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Dreaming of a Walt Disney World vacation and needing a Disney cost calculator? A Disney World trip can be complex and require a lot of planning, and managing costs are part of it.

As a family travel expert, I am often asked how much a Disney vacation costs. And the answer is…that depends. It depends on a lot! How many days you go to the theme parks, if you rent a car, food, souvenirs, where you stay, how many days, etc. are all things that go into your Disney vacation costs.

While Disney World vacations are so magical and truly worth it, the magic can get out of hand quickly without doing some advanced Disney budget planning. But the good thing is there are a wide variety of hotels you can stay in, from budget-friendly to luxury resorts and there are many ways to manage other expenses as well.

My Disney Budget Planning Experience

We’ve been to Disney World so many times (probably over 100) that we know the cost of everything (including recent price increases) for lodging, food, and buying souvenirs. I decided to share with you the secret to planning the perfect Disney adventure on any budget – my Disney World cost calculator. 

And, you can get my free Disney Cost Calculator Printable spreadsheet to help you plan! Our real and bottom line price is also included in this post for what we spent. But, note that this is just to give you an idea, and you can upgrade or cut things depending on your budget and desired vacation.

But, I’ll be honest right from the start. To maximize your visit and see as much of Disney World in the most cost effective way, a four day, four park hopper ticket will be your best bet for getting the most magic for your money. But, if it doesn’t fit in your budget, you can discover many of my tips and tricks for planning the most magical vacation on earth for your family.

Read on to learn more about my helpful Disney World trip calculator. And, get my best tips for using it, saving money, and planning the ultimate Disney World vacation on a budget.

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Epcot with monorail. Include theme park tickets in your disney world budget planner
Theme Park tickets are a big part of your Disney World Budget Planner. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

About Our Disney World Cost Calculator

This is a Disney cost calculator for a family of 5 staying at a mid-range, Deluxe Disney World Resort. Now, when I say Deluxe, in this case, it was a Disney Resort Hotel at $590 per night. There are certainly ones at much higher price points and many at lower but just wanted to clarify “Deluxe” in this case.

That said, you should know that there are Disney World Resort hotels at all price levels and there are so many variables that can impact your end price. Keep in mind your costs will go up and down based on several factors:

How You Travel To Walt Disney World

  • Whether you fly or take a road trip to Disney World impacts your price. Flying is more expensive than driving, depending on where you are coming from and if you need to stay in hotels along the way.
  • The transportation you use to get to and from Disney World from the airport (there is no more Magical Express transportation).

Where You Stay

  • The type of Disney Resort or hotel you choose to stay in changes the price. Disney World has resorts for every budget, from Deluxe and Moderate hotels to Value hotels. You can also opt to stay in off-site hotels at one of the Good Neighbor ones, budget hotels close by, or even rent an Airbnb or VRBO. Pro tip: The town of Celebration is just 10 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort and has a hotel.
  • The average prices of budget hotels near Walt Disney World range from $54 to $660+ per night.
  • Disney Value Resorts usually start around $150 per night
  • Moderate Resorts at Disney usually start around $300 per night
  • Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villas at Disney range anywhere from $450 to $1000+ a night.
  • Luxury Resorts near Disney range from around $927 to $12,000+ per night.
  • Disney Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds is also an option and one of the more economical ways to stay on Disney property. You can book there for as low as $77 per night plus you get the bonus of a camping vacation with the magic of Disney.

Additional Costs

  • There are additional costs like car rental, parking fees, food expenses or dining plan costs if a dining plan is available, park tickets, rental cars, souvenirs, a resort fee, and other purchases like Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane passes and Individual Lightning Lane passes, Memory Maker packages, Enchanting Extras, etc.
  • You can reduce the extra cost of some things like dining costs if you bring food with you on park days and buy your own groceries for the hotel.
  • Some people reduce costs by purchasing tickets from an authorized Disney ticket seller, but I am not comfortable recommending this option. Our preference is always to purchase theme park tickets direct from Disney World and save costs elsewhere. This is because there have been cases where people buy tickets from resellers and they haven’t worked, so my preference is to avoid this potential problem and just go straight to Disney to purchase them. Additionally, if you purchase from Disney and there is a problem at the gate, Disney Cast Members can help resolve the situation quickly. They can’t assist if it isn’t purchased through Disney directly.
Disney Resort Hotel Wilderness Lodge
There are Disney Resort Hotels for every budget. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

