The Absolutely Very Best Shoes For Disney World

If you are heading to any of the Orlando theme parks, you are probably looking for the best shoes for Disney World and all of the theme parks. By now, you probably know you will be doing a lot of walking, so having great shoes will ensure your Disney vacation remains magical.

Having been on Disney trips countless times, as well as many a theme park vacation, I have a few favorites. When it comes to the best women's walking shoes, best men's walking shoes, and the best shoes for Disney World for kids, this guide will help you with all the shoes you need to pack!

Whether you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Universal, Sea World, or any of the many theme parks, water parks, and fun things to do in Orlando, you have come to the right place for the best footwear. This list of shoes works for all theme parks, whether you need the best shoes for Disney World, the best shoes for Universal Studios and more!

You'll find the best shoes for your entire Disney World trip, or any theme park trip, including comfortable walking shoes, the best flip flops, the best Disney shoes, and the best water shoes. Plus, it includes additional tips for what you need!

You will keep your feet happy with this list.

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people walking on Main Street USA at Disney World
Wearing comfortable shoes is important when you visit Walt Disney World! Photo credit: © Viavaltours |

About The Best Shoes For Disney World

While all Disney parks – and all theme parks for that matter – involve walking, Walt Disney World is particularly large.

Each of the Disney parks requires hours of walking and walking long distances, plus you may be walking to the transportation, walking in your hotel, walking around Disney Springs, and more. In fact, on our March vacation to the Disney parks, I clocked over 20,000 steps in one day, around 8 miles!

Disney World walking will get you your exercise. So having a comfortable walking shoe is a MUST.

And then, there are the flip flops and water shoes you may need for the water parks or if you are visiting any other theme park in Orlando, where water may be involved.

Finally, you may want to express your Disneyside and bring themed Disney shoes, to match your Disney outfits.

Why Have The Best Shoes For Disney World

couple in front of Disney World castle
All Birds and Olu Kai's are my husbands and my go-to shoes for Disney World and theme parks.

So you may be thinking, “can't I just pack a pair of tennis shoes or get a new running shoe for our Disney World vacation and be good to go?”

Yes and no.

Anyone who has been to Disney World knows that the Disney theme parks involve a lot of walking. In fact, we have logged close to 20,000 steps on our theme park days, and our dogs are barking at the end of the day (and I don't mean Pluto and Goofy.)

Some people have reported walking miles – even as much as 10 miles – on busy theme park days. Imagine walking 10 miles in only flip flops!

And I don't advise your Disney shoes are new or for you to wear flip flops on your park days (don't worry, you still need them!) Not only will have wicked blisters, but you won't last the length of your Disney Vacation.

So, while it may seem obvious, you need to select your shoes for Disney carefully. And, you need more than just running shoes, for which this post will help you out!

How To Chose The Best Shoes For Disney World

While you are packing for Walt Disney World, let's look at some guidelines for picking the best shoes for Disney.

Comfortable Shoes

First, as previously mentioned, you will be walking Walt Disney World for hours, so you need to find comfortable shoes. You should choose a shoe that gives you all day comfort or the support you need to make it through the park day without aches and pains. Make sure that the shoes can also handle the Florida heat without your feet sweating.

I recommend also ensuring the cute comfortable shoes you have your heart set on also have arch support. If you can find ones with an ankle strap, even better. Good shoes will feel like marshmallows on your feet and fit properly. Exactly just what you need especially if you have foot issues.

If you bring a running shoe, we always buy them a half size bigger, just because with all of that walking, your toes need room. A good athletic shoe for kids will be good for the walking days of your Disney trip and also ensure comfy feet.

sketcher shoes in shoe store
Sketchers are great shoes for Disney World. Photo credit: © Daloiso57 |

Broken In

This is really important. The best shoes for Disney are not brand spanking new shoes.

This is because a new walking shoe can turn out to rub on your ankle you will discover this after hours of walking and painful blisters. And then you are stuck with them for the length of the trip.

