Looking for the best travel games for families to play at home and on the road?  Weather your trip has been canceled, you are taking a staycation, or looking for ways to keep kids busy on your road trip, I’ve got great ideas for you!

You can travel the world from home and spend time together with some of the best travel games for families!  Not only are travel games fun, but there are many benefits to playing together as a family.  It is a great way to bond as a family, and kids and adults can learn a lot.

With so much time on our hands at home right now, you can discover the world through travel games.  And, with summer vacation plans so uncertain, visit your favorite places with these best travel games and family vacation games for all ages.



Benefits Of Playing Travel Games


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Family Bonding With Family Vacation Games

One of the things I love about most about our travels is spending time together as a family, seeing the world, and sometimes just stopping and playing games while on vacation.  In fact, some of my favorite memories of my childhood and of traveling with my kids are those evenings after a day on the slopes or at the beach, enjoying a simple dinner, and just bonding through family vacation games.  Playing family vacation games is such a fun way to laugh, relax, and enjoy each others’ company, and partake in some healthy family competition.



Travel From Home With Travel Games

I also love thematic games.  Maybe it’s just me, but they really make me feel like I have traveled to that destination. Can’t visit Disney? Playing a Disney game makes me feel like I am there. Missing out on London? A game about traveling through London inspires me to plan my next visit.  Never been to Hogwarts? A Harry Potter game can apparate you right from your living room to the Great Hall.


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Educational Travel And Multicultural Games For Kids

Games are also educational for kids.  It can be a great way to learn about other cultures, practice math, engineering, and cooperation and turn-taking. As some games are destination-specific or even popular or originating in another country, indoor and outdoor games are a wonderful way to discover the world with your family. Multicultural games for kids can be incorporated right into the homeschool curriculum.


Now that you know the benefits of playing the best travel games, aside from curing boredom while at home for an extended period, let’s get to some of my favorites! Here are my recommendations for the best travel games for families.

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Best Travel Games For Families


Travel Board Games

If your trip to Orlando or Los Angeles has been canceled, you can still enjoy a bit of Disney or Harry Potter World from home.  These are the best travel games to take you straight into the lands of Walt Disney World or experience Hogwarts from your living room. Plus, they’re perfect if you’re looking for small travel gifts for kids. 


Disney Board Games For Families

Candyland Disney Princess Edition

Disney Funko Haunted Mansion Game


Disney Pixar Toy Story Cooperative Deck Building Game

Disney Song Challenge

Travel Disney Eye Found It


Disney World Theme Park Pop Up Edition Monopoly


Harry Potter Games For Families

Travel Size Games

Harry Potter Uno

Harry Potter’s Gryffindor Top Trumps Game 


Travel Board Games

Clue Harry Potter Board Game 


Harry Potter Labyrinth

Harry Potter HeadBanz


Games About Culture

Playing games is a wonderful way to learn about cultures. Whether you learn the meaning of a world in that culture, learn about a type of clothing, or something new, it is another way to discover the world in a fun way.  Here are some of my favorite games that are both fun, and will teach kids about cultures around the world.


Hawaiian Culture

This game is a fun way to visit or learn about Hawaii in a different way. In addition to traveling around the island-themed board, players will test their knowledge or learn about Hawaiian culture and words. An entertaining way to experience some Aloha at home and a great game for anyone who loves Hawaii.

Ohana Mana

World Cultures

For families whose wanderlust spans the globe, these fun travel games are a great way to learn about world cultures. They are also a great addition to your homeschooling.


Guess in 10 Cities Around The World Game

Continent Race

Passport To Culture Game 


Board Games From Around The World

Ticket To Ride Series

The Ticket To Ride game series is a traveling game of building a collection of trains and railway routes across the country. The original game is set in North America. There are also stand-alone games for Europe, Germany,  and Nordic Countries. The game is easy to learn and a great family experience to “travel” together, learn map skills, and discover locomotive travel.


Ticket To Ride Stand-Alone Games

These games are stand-alone, meaning you can play a complete game with this set.

Ticket To Ride My First Journey (Junior Edition)


North America




Nordic Countries



Ticket To Ride Expansion Games

You can add to your Ticket To Ride base games, to include additional countries! This only furthers the family fun and learning as you “travel” to more places around the world.


Japan and Italy






New York


Trails and Sails


France and The Old West


United Kingdom and Pennsylvania


India and Switzerland


Asia and Legendary Asia



If you missed your trip to London, you can “travel” on London’s iconic transportation and catch a bad guy with this super fun family game.

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard Junior


USA National Parks

If you had planned a trip to the USA’s great National Parks but had to stay home instead, this fantastic family vacation game is one of the best travel games to enjoy. It will take you on a journey that will inspire you and educate your kids about the wonders of the National Parks.

Trekking The National Parks Family Board Game


Geography And Flag Board Games

For homeschooling families or those of us doing distance learning, these games are great for fostering kids’ knowledge of geography and world flags.  Whether kids are studying states, country names, and capitals or just starting out, these are fun and educational games for kids of all ages.

United States Games

These travel games are perfect for kids learning the states and capitals of the USA. It is also a fun way for the whole family to test their knowledge.


Scholastic Race Across The USA Game


United States Memory Match Game


The Scrambled States Of America


World Geography Games

Kids and families can test their world geographical knowledge with these travel games. They are great for supplementing geography and social studies lessons. These travel games are fun and educational!


World Geo Bingo

Map It World 

Flag Games

Kids who love learning about flags will love these great international games.  As a flag fanatic, my son absolutely loves playing these games and has learned a lot. It is a great way to teach kids about countries around the world.


Country Quest Kids World Knowledge Card Game

Maponimoes Europe


Fast Flags


Portable Travel Games

If you need a version of travel games to take on a road trip with kids or picnic this summer, or even to play in your backyard, here are some great mini-versions of travel games. You can fulfill your wanderlust through these packable size games.


The Scholastic USA Game Travel Size 


Country Trump Cards 


Outdoor Games From Around The World

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If your at-home plans include outside time, or if you are looking for ways to fill up your staycation, you can travel the world through games in your backyard. These yard games from around the world are a great way to spend time together as a family and learn about games and sports played in other cultures.



United Kingdom







United States

Corn Hole 



Lawn Bowling 











Southeast Asia

Sepak Takraw 


The Last Thing You Need To Know About The Best Travel Games For Families

Though we can’t travel the world right now, head to Disney or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we can still enjoy family time and travel, just in a new way.  These family vacation games are some of the best travel games for families, both indoors and outdoors. It is a wonderful way to spend time together, enjoy each others’ company, and learn something new in a fun way.  Though it’s not as adventurous as the real thing, it is still a great family experience.



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