When To Go to Disney World

Along with using the Disney World Cost Calculator, you can save money by planning your trip in the off-season or when the kids are in school. Here are some of the best times to go to Disney World if you are trying to do Disney on a budget:

  • The week after Thanksgiving weekend until the week before Christmas
  • In September, following Labor Day (one of the cheapest times to go) until just before Thanksgiving week
  • January until just before President’s Day week

Also, from late March/April to late May, August and right over major holidays are times to avoid planning your trip. Right around Christmas is often so crowded, the parks reach capacity. These will be more crowded as Disney World is a top spring break destination for families and in my experience, your money doesn’t go as far.

Rule of thumb: School vacation breaks are often when you will find it the busiest. This is why September after Labor Day is one of the best times to go if you can make that work.

BVWK Pro Planning Tip
You will also find flights more expensive during the busiest times. You can save money on flights by booking far in advance (at least four months out), flying in off seasons, by connecting, or by flying into alternate airports if you have more to choose from near you.

Transportation Costs for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

One of the most expensive parts of your Disney World Vacation is the cost of getting there. When using the Disney World Cost Calculator in 2023, there are several transportation expenses to consider, such as:

  • Airfare and baggage fees
  • Transportation to and from the hotel (remember, there is no more Magical Express)
  • Rental car fees
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Parking fees for Disney World
  • Travel Insurance

Flying to Disney World

Orlando International Airport is the main one for the area. But there are other airports close by. Tampa Airport is 66 miles away from Walt Disney World, and Orlando Sanford International Airport is approximately 40 to 50 miles away.

If you decide to fly into one of the alternative airports, you’ll need to factor in the cost of renting a car or shuttle. 

When using the Disney trip cost calculator and budgeting flights, consider when budgeting flights to think about the number of people times the cost of flights. To save money, consider looking at sites like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights) to save money on airline tickets.

BVWK Pro Planning Tip
You can save money if you book far out in advance. Flights will be more expensive over holidays, and school breaks, so consider traveling in one of the off-seasons before breaks in January and September.

Also, some airlines partner with Disney World to offer vacation packages so you can save money on airfare. You can also check with a certified Disney travel agent, check places like Costco, or look at credit card travel benefits to save money, or use a site like Skyscanner to find the best travel deals.

Driving to Walt Disney World

If you decide to drive to Disney World, remember to budget for the cost of gas and food along the way. You may even need to stay in a hotel.

We’ve traveled so much on the road that we have our favorite road trip food and snacks to bring to save you money on your journey. You may also be interested in my road trip packing list and road trip activities for kids as we’ve become pros at packing for trips.

Getting to and From the Airport

You will need to factor in the additional cost of getting to and from Disney World. The most expensive option is to rent a car, but this is also the most convenient way. However, this way will also have parking costs associated with it if you are planning to park at the theme parks unless you are staying at a Disney Resort. As of January 2023, Resorts Guests receive complimentary self-parking at the Resorts.

You can also book transfers through Lyft, Uber, and taxis. Disney’s Minnie Van service has returned, and they can take you to and from the Orlando International Airport for Club Level Guests.

There is no more Disney’s Magical Express, sadly. But Mears Connect is another option for getting to/from the airport.

To budget your local transportation costs, use this equation on your Disney Cost Calculator:

Hotel and Lodging Costs

Disney's Boardwalk Inn
There are many different Disney Resort options that immerse you in the magic and give you benefits. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Your hotel costs may be the most expensive costs of your whole trip, so the Disney World cost calculator comes in so handy. You can play around with different lodging options like off-site hotels or for staying at Disney, compare Value, Moderate, Deluxe, Deluxe Villas, and the Campgrounds to get the best price when planning your Disney vacation calculator.