I recommend that if you buy new shoes, your walking shoes for Disney World should get tested and broken in before you pack them for your Disney World trip. This way if the fancy new tennis shoe drive you nuts, you can select a different Disney shoe before your theme park vacation.


Your best shoes for Disney should be supportive for all day comfort. All of that walking will leave you with sore muscles and back or knee pain. It can even give you foot pain!

Making sure that your Disney shoes can last you through your whole day at Disney or the entire Disney World vacation is important. If they have memory foam insole, all the better (though you can get an orthotic with a memory foam insole.)


Since your feet will be sweating, you need a pair of shoes that can let your feet breathe during your day at Disney. If they can't breathe, then the room for your feet to swell on hot days is limited.

And don't forget it's Orlando – everyone knows it gets HOT (especially in the summer!)

family walking in Disney Native Shoes
Disney-themed Native shoes are found in many Disney stores on property!

Water Resistant/Waterproof Shoes

So, if you are going to the water parks, visiting on rainy days or hitting any of the water rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids, then your shoes need to be able to hold up against water. You don't want you feet soaked in water all day long. And in the summer in Orlando, you can expect a daily rainstorm.

You can either bring an extra pair of shoes or flip-flops for your Disney World day park bag for those rides. Or make sure you have a water-resistant pair of walking shoes with a rubber sole.

You don't want them to end up wet and soggy. And, at the very least, you are going to need waterproof shoes for the water parks and the pool.

Quick Drying

If your shoes aren't water-resistant then consider a pair that is quick drying. Not all walking shoes can have every feature, so considering a quick drying pair of shoes for Disney is also important for your Disney shoes.

Disney crocs hanging in Disney store
Crocs come in many different Disney styles and are great for the Disney water parks and pools.


Because you need to pack your walking shoes for your entire Disney World trip, make sure they are lightweight. Not only do these tire you out less because they aren't so heavy on your feet. But they will also lighten up your suitcase.

If not, try and find a pair that can be easily folded in half if possible, or uses a smaller shoe bag. This is your best bet if you want to save space in your suitcase.

Stylish Shoes

You can have cute, comfortable, supportive shoes that are also stylish. You don't have to choose between having the best shoes for Disney World or the cutest ones of all!

In fact, Disney fans know you can show off your Disneyside while wearing the best shoes for your Disney World vacation. Disney kids (and I mean both the small ones and the big ones) can share their love of Disney on their feet without all of the aches and pains of uncomfortable shoes.

Yes, you can have it both ways with cute shoes and comfortable shoes all in one for your theme park vacation! There are brands that are Disney-themed that also make cute shoes that are great walking shoes.

disney themed sneakers
You can wear comfortable shoes and show off your Disney-side with Disney themed sneakers!

So, now that you know what makes a good walking shoe for Disney, let's look at a few quick tips when packing your shoes for Disney.

Best Shoes For Disney World Packing Tips

Pack More Than One Pair Of Shoes

disney adidas originals shoes for disney world and box
Adidas Originals comes in many styles to show off your Disneyside! Photo credit: © Keatikun |

Whether you pack good walking shoes, athletic shoes, or comfortable sandals, you need more than one pair of Disney walking shoes. You could find that one pair of shoes causes foot pain or you may other in a rainstorm and your shoes aren't quite dry from the day before.

Always pack more than one good shoe for the theme park days.

Bring Your Orthotics

If you wear orthotics in your best shoes at Disney, then you will want to bring them with you or buy a pair once you are in Orlando before you arrive at the park. This is because they are customized for your own feet.

Put Disney Shoes In Plastic Bag

I recommend picking up an extra plastic bag when you get your walking shoes. You can use these to put your walking shoes for Disney in when you are taking them off or separate them in your day park bag if they get wet.


A fun fact, if you put your shoes in a plastic bag and stick them in the FREEZER (yes the freezer) after a long park day, you can kill any smells from bacteria.

As bacteria grow in warm, damp, dark spaces, the cold from the freezer can actually help kill the smelly bacteria! This will help to prevent any stinky smells that might happen over the course of your trip.

