question should be – What ISN’T there to do at Beaches Turks and Caicos?

There is SO much to do for each and every age, you and your littles will never get bored.  Whether your kids go to the kids’ clubs, partake in the variety onsite activities, join some of the Sesame Street gang for a special activity, or partake in one of the evening events, there is something for each family member to do – you can even just sit on the beach!


Onsite Childcare and Kids’ Camps

One of the best features of Beaches Turks and Caicos is their worry-free included childcare at Camp Sesame!  This offering is ideal when traveling with babies, toddlers, and preschool-age kids.

Babies to Toddlers

For kids ages zero to two years old, Camp Sesame has a nursery, with dedicated staff available to take care of them.  The nursery has cribs, rocking chairs, strollers, and high chairs, and can provide care for you tot from feeding to diaper changing to naps. A list of the items you need to provide is on the Beaches Resorts website.

Preschool Age

Kiddos ages three to four enjoy a bit more activity at Camp Sesame, which includes activities at the indoor play area from crafts to its own dedicated toddler pool to some outdoor adventures.  Carefully supervised by the nannies and counselors, this is where our kids had some of their most favorite experiences like puppet making with Ernie, baking cookies with Cookie Monster, and a dance class with Zoe.



School Age

There are two camps for kids in this age group.  Kids ages five to seven years old can join the Li’l Mateys group, which feels a bit like a fun summer camp.  From sports to character activities, swimming in a shallow pool with waterslides to a boat ride, this camp keeps this group active and busy with an assortment of activities. Our kids especially love X-box challenge time, the Lil Matey’s Boat Cruise, Shell collecting, and making treasure from trash with Oscar the Grouch.

The Captain Kids camp for kids ages eight to ten years old offers activities appropriate for this age group, but still with excellent supervision. From sports activities to snorkeling at the coral garden, beach science activities to beach olympics, not to mention swimming and waterpark time, kids this age will have loads of fun being active and entertained. My older son loves the beach soccer, soda pong games, and snorkel trip and boat rides.


Kids ages 11-14 get a bit more entertainment suitable for their age group.  From “dive-in movies” to karaoke to a DJ class to water sports and beach games, this group will keep very busy with dedicated camp counselors to provide guidance.


Teens ages 15-17 can also have fun with their own dedicated group. With their own dedicated areas like Trench Town and and “night club” with karaoke  (that closes when it is time for adults), organized sports and activities, swimming, games, boat cruises, and more, teens can find other teams to hang out with while on vacation. Teens also have staff organizing games and activities, keeping the kids busy.

Special Needs

According to their website, the Beaches Resorts offer autism-friendly resorts, and their kids’ clubs have trained staff for children with special needs including autism.  They also offer dedicated staff buddies who are trained in and able to care one on one for your child with special needs.  This one on one service can be for a few hours or during your length of stay. The cost for one-on-one care is $15 per hour during day hours (8 am to 11 pm) or $20 per hour + a $20 service fee for overnight hours (11 pm to 8 am).


Private childcare is also available for hire at $20 per hour during day hours (8 am to 11 pm) and $25 per hour + a $20 service fee for overnight hours (11 pm to 8 am).



Activities and Entertainment


Adults can enjoy a variety of on-property included activities and entertainment. Options range from the Liquid night club to adult-only dining, special entertainment, and adult-only karaoke, just to name a few. With the kids’ club and on-site childcare, it is easy to have a night out.  For an additional cost, you can enjoy a candle-lit dinner on the beach!

Special Experiences

Beaches Turks and Caicos makes it easy to meet and greet with the Sesame Street characters. Two of our favorite “must-do” activities for Sesame Street fans include:

Character Tuck-Ins

For fans of the Sesame Street gang, this is a must-do activity. The characters come to your room with a staff member to read your kids a story, tuck them in, and give them a plush!

You can request which character (we have had Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Abby), though it is dependant on availability.  For about 30 minutes of one on one character time, the cost is a steal: $85 for one child, $30 for each additional child, and $65 to add a second character.

The cost includes the plush and a photo! Reservations can be made online or in advance by calling Beaches customer service, or onsite.


Character Breakfast

Your kids can join their Sesame Street friends for a 45-minute character breakfast, and get to meet, greet, and dance to their heart’s content.   Now, if you have been to Disney, you know how expensive and how short the character breakfasts can be! This is totally different.

