Disney World 2022: What You Need To Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World This Year

If you are thinking of visiting Disney World in 2022, you'll want to read this to help you plan your vacation! Things have evolved since last spring when we visited fully masked, and there are many new guidelines and enchanting experiences going on! But it is still not 100% back to the way it used to be.

First, let's get the elephant out of the room (and no, I'm not talking about Dumbo.) The big question on everyone's mind is, “Disney World 2022 – is it still magical?”

YES. Even in 2022, Walt Disney World is still quite magical. In fact, this next year is going to be one of the best yet, with Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration off and running.

However, they do still have a few rules and regulations in place that you need to know to maximize your magic. And, some things still aren't fully open, though they are getting closer.

For example, only Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park is open. Disney's Blizzard Beach is closed for refurbishment.

So, while Walt Disney World 2022 will have some differences, it is still very magical. Especially with the Most Magical Celebration on Earth (a.k.a. Disney World's 50th Celebration.) But, there are some tips we learned from experience that we weren't expecting.

Here's what you need to know before visiting Walt Disney World this year.

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Walt Disney World 2022: 15+ Tips For Visiting This Year

If you are planning to visit Disney World in 2022, there are several key things you need to know before planning your Walt Disney World vacation. Be sure to include a trip to Magic Kingdom to see the castle!

First, for now, throw out all you knew before about navigating the parks. Disney World 2022 is an entirely different beast (and I don't mean the one Belle married.)

Second, if this will be your first-ever trip to Walt Disney World, know that Disney World 2022 is not typical to years past. There are many new features and special events and activities because of the Disney World 50th Celebration.

You may want to check out my Disney World For Beginners guide to give you an overview.

This is due to the fact that on the one hand, a few health and safety measures are still required, so some things aren't fully operating yet. And, on the plus side, Walt Disney World is celebrating Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration (a.k.a. The World's Most Magical Celebration.) So there is a lot of new pixie dust flying around!

Lastly, the tips in this post are current as of the time of publishing.

Disney is constantly releasing updates and may modify or change their rules, availability, and add new features over the course of the year. But for now, these tips will help you if you have a trip planned in the coming months.

Disney World 2022 Tips At A Glance
  • Theme Park Reservations Required
  • Masks No Longer Required Indoors (transportation on buses and the monorail still requires masks, but boats do not)
  • No More Temperature Checks
  • Many New Touchless Technologies Added
  • My Disney Experience App Needed
  • No Fast Pass+ Reservations
  • Make Dining Reservations
  • Mobile Ordering Required In Some Places For Quick Service
  • Expect Lines and Plan Accordingly
  • Lines Are Not What They Seem
  • Characters, Parades, Pin Trading, Attractions Different
  • Transportation Is Modified
  • Introduction of Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ Services
  • Celebration of the Disney 50th Anniversary is On
  • Extended Evening Theme Park Hours and Early Theme Park Entry Available
  • Expect New Attractions and Experiences

1. Theme Park Reservations Required

From now until January 2023 (yes, 2023), it is still required to make a theme park reservation. You want to check the Walt Disney World reservation system first before buying your tickets to make sure you can get into your selected theme park.

If you buy the tickets first, you may have just bought tickets you can't use. So check reservation availability first.

Then, once you buy your tickets, reserve your theme park dates. Valid tickets are required to make a reservation, and the tickets and reservation MUST be on the same day.

Note that reservations fill up weeks to months in advance. So get your tickets and reservations as soon as you can.

Here's How To Make A Disney World 2022 Park Reservation

Step 1

  • First, check which parks are available. Note that that availability differs if you are buying general tickets, are an annual pass holder, or are staying at select resort hotels. Be sure and select the right button to get accurate information.
disney 2021 theme park availability screen shot

Step 2

  • Then, purchase your tickets for your park or select the Park Hopper option.

Step 3

  • Make sure your tickets are connected to your account and your My Disney Experience app. And be sure to create your “party” of family members traveling with you. This will make everything below much easier!
Download the My Disney Experience app to your phone for easy booking and monitoring of your vacation.

Step 4

  • Make your theme park reservations for you and your party. You can make Theme Park Reservations as soon as you buy your theme park tickets, and it is recommended to do it right away. As Walt Disney World is reopening, the reservations fill up. Meaning – if you don't make reservations, you may not get into a theme park!