The average prices for staying at Disney World will depend on where you stay. Some people choose one of the many off-site hotels in the area, but I am a huge fan of staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.

This is because, with a Disney Hotel, you save money on transportation and gas due to the complimentary transportation, which you usually won’t have by staying at an offsite hotel. You also get Early Theme Park Entry at the Disney parks and at times the Walt Disney Company offers deals for dining for Guests staying at the onsite hotels or Resort deals which save you money.

The average nightly cost for lodging can range anywhere from $54 to $12,000+ per night. As you can see that’s a huge difference. Note that some of the hotels will have a resort fee or a parking fee (non-Dsieny hotels may have a parking fee,) so you will want to keep that in mind when calculating the actual cost.

You can use the following equation to figure out lodging costs on your Disney World Cost Calculator:

Walt Disney Resort Hotels

If you want to stay on Disney property and take advantage of all of the benefits that come with staying on property, here are some options. Each Disney World Resort has a unique theme and a variety of amenities, depending on where you stay.

All Disney Resort Guests can be immersed in the magic, enjoy complimentary transportation, complimentary self-parking, Early Theme Park Entry, Advance Dining Reservation access at 60-days out for the entirety of your stay, and early access to book Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane Reservations. Deluxe Guests currently have Extra Hours in select theme parks on select dates.

You can choose from:

Budget Hotels Near Walt Disney World

There are many lower-priced off-site hotels in close proximity to the theme parks. Some area budget-friendly hotels include:


I’ve heard many people say that the All-Star Movies Resort is the best budget-friendly resort on the property and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds is a fun, family experience that is a great value with the added bonus of a camping experience. So, consider staying in one of these locations if you want the Disney Resort experience and benefits without the steep price.

This list isn’t complete. You can see the entire list of on the Walt Disney World Good Neighbor Hotels website.

There are also many VRBO and Airbnb vacation rentals near Walt Disney World as well. And, Disney World is 10 minutes from Celebration, Florida, where there is also a lovely hotel.

Disney World Cost Calculator: Park Tickets

disney world cost calculator picture of magic kingdom castle
You can visit Walt Disney World on any budget, but you just have to plan ahead. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Tickets range in price depending on age so this is another place where the Disney World cost calculator can help you plan Disney on a budget. To figure out how much the park tickets will cost, decide on how many days you want to go to the park. Then you can figure out whether you want to buy Park Hopper tickets, multi-day tickets, or single-day park tickets.

You can also add the Genie+ Service, but this can be booked later once you’ve planned your trip.

BVWK Pro Planning Tip
You can save money on tickets by booking a vacation package, rather than separating your Disney Resort hotel and tickets as separate purchases. Also, if you book a Disney Vacation Package, once the deposit is paid, you can pay down the cost over time up until the balance is due. This is one way to manage costs. One thing to note, however, is that different cancellation policies apply. Also look at Disney’s special offers as sometimes there are package deals that can save you money.

Single-Day Tickets

Currently, single-day ticket prices range between $109 – $204 depending on the day and the theme park for ages 10+ and $104 – $199 per child ages 3-9.

But, you should note that these tickets can change based on time of year and per park. In the high seasons, they will be more expensive. And in my research for 2023, the lower end of these ticket prices are going to be in the low season (September being one of the lowest).

You also save $20 per ticket when you purchase 3 day or longer ticket online in advance. So that is another way to save some money.

If you really want to immerse yourself in one park all day, from rope drop to fireworks, then I recommend a single-day ticket. This way you can fully experience as much as possible and then move on to other parks on other days in your vacation.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon can be added to your budget for Disney
We like to add Disney Water Parks as an alternative to theme park days. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Park Hopper Tickets

The Park Hopper option can be very handy, if you want to visit more than one park in a day. We tend to use this option when we are visiting only for a few days, or if we want to spend the day in one park but have a dining reservation and some evening activities in another park.

But when we visit for a full week, we don’t do Park Hoppers because we tend not to use them and it is a waste of money. One thing to note though is that currently, you have to have a reservation to enter one of th theme parks. But, you can enter the second park after 2 pm so as long as you enter the park where you had the reservation first.

