Has your muggle vacation to London’s Harry Potter Studio Tour or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Studio theme parks been canceled? If so, you can still be enchanted from home with FREE Harry Potter Virtual Tours, online experiences, magical recipes, and games!

Wizards and muggles alike can apparate right into Harry’s world and Hogwarts with one of these magical travel from home experiences.

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Harry Potter Virtual Tours

London’s Harry Potter Studios Virtual Tour

For any Harry Potter fan, having a Harry Potter experience in the UK is as magical as if you received a letter inviting you to Hogwarts!

If you had planned to tour the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London but had to cancel your plans,  or just want apparate yourself there, you can still feel the magic at home. This virtual Harry Potter tour by Travel Shorts will take you through the full Harry Potter Studios experience from home.

YouTube video

Orlando’s Universal Studios Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Virtual Tours

Hogwarts Express Virtual Tour

If your summer plans to Orlando’s Universal Studios Wizarding World Of Harry Potter got derailed, you can ride the rails on the Hogwart’s Express virtually with Themepark Worldwide’s awesome virtual tour. Transport yourself virtually from platform 9 and 3/4 to Hogsmeade Village right from your living room.

YouTube video

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Ride

If you were anxiously awaiting your turn to ride Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure Ride, Themepark Worldwide’s virtual tour takes you there! Experience the thrills and dips of Hagrid’s Motorbike right from home. It’s as close to visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando without being there in person!

YouTube video

Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade Virtual Tour 

You don’t need floo powder to apparate to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade with Themepark Worldwide’s comprehensive virtual tour. You can walk the streets to see all of the magical shops and experiences right from home.

YouTube video

British Library Harry Potter: A History Of Magic Virtual Tour

Photo caption: @ MAnuta/depositphotos.com

For the more inquisitive wizarding minds, experience Google Arts & Culture’s virtual tour, in partnership with the British Library, of their exhibit Harry Potter: A History Of Magic.  Hear from curators, learn muggle magic lessons, explore the artistry of the series, learn about potions, charms, divination, herbology, and much more. This virtual Hogwarts tour online from home is a comprehensive culture, history, and magic lesson Hermione would love!

Harry Potter Recipes

Photo credit: @ IvanM77/depositphotos.com

You don’t need a Bunson burner or cauldron to mix up these magic potions.  The food of Harry Potter is as magical as a charms class.

You might miss out on trying a pumpkin pasty or butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, but you can certainly cast a tasty spell in your kitchen.  Why not try creating one of these delicious Harry Potter-inspired recipes!

Photo credit: @ Piranhi/depositphotos.com

Attend Hogwarts Virtually Through Outschool

Photo credit: Unsplash

Okay, it may not be Hogwarts, but Outschool online classes are a great way for kids to experience Harry Potter with an educational spin.  My kids have taken several courses on this platform and they have loved them.  It is a great way to fill the time this summer, especially if summer plans and camps have been canceled!

Fit for kid wizards and muggles from preschool-age to teens, there are a variety of themed Harry Potter Classes on Outschool.

You can choose from a one time course to a multi-week course, in a range of academic topics, themed with a Harry Potter spin. It is a fantastic way for kids to experience Harry’s wizarding world at Hogwarts. Prices for the courses range and are taught online via the zoom platform by teachers experienced in the topic.

Photo credit: Unsplash

Outschool offers tons of courses themed with Harry Potter in a variety of subjects. Some of the recent courses included:

  • Harry Potter’s Colvaria Charm Class: Color Changing Experiments for kids ages 4-6
  • Drawing Harry Potter for kids ages 6-9
  • Triwizard Tournament Creative Writing Class for Kids ages 8-11
  • Fantastic Fizzees and Whizbees: Magical Candy Making Class With A Smidge of Science for kids ages 8-12
  • Harry Potter Potions Class for kids ages 8-13
  • Harry Potter Wand Lore And Wand Making for kids ages 9-13
  • Kitchen at Hogwarts: Beginner House Elf Training  (cooking class of Harry Potter recipes) for kids ages 9-14
  • Wizarding Shopping In Hogsmeade (a Harry Potter money-themed math class) for kids ages 11-14

Check Outschool’s latest Harry Potter Classes here.

Wizarding World Website: Harry Potter At Home

Photo caption: @MAnuta/depositphotos.com

The Wizarding World Harry Potter At Home website casts a spell on boredom with a myriad of things to keep your wizarding self busy. From read alouds of book chapters, craft ideas, contributions from Bloomsbury and Scholastic, articles, quizzes and puzzles, and much more, there is plenty to keep young muggles and wizards busy. You can even get sorted into your own house.

This completely free website requires a login. But it is a fantastic resource from the partnership of Warner Brothers and Pottermore.

Experience Harry Potter Virtually Through Games

Photo credit: Unsplash

One of our family’s favorite ways to explore the world of Harry Potter is through board games. While not the same as being in person, games can temporarily apparate you into the Harry Potter and Hogwarts worlds while enjoying family fun.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Clue Harry Potter Board Game 

Harry Potter Labyrinth

Harry Potter Adventures Through Hogwarts Electronic Game 

Better Than Owl Mail: Harry Potter Subscription Box

This ain’t no howler! Better than Owl Mail, you can have Harry Potter treats and treasures sent right to your home.

A Harry Potter subscription box by Accio! will deliver the very best for every grown-up, muggle-born Potterhead!  Carefully curated items, these monthly magical boxes include “sorted” unique and hand-crafted items themed around a Harry Potter topic.   When you register, simply, choose your house (Gryffindor, anyone?)

Then, each month, you will receive four to five thematic items, which may include home decor, collectibles, bath and body items, clothing, collectibles, and handmade finds.  Accio! is a great way to get Harry Potter experiences at home!

Treat Yourself To A Harry Potter Souvenir

Photo credit: Creation Crafts and Gifts on Etsy

No travel is complete without a souvenir. After your virtual travels to London's Harry Potter Studio Tour, Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and virtual Hogwarts experiences, be sure and treat yourself to a special at-home souvenir.

One of my favorites is this incredible  Hedwig Owl, handmade made from the pages of a Harry Potter book!  Created by Creation Crafts and Gifts, an online shop and a store on Etsy, it is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter superfan and a great souvenir from your Harry Potter virtual tours.

You can even choose which book the freestanding Hedwig owl is made from!  Complete in special packaging, it is a truly unique memory and gift.

The Last Thing To Know About Harry Potter Virtual Tours And Experiences

Our summer vacations may be canceled or postponed right now. But, you can still travel and experience Harry Potter from home. These Harry Potter virtual tours are a great way to fill in the magic until we can get there in person.

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