Important Note

  • If you choose to purchase the Park Hopper, you need a reservation for the first park and then can go to the second park after 2 p.m. until the second park's closing.
  • Currently, you don't need a reservation for the second park (but this can change) and is subject to availability and park capacity. And, you have to actually enter the first park for the Park Hopper to the second park to be valid.
  • A dining reservation in a park does not grant you entry. You have to have a reservation to enter or have the Park Hopper (though a reservation in the second park doesn't guarantee access.)
  • At present, the only water park open is Blizzard Beach and it does NOT currently require a reservation. However, it is limited to availability and capacity.

2. Masks No Longer Required Indoors

Everywhere INDOORS on Walt Disney World property, you are NO LONGER required to wear a mask (that goes over your ears).

At the time of publication, though, masks were still required on all buses and the monorail. However, they are not required on the boats.

In our experience, most guests don't wear masks though some still elect to do so. But if it makes you uncomfortable being indoors without a mask, you can wear one. Just note that you will be with a majority unmasked crowd.

girl eating mickey bar in front of castle in Magic Kingdom
What's more magical than eating your favorite treat in your favorite place, in front of the castle in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

3. Temperature Checks No Longer Required

Walt Disney World Resort removed its temperature checkpoints at the entrances of the theme parks and Disney Springs in May 2021. They are continuing to follow health guidelines and continue with enhanced sanitation and cleaning all throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

4. Touchless Technology Available

Walt Disney World Resort IS offering many ways to take advantage of touchless technology to limit germ spread. These include:

  • Mobile Order Service for Dining: You can order your Quick Service meal ahead of time and select a pick up time right from your My Disney Experience app.
  • Restaurant Walk-Up List: If you want to visit a restaurant but didn't have an Advance Dining Reservation, you can add your party's name to the Restaurant Walk Up List (if available at select locations) using the My Disney Experience app.
  • Mobile Check-In for Reservations: Let them know you are there for your Advance Dining Reservation from your phone!
  • Scannable Codes for Select Restaurant Menus: While at a table-service restaurant, you can scan a code to access the digital menu.
  • Online Check-In at Disney Resort Hotels: You can use online check in at Disney Resort hotels if you want to avoid walking in to the lobby. When the room is ready, Disney will send you a notification and then, you can use either a MagicBand or a digital key on your My Disney Experience app.
  • For theme park entry use MagicBands, or a Disney MagicMobile pass on your phone. There are no paper tickets or finger prints at this time.
  • Cashless Transactions: You can use your debit or credit cards, Disney gift cards, Mobile Wallet, Apple Pay, or charge to your room using your MagicBand.

5. Download My Disney Experience App

I always recommend downloading the My Disney Experience app to your phone. But this year, it is a necessity.

Not only will it help you monitor ride wait times and keep track of all of your reservations. But, it is also how you can make new reservations, add yourself to the Walk-Up List for table dining service, and mobile order for Quick Service.

It is also where you can purchase PhotoPass photos, have access to your Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane information, make park reservations, keep track of theme park tickets, and more. It is pretty much the keeper of every detail of your entire Walt Disney World Resort vacation (think of it as your personal travel agent and tour operator right on your phone!)

6. No Fast Pass+ Reservations

For those of us who have strategized Fast Pass+ reservations in years past, having no Fast Pass+ Reservations takes getting used to.

So, you just have to stand in line or you can purchase the Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Passes. I know, my inner Donald Duck was mumbling too. Disney World 2022 is a whole new world for us Fast Pass+ fanatics.

But don't panic.

Disney has now introduced the new Genie and Genie + services that will replace the Fast Pass +. More details on this later in the article.


There are also no more virtual cues. For Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, which used to have a virtual queue, this is now a separate Individual Lightning Lane purchase to get on fast or wait in the general line. This is done through the My Disney Experience app, and a theme park entrance to Disney Hollywood Studios is required.

The same is now true for Remy's Ratatouille Adventure in Epcot (see more info below). And theme park tickets to Epcot are required for this attraction.

But, there are a few things to note. If you're a Disney Resort Hotel guest, you can now enjoy EARLY THEME PARK ENTRY 30 minutes before the regular opening in the morning. And guests at deluxe Disney Resort hotels can have select extended evening hours (check with your hotel for dates and details.) Though this had been put on halt, Disney has resumed it so their resort guests can have a truly magical experience.

7. Make Dining Reservations Early

The new Space 220 restaurant in Epcot is the hottest reservation in town, which an experiential dining experience.

As soon as you are 60 days out from your arrival, you can begin to make Disney Dining Reservations. Be sure to do them as soon as you can, as they fill up.