Park Hopper Plus tickets allow you to visit more than one park per day.  Plus, you can also use these tickets for a certain number of visits to one of the water parks or other Walt Disney entertainment like the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and other activities, depending on how many days you purchase the Park Hopper Plus tickets for.

Park Hopper Tickets are an additional $65+ per ticket, and Park Hopper Plus is an additional $85+ more per ticket. Considering that single-day water park tickets are $69 per ticket for 10+ and $63 per ticket for ages 3-9, the Park Hopper Plus could be a good deal for you.

Multi-Day Tickets

Multi-Day tickets can save you money as the more you buy, the less each ticket is per day. Sometimes there are special deals where you can get additional days free with hotel reservations. Check the Disney website for special discounts and deals.

Our Experience with Tickets to Walt Disney

When we visit Walt Disney World Resort, we like to book three theme park single-day tickets and spend other days doing other activities on property. For example, this past year, we bought tickets for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom Park, and EPCOT. On other days we visited Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, a pool day at our Disney Vacation Club Resort and a mini-golf and Disney Springs shopping day.

Some people prefer Park Hopper Tickets. But our family never gets the full value out of Park Hoppers, so we choose not to do this.

Other families want to go to the theme parks every day of their vacation. So depending on your family’s vacation preferences, this could change your ticket costs.

Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane and Individual Lightning Lane

If you are hoping to expedite lines, you will want to budget for Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane and Individual Lightning Lane Costs. Pricing varies per day per park, but you can check the current day’s prices in your My Disney Experience app.

Some rides liek The Seas with Nemo and Friends are on Disney Genie+ passes
Some attractions are available on Disney Genie+ Lightning Lane passes. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Disney Genie+ Costs

Costs for Disney Genie+ can start around $15 or more per ticket, depending on the park and the day, and it gives you access to multiple attractions. You can only select one at a time, but you could expect to get on approximately 2-3 attractions faster per day.

Remy's Ratatouille Adventure is an Individual Lightning Lane Ride
Some rides are available for Individual Lightning Lane passes. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Individual Lightning Lane Costs

Costs for Individual Lightning Lane tickets start around $11 per attraction per ticket but can be higher depending on the park, ride, and day and these aren’t always available. Typically these are only for one or two select attractions at each park.

A Note About Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane Add Ons

If you purchase Disney Genie+ at the time of purchasing tickets online, it will be applied to all of the days of your park visits. Alternatively, you can purchase the Disney Genie+ add-on prior to arrival for individual park days, so you don’t need to do it for every park day.

You may, for example, choose to add Disney Genie+ just for EPCOT but not the other park days. Or you may choose to only do Individual Lightning Lanes for one specific attraction on one park day. You can modify these costs as needed.

Disney Genie+ in My Disney Experience App
Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes are optional add ons to include in your Disney World Cost Calculator. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

If you have your heart set on certain attractions and/or are visiting during a busy time, I definitely recommend this add-on if your budget allows. Alternatively, if this is the first or only time you plan to visit in a long time, then I recommend adding this on to your visit to maximize your experience in the parks.

On-Site Parking Costs

Park days require you to pay to park on-site if you’re not staying at one of the Disney properties. Budget for $25 per day for theme park parking.

If you stay at one of their properties, theme park parking is free, and as of January 2023, you receive complimentary self-parking at the Resorts for Resort Guests. Plus, you can use on-site transportation for free.

Additionally, parking for Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Springs is all free parking. So, if you plan on driving, add parking to your Disney trip costs.

Disney World Food Cost Calculator

When planning your Disney vacation costs, budgeting for food costs and beloved Disney snacks on vacation can be tricky. Plan for three meals a day plus snacks unless you bring your own food.

Even if you bring your own food, you may want to plan on eating some meals out.

Disney Dining Plans

The Disney Dining Plans have FINALLY returned. We personally have not gotten the value out of them, so we don’t use them. Keep in mind we also tend to eat some of our own meals.