Wear Socks

Another way to prevent blisters and ensure you have extra arch support is to wear good socks. I recommend a good pair of running socks to wear with your best Disney shoes.

Other Shoes You Need

Comfortable Sandals

Other shoes you will need on your trip aside from your comfy shoes are comfortable sandals (I recommend a good walking sandal) for your water park days or pool days.

Disney flip flops Mickey and Minnie themed
While flip flops aren't great for walking in theme parks, they are great for the pool!

Dressier Sandals

If you go out for a nice dinner, you may want to have a nicer pair of women's sandals. Again, you are in Florida so wearing sandals to dinner is pretty standard.

Athletic Shoes

If you plan to do any fitness in the morning, like running or heading to the gym, on your Disney trip you may want to have a pair of running shoes in your suitcase. I am a huge fan of my Hoka and Brooks running shoes, which I always travel with.

My husband loves his Nike Pegasus 35 shoes. Having a good pair of athletic sneakers with good arch support will keep your feet happy when you exercise so you can last through the walking of the Disney theme parks.

Best Shoes For Disney World and All Theme Parks

Now that we have talked about what you need to look for in the best shoes for Disney World, let's look at some of my shoe suggestions.

All Birds sneaker in front of Universal sign
All Birds are great for all of the theme parks!

Best Women's Walking Shoes: Theme Park Days

All Birds Tree Dashers

all birds orange dasher shoes
All Birds Dashers are a great theme park choice. Photo credit: All Birds

My favorite shoe suggestion for the best shoes for Disney theme park days for women are the All Birds Tree Dashers. These are the best walking shoes for Disney or any other theme park in my opinion because:

  • They have a seamless mesh upper which makes them comfortable.
  • It is made with a sustainable eucalyptus fiber that makes it breathble and flexible.
  • It provides stability and locks your ankle in place.
  • The All Birds are lightweight and super comfortable, making them great for a Disney vacation.
  • It has a cushioned insole.
  • They are also a great running shoe.

All Birds Wool Runner Mizzle

For a water-resistant shoe, the All Birds Wool Runner Mizzle shoes are great for women and are one of the best shoes for cooler park days, and are water-resistant for water rides in the theme parks. They are also one of the best walking shoes, and provide:

  • Rain-ready bio-based water repellant shield which keep your feet dry.
  • Comfort and will keep your feet warm (great on cooler park days)
  • Excellent traction for slippery surfaces.
  • Has a cushioned insole.
BVWK Tip: The Women's Tree Pipers make really cute shoes as fashion sneakers. They are great for plane days! I highly recommend these for your next Disney World vacation.

Best Men's Walking Shoes: Theme Park Days

All Birds Tree Runners or Tree Dashers

mens  black All Birds dashers
Men's All Bird Dashers are great shoes for theme park walking and they make great running shoes! Photo credit: All Birds

My favorite shoes suggestions for best men's walking shoes for Disney theme park days are the All Birds Tree Runners or the Men's Dashers. These shoes:

  • Provide comfort and stability with an internal neoprene bootie, which keeps your feet protected and warm.
  • They have a seamless mesh upper which makes them comfortable.
  • It is made with a sustainable eucalyptus fiber that makes it breathble and flexible.
  • It provides stability and locks your ankle in place.
  • All Birds are lightweight and super comfortable.

My husband wears these shoes when we go to the theme parks because they keep his feet happy! These also look great with shorts or jeans casually while you are exploring Walt Disney World.

Just like the best walking shoes for women, All Birds makes a Men's Wool Mizzies that are waterproof (just like one for women.)

Olu Kai Mio Li Men's Sneakers

Olu Kai makes really good shoes and the Olu Kai Mio Ki Men's Sneakers are a great sneaker for men for theme park days. They also look great as casual sneakers casually.

They have good traction and flexible soles to help absorb impacts as you walk. They have the best shock absorption for maximum comfort if you ask me. In addition, they also have a removable gel insert and anatomical footbed which makes them an extra comfortable walking shoe and therefore are one of the best shoes for Disney for men.