And, many places only accept dining reservations (no walk-ins.) To put this in perspective, very few dining reservations were available when we were there.

There are some restaurants accepting a waiting list (called a walk up list) which you can join from your My Disney Experience app. Some of these are an hour wait and you have to be near the restaurant to join the walk up list.

But, my suggestion is to get those dining reservations at 60 days out, especially for coveted restaurants like the new Space 220 restaurant in Epcot and the new experience at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Magic Kingdom.

If you keep checking, sometimes new times get released. But if you have your heart set on a dining experience, or want to guarantee a sit-down meal, book it early!

In addition, Quick Service lines are long and you can only order via the My Disney Experience app (see #7). So, it is good to have Disney dining reservations in your pocket.

8. Mobile Ordering For Quick Service Required At Many Locations

Many Quick-Service dining locations require you to mobile order via the My Disney Experience app.

Some now allow walk-ups. But a few locations only allow you to order via Mobile Ordering.

To do this, you have to:

  • Pre-order on the My Disney Experience app
  • Select a pickup time
  • Alert the Quick Service restaurant via the app when you have arrived
  • Wait until they let you know it is ready

Mobile Ordering Quick Service In The Parks

If you plan to have quick service lunch or dinner in the theme parks, ORDER YOUR MEAL IN ADVANCE. We found that at 10:00 a.m., the Quick Service restaurants were already booking pick up times around 12 p.m.

disney 2021 mobile order screen shot

That means, if you wait until 12 p.m. to order lunch, you may not be able to pick it up until 2 p.m.

So sometime in the morning, decide which Quick Service location you want, place the order and select the pick up window for when you want to eat lunch. Otherwise, you may miss out on the time you hoped for.

Mobile Ordering is easy and convenient! You can simply put in your order while standing in line, choose a pickup time for when you will be ready to eat, and forget about it until it's time for you to arrive to the restaurant for pickup. Then, arrive at your chosen Quick Service restaurant at your pickup time, tell the app you are there, and like magic, your meal is ready for you!

9. Expect Lines For Everything

For an experienced Disney guest who is used to finding ways to navigate the system efficiently, it was hard to accept there were lines for everything. And, I mean EVERYTHING.

From long lines for a snack vendor to lines for attractions to lines to enter stores, be prepared to stand in lines. And plan accordingly.

In fact, this is a good time to download the Play Disney Parks app and have some fun while you wait.

Get to the parks as early as possible (and take advantage of Early Entry if you are a Disney Resort hotel guest,) get in line for your must-do attractions first, and take advantage the new Disney Genie Service to help you make the most of your visit. Also, take advantage of the Individual Lightning Lane and Disney Genie + options if you can, and don't save your souvenir shopping until the end.


Visit the shops in the middle of the day. Note they are not sending purchases back to your room, so you will need to carry it through the park.

But, trust me waiting until the end will get you standing in a long line with everyone else who had the same idea.

Avoid shopping at Disney Springs on the weekends, and try to visit the shops and snack carts at off times. It is very busy at the parks!

10. Some Lines Aren't What They Seem

While the lines for attractions look daunting and may have a nasty number like a 60-minute wait, note that these aren't always accurate. On several occasions, we stood in what we thought was a 45 or 60-minute line for an attraction only to get to the front in 20 minutes.

Now, that's my kind of Disney magic!

Part of this is due to social distancing that many people are more or less still doing. Cast Members can't always accurately gauge the line timing because guests are standing six feet apart.

disney 2021 line on the ground

We had two times when the lines took longer than the estimated wait time. But more often, the opposite was true and we rode quite a lot for not having Fast Pass+ reservations.

You also may have to zig-zag around the parks more due to the varying wait times and to maximize your magic . But have flexibility and patience and you can enjoy quite a lot of the theme park offerings. And keep in mind, the Disney Genie Service can help you if you give it some of your interests (or “wishes.”)

11. Characters, Shows, Attractions, and Pin Trading Are Different

Character Meet and Greets

daisy duck posing at walt disney world
Characters are often behind a fence so you can get a picture but you can't grab a hug or an autograph.

You can leave your autograph books at home, as you won't be up close and personal with the characters. The characters do make appearances, but they are from afar.

Now, you can get close enough to stand near the characters, but don't expect that warm hug from Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh at Magic Kingdom. You still can't get close enough to touch the characters. But you can at least get a photo near them.


Character dining is available, but modified, in select locations. You can book reservations at Garden Grill Restaurant, Hollywood & Vine, Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera and Chef Mickey's for character dining.