But a Disney dining plan may be helpful for some if you are staying at a Disney Resort Hotel. You might want to price it out if you plan to eat all of your meals at Disney and not bring any of your own food.

Currently, there are two options, and they are only available for purchase with Disney Vacation Packages that include a Resort stay. You can choose:

  • Traditional Disney Dining Plan, which includes:
    • 1 Quick-Service Meal per night of stay
    • 1 Table-Service Meal per night of stay
    • 1 Snack or Nonalcoholic Beverage per night of stay
    • Plus you get a FREE 1 Resort-Refillable Mug
  • Quick Service Dining Plan, which includes:
    • 2 Quick-Service Meals per night of stay
    • 1 Snack or Nonalcoholic Beverage per night of stay
    • Plus you get a FREE 1 Resort-Refillable Mug
Disney dining is another cost in your budget. Space 220 Restaurant
Dining at Disney World is definitely something to budget for, as a few thematic meals like Space 220 are worth splurging for! Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Different types of meals to budget for:

There are a variety of dining options at Disney World. You’ll find everything from fine dining to character meals to Prix Fixe meals to quick service.

  • A quick service meal (counter service) ranges from $10 to $18 per person.
  • Sit-down dinners (table service meals) range from$15 to $30 per person.
  • Family-style table service meals range from $21 to $39+.
  • Character dining ranges from $27 to $70+ USD per person.
  • Prix-Fixe meals are around $39 per person, depending on where you eat. Children’s Pre-Fixe meals may be less expensive.
  • Signature dining ranges from $30 to $100+ per person.
  • Snacks range from $5 to $10

You definitely want to buy a few of the most delicious and unique snacks in Disney. They have snacks that you can’t get anywhere else, like Mickey-shaped ice cream bars and Rice Crispy treats.

Disney snacks dolewhip
Be sure and include delicious Disney snacks in your Disney World Cost Calculator. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Disney World Cost Calculator Food: Pro Tip

To save the most money, bring some of your own food. Ask for a room or suite with a microwave and refrigerator in it (or you can request one to your room.) The Disney Vacation Club Villas properties have rooms with full kitchens and kitchenettes, so you can eat most meals in your room.

Skip the table service meal and use the counter service if you plan on eating at the park.

Request microwave and coffee pot to your Disney Resort to help with food costs.
You can request a microwave and coffee pot to your Disney Resort Hotel and bring some of your own food to help with food costs. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Also, you can get Disney gift cards in advance from places like Target. If you use your Target Red Card, you can save five percent on the gift cards, and they can be used anywhere on the property, including for food.

If you’re a member of the Disney Vacation Club or an Annual Pass Holder, you’ll save 10 to 20 percent at many of the restaurants on the property as another way to save money.

On average, using these tips, we tend to budget about $100 per adult and $75 per child per day.

Disney World Cost Calculator: Other Costs to Include:

Fantasia Mini Golf on Disney property
There are many fun activities to enjoy on Disney property outside the theme parks. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

There are other things you’ll pay for on your Disney vacation, including:

  • Souvenirs at gift shops and other places
  • Special ticketed events and dinner shows
  • Stroller/scooter rentals
  • Disney Memory Maker photo packages
  • Other Orlando activities and attractions
  • Disney Water parks
  • On-site activities like mini-golf, horseback riding, spa visits, etc.
  • Golf at Oak Trail Golf Course

Our Experience With Our Disney World Cost Calculator

Disney Resort Transportation like boats are included when staying at a Disney Resort Hotel.
Disney Resort Hotels give you complimentary transportation to the theme parks and Disney Springs. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Full disclosure, we are Disney Vacation Club Members. So normally, we use our Disney Vacation Club points to offset the price of our hotel costs.

But, this past year, we waited until the last minute and wanted a Resort that wasn’t available using our DVC points, so we paid cash for our hotel room. This has given me a real-world example of our last vacation and also shows why I believe Disney Vacation Club is worth it!

We also receive Member Extras and benefits including discounts on food, souvenirs, and certain activities. So, this definitely helps us save money overall.