They have a lightweight, low-profile platform that helps keep your feet feeling fresh all day. And they come in a few different stylish colors. Their soles are made for extra grip in both wet and dry conditions. If you're in the market for a new pair, this is one shoe to look out for.

BVWK Tip: All Birds just announced their new RESALE MARKETPLACE. So, if you are looking for a pair of these high-quality shoes, want to limit environmental impact, or even just want to save some money, be sure to check out this option as well!

The Best Kid's Shoes: Theme Park Days

New Balance Kids Shoes

The New Balance Shoes makes a Disney-themed line, which is great for theme park days. These are some of the best kids' shoes for Disney kids (and best sneakers) because they have the comfort and excellent arch support of great comfortable shoes.

The best part is they come in a few different Disney themes so kids can show off their Disneyside! They are:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable and the most comfortable shoes
  • Have good traction
  • Good support and perfect for strutting around the Disney parks.
  • Kids will love walking the park in them to get one of those Mickey shaped Disney snacks!


An alternative to New Balance Kids Shoes and a favorite of many kids are Sketchers. My kids have always loved these shoes, so I couldn't write this post without mentioning them!

Sketchers is a known brand for offering high-quality, supportive, well-designed shoes that lend themselves perfectly for theme park days. With a range of fun colors, light-up shoes, sparkles, kids can really show off their bedazzled feet with a pair of these fun and supportive shoes.

And, if you have a Star Wars fan, you can certainly find a pair of Sketchers that are suitable for any Jedi with lights and a tribute to some of the Star Wars heroes! These are perfect for a Disney vacation.

Best Women's Shoes: Sandals

Teva Sandals

For women, one of the best sandals for Disney is Teva sandals. Teva makes all kinds of cute sandal styles that are great for walking around Disney World.

They make really good slides too, which is great because most slides don't have extra support or very flexible/soft soles. Teva sandals are comfy and supportive, typically with a rubber sole, which makes them good for walking around all day.

They have really great arch support, but aren't too heavy either! And, they are waterproof, so if you are looking for shoes for Disney that can work for water rides, Teva sandals are one of the best shoes for this.

Olu Kai Paniolo

Another of my favorite women's sandals for the pool or if you plan to do things like Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, the Olu Kai Paniolo are a great choice. And, they make a great dressier flip flop for pairing with shorts or a dress or going out to dinner.

I often list this on my travel gift guides. My husband bought me a pair when I was pregnant with my twins and they lasted 7 years! Plus, they are gorgeous, can be dressed up or down, and are a great sandal for Disney World.

They have really great footbeds that feel nice on your feet and beautiful stitching. And, the shoes range of colors so you can find one or two you like!

As I mentioned before, Olu Kai makes really good shoes for walking because they are lightweight, flexible, and have great soles. And, these shoes last for years.

I would NOT wear these for Disney parks or any other theme park days. But you can wear them around the resort, to the water parks and for going out to dinner.

Best Men's Shoes: Sandals

Teva's For Men

Teva sandals for men are one of the absolute best shoes for Disney because they have a great footbed and come in a lot of different colors. They also make them with waterproof leather and non-leather materials, so these shoes will work well if you do things like Typhoon Lagoon Water Park or even Splash Mountain (though I would wear sandals with rubber soles if you are planning to do water rides.)

They have great arch support but aren't too heavy either. And, they are really good-looking sandals. If you are looking for the best sandals for Disney World then Teva's for men is the best choice!

Olu Kai Nalu Slides

Olu Kai's Nalu Slides are another good choice because they make shoes for men that look really great and also feel comfortable. They have really great footbeds that feel nice on your feet and beautiful stitching.

And, they come in a huge range of colors so you can find one or two you like! As I mentioned before, Olu Kai makes really good shoes for walking because they are lightweight, flexible, and have great soles.

The BEST PART is these shoes last for years. These wouldn't work well for Disney parks or any other theme park days because they only have a tiny bit of rubber on their sole which is mostly leather. But, if you plan to do things at the resort or just walk around, these are a good choice.

