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If you have read some of my recent posts,  you know I love travel subscription boxes so I had to share my Universal Yums review!  This super fun and creative travel subscription box is one of the most delicious ways to travel the world from home.

When we travel with our kids, trying the local cuisine – and especially snacks, desserts, and candies – is one of their favorite parts of our trips.  We have discovered so many favorite foods this way!

Not only is food a way to learn about a culture, but it is a great way to connect our kids with kids around the world.  With food and cuisine being such an important part of most cultures around the world, learning about snacks, foods, and candies is a great way to introduce kids to world cultures.

Universal Yums brings special snacks from around the world right to your door with their creative travel subscription box.  Find out what makes it so unique in my Universal Yums review and why your kids will love this unique travel subscription box!

I have been gifted a box from Universal Yums. However, the following Universal Yums review is entirely my own opinion.  This post also contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you should you make a purchase using this link. See my disclaimer

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Why Travel Subscription Boxes For Kids

We love to give our kids’ experiences more so than things. And one of the best ways to give experiences is with the lifelong gift of travel.  Not only do you create lasting family memories, but you teach kids about cultures around the world and inspire their wanderlust.

With kids in school, and with travel limited right now, travel subscription boxes are the next best thing.  Travel subscription boxes like Universal Yums introduces kids to cultures all around the world, one month and one delicious snack at a time!

More BENEFITS of travel subscription boxes for kids and WHY they make wonderful gifts:

  • Boxes like Universal Yums are educational.
  • Kids will discover countries and cultures around the world.
  • If given as a gift, Universal Yums will delight and surprise your kids over and over each month!
  • Activities in the boxes will keep kids engaged and can be repeated.
  • Kids love to get mail!
  • It’s an activity that doesn’t involve screens.
  • Kids will learn map skills, about new countries, and discover fun and cultural facts!
  • Universal Yums might also lead kids to want to make kid-friendly recipes from around the world.
  • Kids can discover holiday traditions around the world
  • Travel subscription boxes can support homeschool activities.

Now that you know why travel subscription boxes are a great investment, let’s get to my Universal Yums review and why your family will love it!

universal yums review - inside box

About Universal Yums: The Review

In each themed Universal Yums box is a collection of unique and hard to find snacks and an activity booklet focused on one country or region at a time.  Our box was themed for Scandanavia, so we got to experience Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland all in one box!

In addition to a colorful map with information about each country, the reverse side of the map included games, a holiday tradition, and a chart for my kids to rank their favorite snacks.

An educational activity booklet was also included, along with a collection of savory and sweet snacks for my kids to taste their way around Scandanavia!

Inside The Universal Yums Travel Subscription Box

Each Universal Yums box is themed for a country or region, though the first box for new subscribers is Italy! What’s inside will depend on where you are headed, so countries that make a lot of chocolate may have more related special treats than a country where you might find more savory snacks with unique flavors.

Most of the sweet and savory snacks in the Universal Yums box are often hard – if not impossible – to find in the United States. You can choose your size, which will vary the price. The choices include a small (with 6+ snacks in each box), medium (with 12+ snacks in each box), or large (with 20+ snacks in each box.)

universal yums review tribia book

Inside each Universal Yums Box:

universal yums review yum awards

Universal Yums Review: Our Experience

Inside of our Scandanavia box, we found an assortment of fun and delicious sweet and savory treats that mostly delighted my kids!  Snack chips, sweet waffles, chocolate, licorice, and much more were great fun for my kids. They were a perfect size to add to lunch boxes or enjoy as a treat.

Each snack was a single serving and several were full size. There were a few flavors that were new to my kids, and so they took a bit of getting used to, but it was a great way for my kids to connect with kids around the world by discovering some of their favorite treats.

In addition to taste-testing the contents, my kids loved completing the activity booklet and definitely learned some new facts and trivia about the countries in Scandanavia!  The map was helpful for my kids to identify the locations of these countries, and they loved completing the ranking for which treats were their favorites.  Hint – their top-rated ones were all of the chocolate treats!

