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Our family loves the island of Maui. It has become an annual tradition to visit annually. While there are so many things to do with kids on Maui, many people ask me what are the best restaurants in Maui for families.

Not to worry, because having visited Maui for the last 10 years since my oldest son was 18 months old, I’ve got the list of the best places to eat in Maui with kids. In fact, one of our favorite things about the island is the food.

And if you’re looking for accommodations, here are some great places to stay in Maui for families.

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Why These Are the Best Restaurants In Maui For Families

Generally speaking, my husband often judges a place’s “family friendliness” by its restaurants.  And, as Hawaiians love the Keiki (Hawaiian for kids), there are many places to eat in Maui with kids.

Our family has come to know and love many of Maui’s best kid-friendly restaurants.  In fact, many of them and their signature dishes have become an annual tradition. They are often a welcome reprieve after an active day doing one of the amazing family adventures in Maui.

Food Is Part Of Hawaiian Culture

Food is a cultural experience, as it often tells the story of the resources and the culture of the area. This is especially true in Hawaii.

Hawaiian foods are not just an important part of Hawaiian culture, but they are a signature way for Ohanas (Hawaiian for families) to gather.   In fact, traditional Luaus are all centered on food and the gathering of the Ohana.

All of these restaurants on this list are quite welcoming to Ohanas. In fact nearly all either have a Keiki (kid) menu or will make accommodations for you.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

In Hawaii, you can expect to find excellent food.  Not only do many Hawaiian restaurants commit to high-quality ingredients, many often use (when possible) fresh local fish and farm-fresh foods from right on the island.  So, often you can be assured of the best-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Our family loves supporting local culture and businesses. So, visiting these restaurants helps out not just the business and their employees, but also many of the local farms, markets, and food suppliers on the island. Plus, locally sourced ingredients is always a great quality for any restaurant.

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The Spirit Of Aloha

The service is also usually top-notch at the best places to eat with kids on Maui, as the spirit of Aloha is alive and well on the island. And, if you are lucky and time it right, at some of these locations you may get to watch the sunset or enjoy a local Maui musician while you enjoy your meal.

It is a wonderful way to end your day of family adventures on Maui.

Traditional Tastes Of Maui

With Maui’s abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, farmers’ markets, high-quality cattle farms, and the Pacific ocean filled with sashimi-grade fish, Maui is a culinary playground for adult and kid foodies alike.

From farm to table meals to traditional feasts, there is as much variety and quality as there is a rainbow of colors in the food. Enjoying some of the local favorites is a great way to teach your kids about Hawaiian culture.

Maui fruit stand on Road to Hana
Fresh food is common in Maui. photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Some of the traditional foods you may find in Maui include:

Kalua Pork

A staple of any Luau, the pork is is cooked in the ground or sometimes wrapped in banana leaves and baked in the oven.

Huli Huli Chicken

The chicken is barbecued with a sweet and savory teriyaki-like sauce.

Photo credit: ALLEKO/iStock by Getty

Fish and Seafood (like Mahi Mahi)

Mahi Mahi is a staple and favorite among Hawaiians and is often served with a garlic butter sauce.


Another Hawaiian staple, poi is ground taro in a paste-like consistency and has a sweet flavor.

Banana Bread

Fresh, warm banana bread is absolutely a tradition on Maui.  You can find some of the best homemade ones at roadside stands, including Julia’s Best Banana Bread in Wailuku.

Take a food journey around the world


Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Maui has an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables for enjoying from local farms, roadside stands, and farmers’ markets. Lilikoi, papaya, mango, coconut, breadfruit, and pineapple are some of the most common fruits to enjoy on the island.



Maui Desserts

Macadamia nuts are a common flavor on Maui, and delectable desserts, bread and even ice cream with island flavors like macadamia nut are common on Maui.  One of the most famous is the Hula Pie (a macadamia nut ice cream pie!  Shave Ice (frozen, shaved ice with syrup flavors and sometimes an added cream) is also a common sweet delight on the island.


The Best Restaurants On Maui For Families

I am always a fan of attending a Luau if you have the chance.  It is a great place to try a variety of traditional Hawaiian foods. But, that isn’t the only way to enjoy the tastes of Maui.

Now that you know a bit about what you may find on the menus in some of the restaurants, here are some of the best places to eat in Maui with kids.   Whether you are looking for family-friendly restaurants in West Maui, or are needing delicious places to eat in Kihei after a great beach day, you will find awesome family-friendly dining all over the island of Maui.

One note is that some of these places get quite busy, so you may want to make advanced reservations.

While most of these restaurants are family-friendly, a couple of them would be great for an adult-only dinner. Many resorts have “kids night out” so parents can enjoy a dinner alone.  There are also day babysitting services, like The Nanny Connection, on the island with qualified nannies that will come for a one time visit if you want an adult night out or a chance to try one of these awesome, unusual things to do on Maui.   


Best Moderately Priced Maui Restaurants For Families



Coconut’s Fish Cafe

  • Located in Kihei (two locations, plus a few others outside Maui and has a food truck)
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate ($10-$22 per adult entree)
  • Quick service
  • BVWK Tip: It doesn’t look like much on the outside, but inside it is delightfully decorated and very family-friendly. This gem serves absolutely delicious food, quality ingredients, and even some family recipes, and employs the friendliest staff I have come across. It was an absolute gem to find.