If your dogs are barking after a long day of walking at the parks or you have some body aches and pains, the Hoka Recovery Slides are one of the best shoes for Disney World to put on after your theme park days. They are waterproof so they can be used as pool shoes or just for walking around the resort. The Hoka design is meant to help ease aches and pains. Both the Men's Hoka Recovery Slides and Women's Hoka Recovery Slides are great shoes to bring to Disney World to give your feet some much needed TLC

Best Kids' Shoes: Sandals

Teva Sandals For Kids

For kids, one of the best sandals for Disney is Teva sandals for kids. Teva makes all kinds of cute sandal styles that are great for walking around Disney World.

They have really great arch support and are waterproof, plus they are breathable. So if you are looking for shoes for Disney that can work for water rides, Teva sandals are a good choice for kids.

Native Shoes For Kids

Native Shoes on manaquin at Disney Store
The Native shoes are both waterproof and the most comfortable shoes and come in many Disney styles!

If you don't like Teva's then another good option for kids is Native Kids Shoes. They make really cute and comfy shoes. And, they have a line of Disney-themed shoes (you can currently buy at select Disney stores.)

Native Shoes have a lot of different style options and come in a huge range of colors. They also make great water shoes for Disney which makes them perfect if you plan to go on water rides or go to the pool. Plus, if you have kids who don't like a lace up sneaker, these are great for the Disney parks.

Native makes both a sandal line and also a waterproof sneaker style shoe that is perfect for a lightweight shoe that will dry easily. They are the most comfortable shoes, supportive, and come in a wide range of fun colors kids love.

And, Native partnered with Disney World, so Native makes great Disney walking shoes for all of the theme parks. Both comfortable shoes and Disney parks appropriate, these are some of the absolute best shoes to bring on your Disney trip for kids!

Best Disney Themed Shoes For Men

Adidas Originals

If you want to show off your Disney-loving side, Adidas Originals has a complete collection of Disney-themed men's shoes for walking the Disney parks. Whether your Disney-loving guy wants to show off his love of Marvel characters, Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, or Star Wars, there is a range of great options in the cool styling of the Adidas Originals brand.

Adidas Originals are both supportive and the most comfortable shoes, making them great for the theme parks, as well as stylish and high quality. These are one of the best sneakers for men who want a Disney-themed shoe for their packing list.

Best Disney Themed Shoes For Women

Adidas Originals Women

If you love your Adidas Originals, then you should check out the Disney collection of women's shoes. They come in a range of fun styles and designs that even the most serious shoe collector will love!

Adidas makes both low top and high tops for women, meaning there is something for every taste.

Adidas Women's also has the Running Ultraboost DNA X Disney shoe, which offers a super sleek profile with the comfort factor and more support of a good athletic shoe. What I like about these is the Disney theming is subtle, so they certainly translate to other theme parks as well!

Best Disney Themed Shoes For Kids

Adidas Originals Kids

Adidas Originals also makes really cute Disney-themed shoes for kids, which is perfect if you are looking to build your child's wardrobe with a few pairs of super cute kid-sized sneakers.

The Adidas Originals line has great colors and styles for kids, so it is easy to find the one that works best for their favorite characters AND can work for your Disney trip. Some of the best sneakers for kids with Disney themes include the Unisex Disney Fortarun Track and Field Shoe which comes in a few different themes.

These are a comfortable, lace-up sneaker that is great for Disney or other theme parks as well. But if this particular style is not right for your little one, not to worry.

The Walt Disney Company has done a great job partnering up with quality brands like Adidas to make sure you can flaunt your Disney style while wearing good, supportive shoes to enjoy the theme parks. The Adidas Disney shoes come in a variety of styles and Disney themes your little ones will love.

Mini Melissa

If your little princess is looking for a special shoe to go with her princess dress, the Mini Melissa line has adorable, Disney princess-themed shoes.

Mini Melissa makes both cute flats and fun sneakers for kids which means they are comfortable but will last throughout the whole trip. They're a bit pricey, but if you have the budget then you can get a really great pair of shoes for your little one.

