Up and Away Adventures Travel Subscription Box For Families

One of my favorite types of gifts to get my kids for their birthday or the holidays is a travel subscription box. If you have been following me for a while, you will notice it comes up often as a great way to keep your kids' wanderlust alive and travel from home.

Travel subscription boxes are also a great way for kids to learn about world cultures and countries around the globe.

But recently, a new, exciting travel subscription box has come on the market, called Up and Away Adventures.  And here's the best part – it is designed for the whole family to enjoy, from kids to adults!

So, imagine my excitement when recently, the company gifted me a box to try for myself!  I  am excited to share with you why Up and Away Adventures is a fantastic travel subscription box for kids and families. And, how you can enter to win a giveaway of their December 2020 box in time for Christmas!

travel subscription box up and away

I have been gifted a box from Up and Away Adventures for the purposes of this review, however, the following review is entirely my own opinion.  You can enter to win a giveaway from Up and Away Adventures with the entry form below. This post also contains affiliate links for which I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you should you make a purchase using this link. See my disclaimer

Why Travel Subscription Boxes For Kids

Before we get into Up and Away Adventures specifically, let's quickly talk about the benefits of travel subscription boxes for kids.  Travel subscription boxes make wonderful gifts, because:

  • They are educational.
  • Kids will learn about countries and cultures around the world.
  • If given as a gift, this experiential product is a gift that continues to be given over time.
  • Activities in the boxes can be enjoyed over time and repeated.
  • What kid doesn't love to get mail?
  • Each box is a treasure of discovery and kids are excited to see what's inside!
  • It's an activity that doesn't involve screens.
  • Kids will explore the world, learn map skills, and fun and cultural facts about countries around the world.
  • They open kids' minds to the world.
  • Travel subscription boxes can support homeschool activities

I confess I have gotten as excited about my kids' travel subscription boxes as they have!

travel subscription box

About Up And Away Adventures

Up and Away Adventures was started by two friends named Jim and Scott, who have a love of travel.  They started this company as a way to share travel in an experiential way with families who share their passion for discovering the world.

In each themed box (which adorably looks like a suitcase), is experiential country themed-content that is educational, interesting, and fun.  With something for each member of the family to enjoy, the box incorporates culture, cuisine, people, and other items related to the country through games and activities.

When Jim and Scott say the box is for the whole family, they truly mean it!  I was equally as excited by the contents of our box (which was Spain-themed) as my kids.  While they grabbed for the craft and activities, I grabbed for the recipe cards and Spanish rice!  I was thrilled to get an authentic Gazpacho and Paella recipe (among others!)

travel subscription box inside fun facts

Inside The Up and Away Adventures Travel Subscription Box

Each Up and Away Adventure suitcase is themed for a country.  Inside each box is a multi-sensory experience that includes culture, games, facts, activities, and interesting facts.  The items will introduce families to:

  • Culture
  • Festivals
  • Agriculture and Products
  • Cuisine
  • People
  • Music & Dance
  • Inventions
  • Games and Crafts
  • Educational Videos

travel subscription box

Our Experience

Inside of our Spain box, I was extremely impressed by the number of items, fun facts, creativity, and unique products included inside.

When Up and Away Adventures says a multi-sensory experience, they truly mean it!  Our box even came with a scent (see below.)

My immediate impression: This is a tremendous value for what is included.  And, I learned a lot!

travel-subscription box map of spain

Our box included:


  • Spanish flag – my son's favorite as a flag expert and a collector of flags
  • M & M's – along with a fact about the candy given to soldiers during the Spanish Civil War which inspired the creation of M & M's
  • Chupa Chups Lollipops – famous Spanish candy
  • Orange Citrus Smell – a nod to the city of Valencia which is the largest exporter of oranges in the world
  • Post Card – with images of the famous Barcelona Park created by Antoni Gaudi
  • Spanish Rice – which is used in the famed Spanish dish Paella
  • Tile Coasters – hand-painted Spanish Mediterranean tiles commonly seen in Spain