Maui Brewing Company

  • Has a casual atmosphere with lots of good local food, pub food, pizzas, and beer
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate ($10-22 per adult entree)
  • QR Code Menu but they will bring the food
  • It’s a sit down restaurant but kind of fast given that you can order it online yourself

Flatbread Pizza Company

  • Located in Paia
  • No Keiki menu but Keiki’s are most welcome and encouraged to draw pictures for display!
  • Price: Moderate ($20-$25 per pizza)
  • Restaurant with many locations in the Northeast (original is in Vermont).
  • Known for sourcing local, high-quality ingredients to make some of the best salads and pizza you have ever tasted!
  • BVWK Tip: Due to limited seating, reservations are recommended.

Best Moderate to Pricey Maui Restaurants For Families

dukes restaurant sign
Dukes in Maui is one of our favorites for places to eat with kids. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids


Duke’s Beach House Maui

  • Located in Kaanapali
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate to Pricey ($25-$50 entrees)
  • Named after Duke Kahanamoku, a beloved Hawaiian swimmer who popularized surfing.
  • Duke’s Maui sources ingredients from a variety of Maui farms.
  • BVWK Tip: Fantastic place to watch the sunset.
leilani's on the beach
Leilani’s is always delicious and fresh and a great place to watch a sunset. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Leilani’s On The Beach

  • Located in Kaanapali (in Whaler’s Village)
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate to Pricey ($25-$50 entrees)
  • Serves the famous Hula Pie, a must-try dessert. Leilani’s sources local ingredients in many of their menu items.
  • BVWK Tip: Fantastic place to watch the sunset. This restaurant gets crowded so I advise making a reservation.
Monkeypod’s is another great family friendly restaurant on Maui. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman’s

  • Located in Kaanapali (in Whaler’s Village) and Wailea
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate to Pricey ($15-25 entrees)
  • Owned by Merriman’s, Monkeypod offers a simpler menu full of local and fresh ingredients. Pizzas, burgers, and of course fish are the main options.
  • BVWK Tip: Make a reservation.  It is more casual than Merriman’s.
Hula Grill on Kanapaali in Maui
We love Hula Grill for a casual family dinner in Maui. Photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Hula Grill Maui

  • Located in Kaanapali (in Whaler’s Village)
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: Moderate to Pricey (adult entrees range from $20 to $45)
  • Hula Grill sources a lot of local ingredients and serves a lot of Hawaiian favorites.
  • BVWK Tip: Fantastic place to watch the sunset. Get a reservation as it can be busy.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar Maui

  • Located in Kapalua and Kihei
  • Does not have a Keiki menu, but will offer kid-friendly options. Is better for older kids/teens.
  • Price: Moderate to Expensive (it is sushi after all!)
  • BVWK Tip: Make a reservation as this restaurant is very popular.

Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar

  • Located in Wailea
  • Keiki Menu
  • Price: $15 to $50 Entrees
  • Range of favorites to local Hawaiian-influenced specialties
The view from Merriman’s while enjoying a special dinner is well worth it.


  • Located in Kapalua
  • Keiki Menu, but is a bit fancier so great for an adult-only dinner.
  • Price: Moderate to Expensive ($35 to $50 + entrees)
  • One of the most stunning views in all of Maui and a fantastic place to watch the sunset.
  • Sources a lot of local ingredients.
  • BVWK Tip: This restaurant is more fine dining but would be fine for older kids or teens. Make a reservation, though, as it is in high demand.  If you have additional family staying with you or are using any of the island childcare services, you can enjoy an adult-only dinner.
Mama's Fish House is a great place to eat with kids on Maui
Mama’s Fish House is a must-visit when visiting Maui with kids. photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids

Mama’s Fish House

  • Located in Paia, right on the beach.
  • Keiki Menu, but is a bit fancier so great for an adult-only dinner or for older/teens/less picky eaters.
  • Price: Expensive ($50 to $75 + entrees)
  • Fresh fish is caught daily and served on the menu.  It is so fresh, that the daily menu actually lists the fishermen’s names and where they caught the fish! Unless you are a mermaid, you won’t get fresher fish than this!
  • BVWK Tip: Mama’s fish house is a destination, not just a restaurant. It is on many peoples’ “bucket list” of things to do in Maui. Definitely make a reservation in advance (maybe even before you arrive in Maui.)
BVWK Tip: Honorable Mention

Choice Health Bar

If you are a fan of smoothies, acai bowls, vegan dishes, and clean eating, Choice Health Bar is one of my favorite spots. Located in Lahaina and in Kaanapali, it is our go-to spot for a delicious, healthy lunch after a morning snorkel or scuba dive.

shave ice in Maui
Definitely enjoy shave ice in Maui with kids. photo credit: Bon Voyage With Kids


Final Thoughts About The Best Restaurants In Maui For Families

Maui is a great place for adult and kid foodies alike. Though this is not a complete list, these are our family’s favorite spots for some of the best places to eat with kids on Maui.  After a wonderous day enjoying family adventures on Maui, you can delight in the Hawaiian cuisine at some of the best restaurants in Maui for families.

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