Parades and cavalcades are back at Disney World. This is the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom.

Fireworks, parades, and stage shows are finally back, and they are fantastic! Each park has some way for the characters to make an appearance, be it a boat, a character wave, or drive-by from afar. But they do keep their distance for safety.

Magic Kingdom is offering the Festival of Fantasy Parade, Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade, and Mickey's Celebration Cavalcade.


Magic Kingdom's Enchantment and Epcot's Harmonious fireworks shows are absolutely fantastic. Both are in celebration of Disney's 50th Celebration (a.k.a. The Happiest Celebration On Earth.)

I highly recommend either staying for the fireworks shows or coming back for them. Do note that the crowds are packed in so if you are still preferring social distancing, you will need to find a spot away from the crowds as Disney is not requiring spacing out for these events.

Stage Shows

By the time of writing this article, Disney has resumed some stage shows. Some of the stage shows you can enjoy include;

Beauty & The Beast at Disney's Hollywood Studios, a Celebration of Festival of the Lion King at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

You can also enjoy an animation experience and a bird show in Animal Kingdom. But these are done with safety and social distancing in mind.

Pin Trading

Pin trading is happening but only at select locations and not in the traditional way. Traders can go to designated pin trading stations at each of the theme parks, at Disney Springs, and the resorts. The trading happens in a non-contact, socially distanced way.


Kidcot, the fantastic experience where kids travel “around the world” in Epcot and pick up a country card at each of the countries, IS taking place. However, kids won't interact with international Cast Members. Cards are placed on a table in each country, or you can ask a Cast Member for one.


Disney World 2022 brings a new experience on attractions. While when we were there last Spring, many of the lines and rides had tall plastic dividers in them and were fairly narrow. It didn't detract from the ride, but something to note.


Now, a lot of the social distancing enforcements appear to be going away, but some rides still have these plastic dividers. Though Disney will still make announcements about it, it has been reported that many of the physical barriers have been removed. In other words, if you plan to ride It's A Small World, expect to have company in front and behind you.

While Walt Disney World Resort is doing enhanced cleaning, it is important to take some sanitizer with you. One thing to note is that Cast Members may not be able to sanitize in between guests, just by the nature of how these rides rotate through.

There are hand sanitizing stations at the entrances and exits of each attraction.

Walt Disney World is continuing to do rider switch.


12. Not All Transportation Is Running

While Walt Disney World's epic transportation system is all part of the magic, it is important to note that not all of it is running in Disney World 2022. The Monorail lines are back up and running, but check with Cast Members to make sure all the stops (or more specifically, the stop you need) are operating.

Many of the boat transportation is running, as is the Disney Skyliner.

The Minnie Van service is not running, though there are rumors it will be returning. And, starting January 1, 2022, we bid farewell to Disney's Magical Express. You can book with Mears Connect for transportation from Orlando airport to Disney area hotels.

You can expect lines for busses, so plan accordingly or drive (if you have a rental car) to the theme parks. Parking is free for Disney Resort Hotel guests.


13. Visit Smarter With Disney Genie and Disney Genie+ Services At Disney World 2022

screen shot of disney geneie service

The Fast Pass+ may be no more, but in October 2021, Disney has granted us three wishes! Introducing…  Disney Genie Service and Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane service.

If you ever wished to have someone experienced to hold your hand and show you all the best Disney attractions, help you create an itinerary, and tell you exactly when you should go to certain attractions, then you'll love these new features that you can find in My Disney Experience app.

First of all, let's look at how Disney Genie service and Disney Genie+ service work!

Disney Genie Service

With Disney Genie Service, all you have to do is to select the kind of attractions you're interested in say, Star Wars or a general theme like Disney Princesses and Genie will suggest a personalized itinerary for you. No longer will you have to zig zag through the park or even rely on touring plans!

On top of that, Disney Genie Service will also show you current estimated wait times for each attraction so that you choose when it's appropriate to go to that attraction. It's almost like having a “genie-p-s” to help you navigate the theme parks.

This service is FREE for all theme park guests. Disney doesn't get more magical than this!

Disney Genie + Service

If you thought Disney Genie Service was cool, wait until you see what Disney Genie + can do!

On top of the cool features that come with the Disney Genie Service, with the Disney Genie+, you'll also be able to choose the next available arrival time to some attractions and also get fast entry to attractions through the Lightning Lane.