Best Shoes For Disney World Water Parks (and pools)


When it comes to great water shoes for the pool or the water parks, Crocs makes some of the best shoes for kids and adults. Flip flops can be hard for little feet.

So we never went to Disney World or any theme park or beach vacation without our beloved Crocs. These adorable, waterproof, and easy-to-put-on shoes come in a range of Disney themes (or non-Disney themes.)

Plus, kids can add extra decorations with the Crocs Charms that can be personalized. My kids always loved their Disney-themed Crocs, especially when visiting the Disney World theme parks.

If you don't love flip flops, Crocs also come in adult sizes. And, they actually make their own waterproof flip flops that are extremely comfortable and perfect for the pool.

In addition to the best shoes for Disney World, you also need:


I highly recommend you wear socks when you visit either Disney World or other theme parks. For one thing, socks will help reduce the incidence of blisters if you have a good sweat-wicking pair.

And, if you want to add to your Disney style, there are a range of Disney-themed socks to ensure you show your Disney side from your ears to your toes!

Body Glide

Body Glide is essential for any Disney trip. Whether you are wearing footie socks or have a favorite pair that you want to wear multiple times, whether it's the same outfit, Body Glide will help reduce friction in problem areas like your feet, inner thighs, underarms, and even bra line. I would recommend you bring at least one other pair to help reduce friction in all the places you do not want it.


Moleskin is an adhesive roll that you can use to protect your feet from blisters, rubbing, and friction. If you want to wear your favorite shoes multiple times or need help reducing discomfort, then moleskin is a must-pack item.

Foot Powder

If your feet tend to sweat, then foot powder will keep them dry and smelling nice. If you know that your shoes will make your feet sweaty, then having some baby powder to sprinkle on after you use the restroom will help reduce some of that sweat.

Blister Bandages

If you want to prevent blisters, then blister bandages are the best way to do so. These look like adhesive bandages but have a gel lining that prevents blisters from forming.

If you don't have a bandaid, Disney World has first aid centers in the parks where you can get a bandaid if you need it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes should I wear to Disney World?

As stated above, the best shoes for Disney World are comfortable with excellent arch support that you can walk in for hours. I recommend shoes like All Birds, Olu Kais, Brooks or Hoka Running shoes, New Balance, or one of the Adidas Originals.

Plus remember you will also want to bring sandals for the pool and waterparks, and dressy sandals for going out to dinner. And if you need separate running shoes for exercising, bring those.

What are the best shoes for walking around Disney?

Definitely, supportive shoes like running shoes or solid walking shoes on this list are the best for walking around Disney World. But most important is that these shoes are comfortable and broken in (not new), have arch support, and you can wear them and walk in them for miles.

What shoes should you NOT wear to Disney World?

You do not want wear brand new shoes, dressy sandals, flip flops, or uncomfortable shoes for walking around Disney World. Function over fashion here is key!

Otherwise, your feet will not be happy. There is a LOT of walking in the Disney parks. But you CAN be both comfortable and fashionable with one of the many Disney-themed shoes on this list!

Are Crocs good for walking around Disney World?

Crocs are good for the Disney World Waterparks and pools, or just for going around your hotel. Personally, I would NOT recommend Crocs for a full theme park day. I think you may have blisters and sore feet by the end of the day.

If you want waterproof shoes that offer support, I would check out Native shoes.

Final Thoughts On The Best Shoes For Disney World

Shoes are a huge part of your Disney style and an important part of your Disney World packing list. And, you will need to dress your feet in something appropriate for the theme parks and while visiting the Disney World resort hotels.

After all, you want to look good and feel good at Disney.

Because you will spend a lot of time walking, both at the theme parks and throughout your vacation, you will want comfortable shoes. This can mean more time on your feet while being safe by preventing blisters and other discomforts.

These best shoes for Disney World are my top picks! They will help you keep your feet happy so you can enjoy the magic of your Walt Disney World Resort vacation!

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