In addition to the 45-minute character breakfast, which includes ALL of the Sesame Street characters (except Julia), you pay a fraction of the cost you would at Disney. And, your kids have ample time to hug, interact with the characters.


Cost includes 45-minute breakfast with the characters, a coloring mat with crayons, a finger puppet, and a 12 oz. sip cup. Adults are $12 each; Children are $16 each (under 2’s are FREE); Family Package is $49.99 for two adults and two children; Deluxe package is $99 and includes one 8×10 color photograph. This can be booked online or through Beaches Resorts customer service by phone or onsite.

Additional Character Experiences:

Additional Sesame Street character experiences for an additional fee can be booked on request, including:

  • All Access Character Photo Shoot
  • Birthday Party

Additional On Property Activities

There are so many activities you can do on-property for all ages.


Included Activities and Property Amenities:

  • PADI Scuba Diving (for certified divers)
  • Ocean Water Sports (like snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, etc.)
  • Land Sports (like tennis, basketball, board games, shuffleboard, etc.)
  • Opportunities to exercise with Exercise Classes and Fitness Center
  • Pirates Island Water Park
  • Entertainment and Family Activities
  • Most Character Experiences
  • Family Beach Party
  • Boat Excursions (for an additional cost)
  • Family Photo Shoot (photoshoot is included but pictures are an additional cost)

Spring Savings at Beaches Resorts!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to leave my kids at the kids club?

According to Beaches Resorts, all of their nannies and camp counselors are certified members of the International Nanny Association, which requires a minimum of 2,000 hours of childcare experience.  Beaches Resorts also states that each of their nannies and camp counselors receives training in safety, nutrition, and child development.

We have put our kids in the Camp Sesame and kids clubs since they were toddlers, and we have always been very happy with the experience.  We also often see the same staff year after year, and they recognize our kids.  Not only do our kids have a lot of fun with the staff, but they often have access to the character events – like Elmo’s birthday party or finding seashells with Big Bird – that we might miss if they weren’t in the kids club.


What If I Want To Avoid Sesame Street?

If your kids are older and would not be into the Sesame Street characters, you can definitely still enjoy Beaches Resorts .  While the Sesame Street character experiences are plentiful and accessible, they aren’t in every nook and cranny of the resort. There are plenty of non-Sesame Street activities, like sports, dining, entertainment, pools, and beach experiences that are not themed at all.


What Are The Must-Do Activities?

While everyone who visits Beaches Turks and Caicos has their own favorites, our family highly recommends several activities. For kids, we love the Baking Cookies With Cookie Monster, the Surfing experience at the Pirate Island Water Park, the Character Tuck In, and the Character Breakfast.


For families, we love to snorkel at The Bight Reef Coral Garden, a protected reef just a 10-minute walk down the beach from Beaches. You can borrow snorkel equipment and life vests from the resort. You can often find a variety of colorful fishes and sea life, including turtles, eels, and sometimes even a barracuda.


We also love the family-friendly Kitty Katt Catamaran Cruise, which you can book through Island Routes excursions, for an extra fee. There are two booking desks on the property.  This super fun experience includes lunch, drinks, a DJ, a snorkel stop, a visit to a small island full of lizards and conch shells, and a fun swim stop in the crystal clear waters of the bay.

We also love to sit and relax on the beach and take in the gorgeous sand and waters of Grace Bay.

What’s Not Included?

While the vast majority of what you will experience at Beaches Turks and Caicos is included, there are some items that are an additional cost.  For a complete list, contact Beaches Turks and Caicos, but it is typically things such as private meals, events, the premium character experiences mentioned above, additional excursions through Island Routes excursions, purchases at the shops, spa experiences, and premium alcohol.

Do They Have Baby Gear?

Yes, Beaches Turks and Caicos has cribs and high chairs available on request.  The room attendants will also stock your room with milk as needed and the on-site shop sells limited baby foods, diapers, and swim diapers.  There is also a grocery store not far from Beaches’ property should you need any additional supplies.

How Do I Book?

Book as far in advance as possible for the most options. We book two years out. You can book at the last minute but it is always better to book far out if you can for the best choice in room category and price.  You can book online or by calling Beaches Resort customer service.


Last Thing You Need To Know About Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos

Beaches Sesame Street Turks and Caicos  is an amazing, all-inclusive vacation for the entire family. It is like a cruise ship on land, only you are parked on one of the most glorious beaches in the world.  With something for every age, from infants to grandparents, it is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. It is the reason our family keeps returning, year after year.

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