travel subscription box


  • Passport/Sticker – so my kids could mark they “traveled” here on their Up and Away Adventure
  • Tile Coaster Craft – a complete craft pack with directions to bake and hand paint our own tile using the included paints, cork backing, and stencil (perfect for kids ages 8 and up!)
  • Tomato – cute little splat ball that represents the Spanish festival La Tomatina
  • Recipes – a collection of iconic recipes for adults that includes a range of favorites like Sangria, Gazpacho, Paella, and many more the videos for which on Up and Away Adventures website
  • Memory Card Game – where we learned 10 exciting facts about Spain!
  • Word Find – my daughter had so much fun learning some Spanish words
  • Pablo Picasso Art Stickers – a huge hit with my twins
  • Popcorn – that we could enjoy while watching the videos of the culture and language of Spain!

travel subscription box tile craft

Why Up and Away Adventures Is Great For Families

The Up and Away Adventure box of Spain was truly filled with something for every member of our family.  It was thoughtfully curated with activities and items to appeal to a range of ages and interests.

While we have tried and enjoyed travel subscription boxes from a variety of programs, some of them are good for children under age 10 and others are more geared for adults.  Few have been able to capture the interest of our family in such an educational, sensory, and engaging way.

This is truly an experiential travel subscription box for families.   Even older kids and teens will enjoy Up and Away Adventures.

travel subscription box

Who Wouldn't Like Up and Away Adventures

In my opinion, Up and Away Adventures has something for the whole family, but the activities are – at least in our Spain box – appropriate for elementary-aged kids and up.  While a preschooler or toddler would love the Picasso stickers, the splat tomato, and the passport, as well as the cute suitcase it comes in and the candy, the activities and crafts would definitely require adult help.

For preschool and younger elementary-aged students, a travel subscription box-like Little Passports Early Explorers or Little Global Citizens might be better for them to get them started and introduce them to world cultures. These boxes would have activities suited for this younger age group.

But I would still recommend Up and Away Adventure boxes for the family to support additional world culture education.

And, it is definitely an excellent travel subscription box for mid-elementary-aged kids, older kids, and families.  Few travel subscription boxes approach teaching kids about world cultures in this multi-sensory and experiential way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do the Up and Away Adventures Boxes come?

The subscription offers a bi-monthly box.  The boxes are sent at the end of every other month.

Can I just buy a single box?

On the Up and Away Adventures website, you can purchase a single box if you are interested in a specific country from a previous month.  It is also a great way to supplement homeschooling or if you are looking to introduce your children to one country to complement work on multicultural education activities. For kid-friendly recipes from around the world, check out my post on 101+ recipes!

What is the cost of an Up and Away Adventure Box?

The bi-monthly subscription cost is $49.95 per box which is sent out every other month by the 20th of the month.  Individual boxes are $54.95 each.

Is Up and Away Adventures Travel Subscription Box Worth The Cost?

In my opinion, YES!  My immediate reaction to our box was that it was so full of educational and experiential content, that it was well worth the money.  Though I have traveled quite a bit, including to Spain, I learned a lot of new things from this box! And, many of the items can be used more than once!

The box was also designed with the help of an educational consultant, who is a certified elementary school teacher with over 24 years of experience, according to the Up and Away Adventure website.  There is so much included in this box that would support any homeschool curriculum.

travel subscription box whats inside

How Do I Order Up and Away Adventures Travel Subscription Box?

You can find out the next month here on their website.  Currently, Up and Away Adventures is only shipping to the United States, Hawaii, and Alaska, and US Territories. Ready to order? Click below ⬇.

Order Up And Away Box Here!

Final Thoughts On Up and Away Adventures Travel Subscription Box

Up and Away Adventure boxes might be new on the market of travel subscription boxes, but they are already making their mark as a fantastic option for families. Not only can you experience travel virtually from home, with a complete sensory experience, but there is something for the whole family.   Up and Away Adventures would not only make a fantastic gift, but it can support home education. And, while travel is limited, it is a fantastic way to travel from home.

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