One thing to note is that we stayed in a Deluxe Resort that was $590 per night. You can save a lot of money by choosing a Moderate or Value Resort, so keep that in mind.

Alternatively, Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds is known to be one of the best budget stays for a Disney vacation, plus you get a bonus camping vacation with the magic of Disney. So you can definitely spend less than we did and lodging. But, as a reference, these were our costs:

Cost of a Disney World Vacation for a Family of Five During March

Deluxe Studio For 5 People$590 Per Night6 Nights$3540
Resort Tax$95 Per Day6 Nights$665
Meals/Food$100 Per Day/Per Adult + $75 Per Day/Per Child7 Days$3150
Car Rental$550 Per Week$550
Gas$100 For Gas Refueling of Rental Car$100
Souvenirs$100 Per Person5 People$500
Single-Day Park Tickets$155 per adult x 3 (Average)
$150 per child x 2 (Average)
3 Park Days$2295
Disney Genie+ $22 per person x 5 (approximate)3 Days$330
Individual Lightning Lane$11-$15 Each per person x 52 Attractions$110
DVC DiscountsSaved us percentages on Dining and Shopping– $780
Grand Total*$10,460

*Additional Costs not included:

I did not include flights, gas if you are riding on a road trip, or extras like water park tickets, mini-golf, etc. We also used our Disney Vacation Club discount to save money on dining and shopping, which is helpful.

BVWK Pro Planning Tip
Now, my cost may give you sticker shock. But, keep a few things in mind. We stayed at a Deluxe hotel, which means you can certainly find lower-priced Disney Resort hotels in the Moderate or Value price range to save money. We also went in March (busiest time of year and most expensive as it was during spring break.)

We also booked for a family of five and needed to find a room to accommodate. If you have less in your party, you are going to save money on the room, tickets, Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane costs, souvenirs, etc.

One other thing to account for is if you have any discounts. Things like Annual Passholder, Disney Vacation Club, Florida Resident Discount, etc. or special offers could impact your price. Also booking a vacation package versus separating out your Resort costs from your tickets saves you money. One final note is to check if there are any current promotions as often they run them sometimes for Resorts, which can save you $100 a night.

Check out my tips for saving money on your Disney vacation below.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Disney Vacation

Some people ask me how to afford a Disney World vacation. Here’s the bottom line. There are definitely ways to save money on your Disney World vacation. So, here are my best budget-saving tips.

Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park tickets for your Disney budget
We book three theme park days and one water park day when we visit Walt Disney World Resort. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

1. Stick to Your Budget

First, stick to your budget, or the price of your vacation can get out of control. It’s easy to get carried away with Disney merchandise at gift shops, buying food, and paying for additional activities.

The good thing is that a huge chunk of your budget goes to travel and transportation costs, and this is something you can control easily.

2. Book Your Flights in Advance

If you’re flying to Disney World, booking your flights ahead of time is the best way to save money on your Disney vacation. Also, use money-saving sites, like Going (formerly Scott’s Cheap Flights), and budget airlines, and take advantage of any credit card travel benefit.

Additional Planning Tip:

Other ways to save money on flights are by connecting, flying in the shoulder seasons (not at the busiest times), and by checking multiple airports if you have more near you. For flying to Disney, you can check costs for Orlando (MCO), Sanford (SFB) and Tampa (TPA,) though keep in mind for Sanford and Tampa you will also have to budget for rental car or shuttles.

And you can save the most money by driving instead of flying unless you live really far away.

3. Use On-site Transportation

Save money by using on-site transportation, which avoids parking fees at theme parks. You can also book a Mears Connect rather than renting a car.

4. Buy Disney Gift Cards in Advance

Another way to save money is to buy Disney gift cards ahead of time at places where you can save money. Purchase Disney gift cards from Costco, Sam’s Club, or Target with your Target Red Card. You’ll save money but still get the full value of the gift card.

Check your credit card point redemptions to see if you can exchange points for a gift card.

5. Bring a Water Bottle

Bring a water bottle for each family member to save money on buying water in the theme parks. There are plenty of places to fill your water bottles throughout Disney World.