This is available at 40 attractions throughout Walt Disney World Resort. This service is an additional fee, at $15 per person per day.

How Disney Genie+ Works: Quick Overview

While it sounds so exciting to book your choices, don't get carried away as you can't pre-book every attraction at once. Beginning at 7am on the day of your theme park visit, you can book your first Disney Genie + attraction out of the 40 in this service.

After you check-in for your first ride, or after your arrival window has passed, you can then book your next (similar to the old FastPass+ system). You can keep doing this until the park closes.

More Disney Genie + Perks

Need more reasons to upgrade to Genie+? Maybe the Disney PhotoPass Lenses and Audio Tales features will convince you.

With the PhotoPass Lenses, you will be able to explore impressive augmented reality effects on your mobile phone while the Audio tales will help you discover the park in the most magical way possible by getting behind-the-scenes insights you can listen to any time during your visit. Think of this as an audio-guided tour of Disney!

You can easily purchase the Disney Genie+ from the My Disney Experience app on the day of your visit or when you buy your theme park tickets (just note this will be added to all of your theme park tickets.) If you want to do it on some days and not others, purchase it separately.

best things to do at disney world with teens space mountain
Space Mountain is one of the rides on the Disney Genie+ List!

Individual Lightning Lane

Individual Lightning Lane is an additional, ala carte option for specific and most popular rides. The Lightning Lane add ons ARE NOT INCLUDED IN Disney Genie +. These are in addition to those attractions, so if you don't purchase Disney Genie + don't worry. You can purchase Lightning Lane Selections individually but only for the most popular attractions.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney World Magic Kingdom Park.

The prices for individual Lightning Lane rides varies by date, attraction, and theme park. So, you could pay less for Magic Kingdom's Seven Dwarf's Mine Train in January than you would in March, for example.

But there is a catch. You can only book the Lightning Lane INDIVIDUAL for up to 2 attractions total per day.

You CAN buy Disney Genie + AND add up to 2 Lightning Lane Selections for individual attractions if you wish.

See the complete list of attractions here.

One caveat is that you can't “rebook” a Lightning Lane ride more than once in a day (in other words, if you want to ride an attraction again, you have to go to the standby line for your second time.)

It is a bit confusing, I'll admit. But in summary, you can essentially pay to get on several attractions faster.

14. Get Your Party Shoes Ready For The 50th Anniversary Celebration

This has got to be the biggest news of the season! With an 18-month long celebration, Disney has outdone itself in my opinion!

With new looks for Mickey, Minnie, and Friends, impressive classics, and cast members ready to put on epic and unforgettable shows, this is truly the world’s most magical celebration!

Celebrations will be across all 4 parks so come ready to explore new exciting attractions and entertainments, including new nighttime spectaculars!

New attractions, entertainment, and special events you can look forward to during Disney's 50th Anniversary Celebration:

cirque du soleil drawn to life show
The Cirque Du Soleil show Drawn To Life is on in Disney Springs.
  • Remy's Ratatouille Adventure: Discover the newest attraction in the World Showcase – Remy's Ratatotouille Adventure! Explore Remy's world in Gusteau's kitchen in the city of lights, Paris, as you ride in this new attraction in EPCOT’s France pavilion in World Showcase. (You have to watch the “Ratatouille” movie to fully enjoy this concept)
  • Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railroad: While not officially part of the 50th celebration, Disney 2022 brings this new ride kids will love. Join a fun-filled advanture with Goofy, Mickey and Minnie, as your train comes a part and goes on a whirlwind adventure. This ride in Hollywood Studios is perfect for toddlers and kids of all ages.
  • Disney Enchantment: From nonstop Disney music to magical fireworks and immersive projection effects, nights at Disney will be a time to remember for a lifetime at this Magic Kingdom night show spectacular.
  • Space 220 Restaurant: This new experiential dining takes you out of this world to dine on the space station. With specialty drinks like Moon Rocks for kids and Stargarita for adults, plus a delicious menu, it is one of the most coveted dining experiences to date at Disney World 2022.
  • Beacons of Magic: As part of the World's Most Magical Celebration, each of the four theme parks' icons will be lit up in the evenings, sending out “beacons of magic” to invite one and all to come celebrate. Available nightly in select theme parks.
  • Disney Kite Tails: Disney sky will be adorned with impressive kite-themed characters and high-flying performances with Disney songs in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

  • Harmonious: Nothing brings people closer like an enchanting night full of Disney stories and songs at EPCOT.