Overall, it was a very delightful box of treats and quite full for the price. My Universal Yums review conclusion – it is a great travel subscription box for families and a unique and fun way to travel the world from home!

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Why Universal Yums Is Great For Families

The Universal Yums box had something each one of us enjoyed.  Discovering new flavors and having everyone share their opinion is a great way to travel the world together from home.

It is also a great activity to learn new facts about countries together as a family.   This is truly an experiential travel subscription box for families.   Even older kids and teens will enjoy Universal Yums.

If you are planning to travel to new countries with your kids, Universal Yums is a great way to begin introducing kids to new tastes, flavors, and spices.  It is a terrific start to trying new things, just like traveling!

universal yums review kids looking at box contents

Who Wouldn’t Like Universal Yums?

This is a subscription around food. If you have very picky eaters or food allergies, you may want to look closely into the ingredients of this travel subscription box.

It is also important to realize the snacks will come from the countries or regions of the monthly theme.  Boxes from countries in Asia may have ingredients kids aren’t used to like seaweed or unique spices.  It is possible you could get a box with flavors the kids don’t enjoy if they haven’t tried them before.

But part of the joy in travel is trying new things and taking risks.  The Universal Yums box will certainly inspire trying new flavors and tastes, just as you would if you visited this region.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the Universal Yums boxes come?

The Universal Yums is a monthly subscription box program. Once you choose the size of your box (small, medium, or large), you can choose month to month or a prepaid option of an annual subscription.

Can I gift a Universal Yums box?

Yes, you can gift a subscription. Once you choose the size, you can select from a one-month (single box), three months, six, months, or a 12-month subscription.

universal yums outside box

What is the cost of a Universal Yums box?

The cost of Universal Yums depends entirely on the size of box you choose.

Small: Yum Box

If you choose the smallest size (the Yum Box with 6+ snacks and a 12-page activity book in every box), it can be as low as $14.67 per box for the best value, which is the 12-month subscription.

Medium: Yum Yum Box

The medium size box ( the Yum Yum box with 12+ snacks, a 16-page activity box, and bonus content), it can be as low as $24.75 per box for the best value of a 12-month subscription.

Large: Super Yum Box

The large size box (Super Yum box with 20+ snacks each month, plus all that is in the Yum Yum box), you can get for as low as $37.58 per box for the best value of the 12-month subscription.

Important Note

It will cost more per box if you choose one of the single boxes, three-month, or six-month subscriptions than the 12-month subscription.  The simple math is the longer you subscribe to Universal Yums, the less expensive each box becomes.

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Is Universal Yums Travel Subscription Box Worth The Cost?

As you can probably tell from my Universal Yums Review, I am quite smitten with this unique travel subscription box.  So, in my humble opinion, YES!  Universal Yums is definitely worth the cost.

Not only is it unique, but it often includes hard to find – if not impossible to find – snacks and treats from around the world. And, it is an interesting and fun way to learn about world cultures and countries. I especially love the activity booklet, recipes, and added educational information for kids.  It really encourages kids to enjoy learning about each country and enhances the value of each box.

How Do I Order A Universal Yums Travel Subscription Box?

Ready to order? Click below ⬇.

Order Universal Yums Here! Order Universal Yums Here!

Final Thoughts On My Universal Yums Review

Universal Yums is a great product if you love trying foods, snacks, and treats around the world! It’s also a fun and unique way to introduce your kids to world cultures and countries around the world, and can certainly supplement homeschool activities in social studies, geography, and world languages.   Trying treats, snacks, and treats from around the world is a fun and delicious way to give your kids the world.

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  1. ok this is awesome!! didnt even know this existed!! what a great way to try foods from different places without actually travelling! perfect especially in this climate!

  2. I’m glad I found this article because I’ve been seriously thinking about signing up for a subscription box like this. I think it would be neat to experience food from different places especially since many are hard or impossible to find.

  3. This might be the coolest thing ever! I so want to try this for my kids. My hubby does have a bit of a fear when it comes to allergic reactions, but I’m definitely going to have to take a look. I love the idea of being able to expose them to other cultures through the food they eat.

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