6. Travel Off-Season

You can save a lot of money by traveling in slower months. You’ll get a better rate and won’t need Disney Genie+, or Individual Lightning Lane Passes because the park will be less crowded.

7. Save Money on Park Hopper Tickets Or Multi-Day Tickets

You can save money on Park Hopper Tickets by just doing one park at a time. Honestly, you can easily stay the day in one park and find plenty of things to do in all of them. If you get a five-day ticket, you can get in most of the activities you want to do.

Or you can purchase tickets for even more days in the park if you’re planning on just doing Disney World instead of other things to do in Orlando. When you book multi-day tickets, you can save money the more days you buy.

Also, booking a Vacation Package through Walt Disney World Resort will save you money, rather than booking your hotel, tickets, Enchanting Extras, Memory Makers, etc. ala carte. If you call Walt Disney World Resort, they can help you book a Vacation Package and after making a deposit, you can pay this off over time up until the balance is due.

8. Choose the Best Hotel Option for Your Budget

There are so many places to stay in and around Disney. You can still have an amazing Disney experience without the steep price.

Stay at a budget-friendly resort, like All-Star Movies, or stay off-site. Just remember you’ll need to pay for parking and transportation, so choosing a less expensive hotel on the property can actually be more cost-effective.

The nice thing is that any of the on-site accommodations like Riviera Resort, Copper Creek Villas, Beach Club Villas, Boulder Ridge Villas, the Wilderness Lodge, etc. all come with perks. The perks and promotions can make it worth staying there. Plus, you can get a place with a kitchen or kitchenette.

bringing your own food saves money on your Disney budget planner
Bringing your own food can help save money on your Disney Cost Calculator. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

9. Bring Your Own Food

You can stay within your Disney World dining budget by bringing your own food. Stay in a place where you can eat breakfast in the room, even if your accommodations just have a coffee pot and microwave. Even eating just one meal a day at the hotel can save you a lot of money.

When you eat on-site, there are many delicious quick-service meals you can get. Table service meals cost more money, so you can save a lot of money by only choosing quick service meals.

10. Take Advantage of Any Discounts You Can Find

Be sure to take advantage of any discounts you can find or have, such as gift cards, Disney Visa perks, travel credit card bonuses and promotions, etc. These perks can really save you money. Disney Vacation Club owners can also use points for resort accommodations.

Be sure to also check any specials Walt Disney World is running. Often they have seasonal discounts and special offers where you can get discounts on Disney Resorts, ticket packages, and more.

11. Budget Your Souvenirs

As I mentioned earlier, often, your budget can get out of control with food and souvenir purchases. Set a limit to souvenirs and stick to it.

Have the kids bring their allowance money or Greenlight cards to pay for some souvenirs and activities. Doing this will make them more conscientious of how they spend their money and reduce your Disney vacation cost.

12. Be Careful About Charging Things to Your Room

You can seriously blow your budget by charging things to your room. I know after a long day at the park, the last thing you may want to do is cook or go back out for dinner. So, it can be tempting to charge things to your room.

Don’t! Doing this can blow your budget.

13. Plan Activities in Advance

One way to help you use the Disney World Cost Calculator to estimate vacation costs is to do some research. Plan additional activities like mini-golf, water parks, and other things ahead of time. That way, you know how much activities cost and what you can afford before you leave for your trip.

Mobile Ordering screen shot for money saving at Disney
Mobile Ordering is another money-saving dining option at Disney World. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids


What is the average cost to go to Disney World for a family of 4?

The average trip cost to go to Disney World for five nights is approximately $5,000 to $6,000. Per person that is at least $1000.

When I am asked is $1000 enough for Disney World, I would say for one person, you could probably plan a vacation for that, but it won’t cover the cost of a family.

Again, it really depends on your goals. For instance, do you want to visit all four theme parks or maybe you only want two parks like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Do you plan on staying at a budget-friendly resort, like All-Star Movies or will you be staying off-site? What size hotel room will you be booking?