  • Drawn to Life: Watch creativity and imagination come to life as Disney animation blends with the impeccable spectacle of Cirque du Soleil!

  • Fab 50 Color Collection: Is it even a 50th anniversary without 50 cast characters dripping in Gold? Certainly, not! Discover all these characters in all 4 parks.

  • Delicious Treats: Nothing says 50 years than new additions of delicious food and restaurants. You can grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Steakhouse 71, California Grill, Space 220 or La Crêperie de Paris. There are also several 50th Anniversary Special Treats throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. *Note: The Disney Dining Plan has not yet returned. But they are coming back at some form sometime soon, according to the Walt Disney World website.

  • Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Parties: Eat all the pastries you can while watching fireworks in celebration of 50 years at Magic Kingdom.

  • Rose & Crown Fireworks Dining Package: Enjoy fireworks with views of the Harmonious while dining at the lakefront patio in the English pavilion of the World Showcase.

  • Spice Road Table Fireworks Dining Package: Take in the views of the impressive fireworks while enjoying a meal in front of the Moroccan Pavilion.
50th anniversary cinammon roll
Special treats like the 50th Anniversary cinnamon roll are available throughout the parks in 2022.

These and much more are some of the attractions and events you can expect during the Disney 18-month 50th anniversary celebration, which began in October 2021.


And while it isn't technically part of the celebration, many Disney fans are celebrating the OPENING of Epcot's Space 220 Restaurant. Now, my husband is so excited about this (he knows a thing or two about space).

This out-of-this-world dining experience includes a panoramic view of space from a space station, after boarding a special space elevator. You get an aerial view of Epcot while you hang out high above planet Earth! And, while enjoying the view and dining on specialty cuisine at this centerpiece experience, be sure to try one of my favorite desserts back here on earth, Sticky Toffee Pudding! Get reservations early, and theme park tickets to Epcot are required.

15. Extended Evening Theme Park Hours And Early Theme Park Entry

If you're staying at any of the Disney Deluxe Resorts and Disney Deluxe Villa Resorts, you'll be happy to know that you'll get to enjoy more Disney magic with the extended hours.

Though this only happens during select evenings in select theme parks, you'll get to enjoy Disney for more hours during the 50th Anniversary celebration.

During this time, some attractions will stay open until 11:00 PM and some until midnight but be sure to read the official website to know what to expect before you plan to extend your evening.

All Disney Resort hotel guests get early entry in the mornings as one of the benefits of staying at a Disney Resort hotel.

16. Expect New Attractions and Experiences at Disney World 2022

Disney has already announced some exciting new attractions and features in 2022 with some starting as early as the beginning of the year while others have no date yet but they're still equally exciting.

Below are some that are anticipated to make Disney even more magical.

Disney World Star Wars Hotel — Galactic Starcruiser

Not an attraction per se but this experience is anticipated to be like “boarding a starship alive with characters and stories that unfold all around you”.

It might be a star wars hotel but Disney refers to it as “This isn’t storytelling – it’s storyliving, where you’ll see, feel and live Star Wars in a whole new way.” 

This hotel/ experience is expected to open in March 2022.


Forget the Disney Magicbands as you know them! MagicBand+ will make visiting Disney a whole new experience on top of the pros of the usual Magic bands.

Remember the Fab 50 golden character statues we talked about earlier, you'll need the MagicBand+ to be able to interact with them. You'll also be able to find virtual bounties in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

And another enchanting feature is that the MagicBand+ will be in sync with the color of the fireworks at night! Magical, right?

Moana — Journey of Water

 EPCOT is getting a new attraction… Moana — Journey of Water! Guests will able able to interact with water in new exciting ways they never imagined possible with this new attraction. I can't wait for this one!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Another exciting attraction expected to come to Disney in 2022 is the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. This ride is expected to be an incredible upgrade to EPCOT.

Final Thought On Disney World 2022: What You Need To Know Before Visiting Walt Disney World This Year

Disney World in 2022 has thrown out the rule book many of us Disney-files have come to know. But, you can still have a very magical experience.

In fact, I would argue despite these changes, and some challenges, Walt Disney World has done a wonderful job continuing to provide as magical a vacation as possible in these times. Plus, with the 50th celebration going on and some incredible new attractions, this is one of the BEST times to visit Walt Disney World Resort!

But, while Walt Disney World has always required planning, this year requires some additional advanced planning to ensure you enjoy your visit. These tips we learned from experience will hopefully help you prepare for your Disney visit in 2022.

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