Fun and Unique Gifts For Travel Lovers (You Can Get Last Minute)

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If you are like me, finding gifts for everyone on your list during the holidays can feel overwhelming, especially for those who seem to have everything.  Finding fun and unique gifts for travel lovers is particularly tricky because if they travel often, they seem to have gotten what they need.

As much as I love to give my husband and travel-loving family members useful gifts, like travel pillows, blankets, and earphones, there is something special about finding something they haven't seen before!   Fun and unique travel gifts that are practical or just inspire your favorite traveler's wanderlust are really special gifts.

Because often, they won't get these items for themselves. Treating your favorite traveler to unique and experienced-based gifts shows a lot of thought for their love of travel and it will remind them of you. 

And unique presents make the best gifts for travel lovers who love maps will remind travelers of their love of travel and inspire them to book their next trip!

But, no matter what you choose, honoring your travel-loving loved one with a unique travel gift is sure to be well received.   Here are my favorite finds for fun and unique gifts for travel lovers!

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 Fun and Unique Gifts For Travel Lovers

When I think about fun and unique gifts for travel lovers, I think a bit outside the box.  While some of these gifts for travel loverscould be stand-alone, I am a fan of “bundling” like-minded gifts.

No matter what kind of traveler you are shopping for, these fun and unique gifts for travel lovers will be a big hit!

Most of these gifts for travelers you can get fairly close to the holidays on Amazon or with rush shipping. But if they won't come in time, not to worry. You can always give a photo of the gift and let your recipient know they are coming. It's the thought that will be appreciated with these fabulous gifts!

The Stylish Traveler

Now I am a huge fan of the Away Travel suitcase brand. We own several pieces at my house and these suitcases make the best gifts for travel lovers.

But if you want a fun and unique gift for your travel lover to add to their stylish collection, think about one of their gorgeous backpacks or everywhere weekend bags (which also make great carry-ons and bags for road trips.)


Away is offering limited edition Holiday Collection items, including the Large Everywhere Bag and the Large Toiletry Bag which make the perfect gifts for people who love to travel.

Something their gorgeous holiday collection would certainly be unique and different. They have new products as well, including their toiletry bags and jewelry carriers, making them as unique as they are stylish! These bags make the best gifts for travelers and either one would make a great gift. Practical travel gifts are perfect for the frequent traveler.

Check out all of the special items in the Away Travel Holiday Collection for more fun and unique gifts for travel lovers!

Read my review of Away Travel Luggage: The Best Suitcases For Family Travel!

Get Them Here:

The Caffeinated Traveler

For the early flight catcher or long road tripper, coffee is an absolute must and a great gift for travelers.  As any coffee connoisseur knows, keeping your brew tasting good and hot is always appreciated when having to fly out early or keep focused on the road.

The Fellow Travel Mug is a traveler's new best friend and a fantastic gift for a traveler. Due to its wide mouth, “true taste” ceramic coating, and its heat-wall double lock vacuum, this travel mug will make those early morning flights or long drives much more bearable.

Make It A Bundle!

Want to make this a special gift pack?  You can make this unique gift for travel lovers a great bundle by pairing it with a great coffee, brewer, and coffee grinder! These are awesome gifts for people who travel.

I am a huge fan of Montana coffee, so I recommend a great brand like this.  Combine it with a coffee grinder and this amazing glass pour-over coffee maker, and you will have a few fantastic unique gifts for travelers!

Get them here:

The Nostalgic Traveler

For travelers who love the scents of their favorite place, the Homesick Candle series might transport them there so these candles make excellent present

Recently, my husband bought me the Hawaii candle. And it's gorgeous scents of coconut, pineapple, a bit of ocean, and maybe even floral brought me right back to the shores of Maui. You can pick candles with scents that remind them of the places they've traveled so they are the perfect gift ideas for travel lovers.

The Homesick Candle series comes in a variety of scents of favorite cities, states, countries, and themes. The high-quality, natural soy wax candle is hand-poured and made in the USA.  My Hawaii candle is beautifully scented, one of the better-smelling candles I have received.  It makes one of the best travel gifts for your favorite traveler!

Get It Here:

The Wanderlust Traveler

For a traveler who loves to remember their wanderlust and likes to have the art to show for it, this gorgeous Wooden Wall Pushpin Map of the World on Etsy makes a very fun and unique gift for travel lovers. 

I bought this for my husband for Valentine's Day, and it is simply stunning. This wall makes one of the most unique travel gifts.
Photo Credit: EnjoyTheWood

It is available in several sizes, and at different levels of personalization if you want just country names, capitals, or state names.  You can even add on beautiful pushpins of the country flags. 

I love this Wooden Wall Pushpin Map of the World as a fun and unique gift for travel lovers and it's an alternative to a scratch-off map. It is a great way to keep their wanderlust alive and remind them of their travels which makes one of the wall maps of the world one of the best gifts for adventure lovers.

Get It Here:


The Creative Traveler

When we travel with our kids, we love to take in the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenes. Images of the rows of lavender fields in France or the glorious mountains in a National Park, or even sunset ocean views in Hawaii are images that look like a picture.

So, we started bringing sketchbooks along on our travels and they make awesome travel gift ideas. Not only do they keep our kids (and us) busy on the trip, but they are a great way to stop and slow down and appreciate our travels.

For your creative traveler, a beautiful art set and sketchbook would make unique gifts for travel lovers. This Travel Art Set And Sketch Book is not only a complete set but it is portable. It would be a great gift for any creative traveler on your list. 

Get It Here:

Need More Ideas? Check Out My List Of 8 Stocking Stuffers For Travelers They Really Want!