It can go up or down depending on individual costs, which can be influenced by the time of year you go. Food costs can vary too, depending on how many meals you have in the parks. Do you plan on only eating quick service meals with an occasional table service meal, or will you bring a lot of your own food? For our real-life example, we eat breakfasts in our hotel room, a quick service meal for one meal and a table service meal for the other typically. Our estimated cost would be less than someone who dines three full meals in the parks.

How much money do I need to take to Disney World for a family of 4? How much money should 1 person take to Disney World?

So this is going to depend on a lot of factors. Will you be eating out every meal? How much do you plan to spend on souvenirs? Will you buy any groceries?

On average, meals and snacks can be around $100 per person per day and souvenirs is up to you, but we budget $100 per person for the whole trip. I would plan for at least to bring this much money for person to Disney World. For a family of four, I would budget this amount times the number of days of your trip.

What is the average cost to go to Disney World per person? How much is Disney World per person per day?

Here’s what I tell people who ask how much is Diseny World per person. You can expect to pay approximately $1,000 to $1,500 per person for the whole trip. Our family paid closer to $2,000 per person but that was because we added some extras and went during one of the more expensive times due to our schedule for the year.

So, if this is for a seven-day trip, you can expect approximately an average of $150-200 per person per day. However, this assumes you do not do theme park visits every day. Our family does three days of theme parks and four days of other non-theme-park activities, which makes the average be about $150-$200 per day. Knowing that ticket prices are at least this much per day, you will pay more on theme park days and less on non-theme park days.

But, keep your costs down with package deals, discounts, multi-day tickets, etc. Also, this assumes you don’t have younger children, because kids under age three are free to enter the parks and will likely eat less.

How much does a 7-day trip to Disney World cost? How much money should you put aside for Disney World?

It costs approximately $5,000 to $8,000 for six or seven nights at Disney World, depending on how many people are in your party. For a family of five like mine, our costs were closer to $9,000 -$10,000 including food, lodging, and tickets. We needed a larger room, went during a busier time of year and had an extra person for tickets, food, souvenirs, etc.

Staying in Disney Resorts on the property comes with perks like packages with less expensive theme park tickets and free transportation. They also sometimes have deals for lodging that could save you several hundred of dollars on the lodging.

If you are wondering what is an average cost per person per day for Walt Disney World or how much money you should put aside for your Disney World trip, again this is so hard to say. So much of it depends on your lodging, tickets, food, whether or not you add extras, etc. You could do it for $200 to $300 per person per day or $1,000 -$3,000+ per person per day, all depending on your choices.

If you are entering a theme park, those days will be more expensive, and I think you can anticipate closer to $200-300 per adult per day, not including lodging.

This is why we tend to only book three theme park days for our family of five. Water park days are as much fun for our kids and they are considerably less expensive, so we always add one of those. But check my tips above for ways to save money on your Walt Disney World trip.

Is $4000 enough for Disney World?

In short, it CAN be. But, you will need to carefully map out your budget, depending on how many people are in your party. But certainly, choosing a Value Resort or staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness, or a nearby Budget Hotel, using any of my budget tips above, and bringing your own food are ways you can save money to stay within your budget.

You CAN do Disney World at any budget, it just depends on how many people are in your party and where you spend your money. Things like tickets will be things you will spend money on, but there are many ways to trim things out so that you can craft a magical vacation within your budget.

Final Thoughts on Disney World Cost Calculator

Consider this post your Disney World planning guide to help you calculate the cost of your Disney Vacation. This Disney cost calculator helps you with all the things you need to factor in, like hotel costs, ticket prices, activities, and more.

We always stay in a Disney Resort as the amenities and perks are worth it and with options for every budget, you can certainly customize your vacation and still stay on or near Disney World property. Plus, we don’t have to pay for parking or transportation. 

I gave you our real-world costs as a family of five who stayed on Disney property. But keep in mind there are so many ways to upgrade or downgrade based on your family, budget, and interests.

You can stay on track with your Disney World costs by mapping out your plans in advance, and budgeting using my Disney World Cost Calculator. Doing so will make sure you can stay focused on the magic and family memories once you are in the park.

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