The Phone Camera Traveler

For the traveler who loves to take pictures with their phone, but also loves to edit them for a beautiful shot, they would love these gifts to improve their phone photography.  The Xeno camera lens clips right onto the phone but can turn a regular image into a widescreen making it an amazing gift. It also comes with a 15x macro lens, so you get both a wider and clearer image.

Couple this with a portable cell phone photo stand for capturing those gorgeous sunsets or for taking selfies and videos, and you have a great gift! Giving the gift of even better images is a fun and unique gift for travel lovers!

Get Them Here:

Make It A Bundle!

Often your favorite traveling photographer is a lover of the great outdoors! For your favorite outdoor traveler,  adding in some unique gifts for hikers would be a great pairing with one of these camera gifts.  Your favorite outdoorsman will have what they need for their next hiking adventure and be able to capture those spectacular experiences.

The Foodie Traveler

For the traveler who loves to taste their way around the world (totally me!), they will love one of these amazing gifts for a culinary adventure from home.  Starting with an Around The World Cookbook, you can give them the gift of making amazing foods from countries around the world at home.

Make It A Bundle!

Want to make it a gift bundle? You can then pair it with this gorgeous World Wooden Cookbook Stand made by artisans in India. You could even add in a cooking gadget unique to cooking around the world like a paella pan or a crepe maker.

Another idea for your foodie traveler is a Try the World subscription or single box. This lovely company brings foods and ingredients from around the world. It could certainly add to the above “bundle” or it could work as a lovely stand-alone gift! It makes a very fun and unique gift for travel lovers!

A Try the World subscription box makes a great gift for travelers.

Try The World

Get It Here:

The Holiday Traveler

Whenever we travel, we love to buy a Christmas ornament or decoration from the destination to remember our trip. I love learning about the traditions of Holidays Around The World For Kids And Families.  In fact, learning about the traditions for Santa Claus Around The World is so fascinating to me.

Each year when we decorate our tree and house, we set out these special decorations. Not only do they remind us of our favorite places, but they are great conversation pieces about the place from where they came.

Wooden stars from Strasbourg, a delicate ornament from Austria, Santons from France, King Henry and Anne Boleyn tree ornaments from England, and a Hawaiian handmade ornament all decorate our home.  We even have a candle carousel from Germany, Christmas crackers from England, and special Santa Claus Russian doll figures.

For those who love travel, a special ornament to remind them of a country they love or just travel, in general, is a fun and unique thoughtful gift for travel lovers!

Whether is it one of these beautiful Santa Claus ornaments that show Santa from different countries or special ornaments from another country, or even just something beautiful like a globe ornament, a Christmas ornament makes a great gift for any travel lover! And it may just be their favorite gift.

These ornaments are much more unique than water bottles and packing cubes though those are great useful gifts.

Get Them Here:

The Gift Card Traveler

When in doubt, a gift card for your favorite traveler would makes an excellent gift!  This way they can use it as they choose. Whether you go for a, Air B n B, or an airline gift card, giving the gift of travel is definitely a fun and unique gift for any travel lover!

Pair it with a cute pop-up travel card like this one and you have a super fun and cute gift for your favorite traveler!

Get Them Here:

The Beach-Loving Traveler

For any beach or pool loving traveler, a practical yet stylish towel that can also be a cover-up would be a very fun and unique travel gift!  This beautiful 2 in 1 beach travel sarong, inspired by an East African “kakoy” is a very special gift any beachgoer would love, especially on a family vacation to Hawaii!

With a towel on the inside and tie for a sarong, it is both functional and fashionable!

Make It A Bundle!

This 2 in 1 beach travel sarong is beautiful enough to be a stand-alone gift. But if you want to make it a “bundle”, you can pair this with a beach-themed travel subscription box, like The Wanderlust from Crate Joy!


The Wanderlust  is a beach-themed travel subscription box that comes quarterly with travel, lifestyle, and beauty items all themed around an iconic beach somewhere in the world.  Each box is different.

Your favorite traveler will be transported to the shores of Santorini, the Maldives, Tahiti, or the Hamptons to name a few.  The Wanderlust travel subscription box is definitely a fun and unique gift for travel lovers who love the sand and sea!

Get Them Here:

The Disney Fanatic

For those who love the mouse, these fun and unique gifts for travel lovers of all things Disney will make them all ears! As any Disney fan knows, anything that shows your Disneyside is much loved whether you are planning an upcoming trip to the parks or just needing some of that special pixie dust at home.

While there is no end to the Disney gift ideas that will make your Disney traveler's dreams come true, here are a few favorites that are a bit different.

For anyone who loves to show their Disney side, custom made Disney t-shirts from Etsy are a great way for them to express their inner princess or mouseketeer.

For the jewelry fan, a custom Name Necklace in Disney font will win over princess hearts all across the land.

If you know someone who would LOVE regular pixie dust delivered right to their kingdom, a Disney subscription box is a great idea.  Boxes like Mickey Monthly or Walt Life will be a magical gift that will keep on giving.

And something from shop Disney like one of their Dooney & Bourke or Kate Spade collection bags for your next park visit is always a fun and unique gift for any travel lover of Disney!

Get Them Here:

Final Thought On Fun And Unique Gifts For Travel Lovers

There are so many ways to bring the world to your favorite traveler through a special and thoughtful gift. I know you love one of the gift ideas on this gift list and you have plenty of ones to choose from to find the ideal gift.

Not only will these ideas delight and surprise your recipient. They will remind them of their love of travel and of you!  Fun and unique gifts for travel lovers are a great way to give something thoughtful and help them travel from home.

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